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Friday, March 27, 2009

You'll love this !!!

I am so happy to write about this...

In the future (pretty soon!), we will introduce,

Already Coordinated You can Wear
with NO WORRY Outfits

(long title...^^;)


I cannot write about the details YET! but we will update more stuff soon!

This is the first one!

So cute...

The skirt is very very stylish.
First of all, it's actually two layers.
You wear one skirt inside and wrap with the decorated one around.
I love the embroidered butterflies!!!
The color is so vivid red on pure black skirt.

And, the shirt is pretty sexy with really cool shape sleeves.
Maji, kawaii...q(≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)p

Let me take a little breath...

By the way,
we are working on having more various sized clothes too.
Please keep coming back to check the site!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

New stock! And other updates

If you haven't noticed, we've been adding new stuff pretty much every day since we launched! We're getting stuff in from Japan pretty regularly now, so keep checking back. We know this isn't obvious enough, but did you know we have a product RSS feed that will let you know every time we add something new? We're going to add an icon for this to our main products page, but you can also subscribe to it below:

"Tokyo Rebel Product RSS Feed":http://feeds2.feedburner.com/TokyoRebelProducts

Here are some of the things we've just added:

"Striped Pink Skirt":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/pink-striped-skirt-used by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (used) - $65
"Striped Red and Black Sweater":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/red-and-black-sweater by Peace Now (used) - $31
"Tan Zipper Skirt":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/tan-zipper-skirt-used by Sex Pot Revenge (used) - $22
"Black Leatherette Handbag":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/black-leatherette-handbag by Sex Pot Revenge (new) - $60
"Pink Tartan Handbag":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/pink-tartan-handbag-used by Algonquins (used) - $75
"Pink Polka Dot Skirt":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/black-and-pink-polka-dot-skirt by Hellcat Punks (new) - $50
"Red Check Jumper Skirt":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/red-check-jumper-skirt by Metamorphose temps de fille (new) - $140
"Red Tartan Jacket":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/red-tartan-jacket by Algonquins (new) - $120
"Pink Button Shirt w/ Matching Tie":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/pink-button-shirt-w-tie-used by Mad Punks (used) - $50
"'Inside-out' Black Zipper Skirt":http://www.tokyorebel.com/products/inside-out-black-zipper-skirt-used
by Sexy Dynamite London (used) - $38

Check them all out! I'll give you a tip: that Algonquins jacket is really beautiful, and would be perfect for cool spring days and nights. Don't let it get away.

From this point on, we're going to concentrate on coordinated looks. So if it seems like there are some holes in our product mix, they will hopefully be filled soon.

You may have also noticed some minor things happening to the look of the site itself. That's going to be an ongoing thing - this whole store is a work in progress. We'll keep you posted on anything major that we're working on.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Finally, the store is now ooopppeeennnn!!!
It's so exciting to have the store to introduce those mechamecha cool&cute clothes(#^^#)/

I know we have very small number of clothes with limited sizes...yet.......┏(×_×|||)┓
but we are getting more clothes every week and will update those soon in the future!
So please keep coming back and check the site!

Also, if you have any questions and/or request doshidoshi "email us":mailto:info@tokyorebel.com!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Bow to our fashion robot overlords

This is the HRP4-C "fashion robot" from Japan, scheduled to make its official debut modeling clothes during an honest to God fashion show next week:

We are getting dangerously close to the world Masamune Shirow imagined in Ghost in the Shell. I recommend both the manga and the anime for anyone who hasn't read/seen either or both. He wasn't the first to question what it means to be alive and have a soul, but he's probably the closest to where the evolution of technology is actually headed (hint: it starts with the "pleasure bots").

Who knows, maybe someday we'll have our own HRP4-C to model for this site.


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