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Monday, September 21, 2009

New York Anime Festival, retail store and brand update!

Those of you on EGL might have seen this, but it's important info that all of our fans need to know about.

As we barrel ahead towards our October 3 opening, we wanted to give you guys an update on what to expect from us at NYAF and at our store opening. New brands coming soon too! Big ones!

First, for those of you who don't know, we will be at booth 338 this weekend at the New York Anime Festival. We will be selling clothes from all of our brands, including Atelier-Pierrot, Victorian maiden, Algonquins and SEX POT ReVeNGe. Additionally, we'll be bringing our lightly used vintage clothes with us from a variety of other brands. We're also pleased to announce that we will be selling the November issue of KERA at our booth, and we hope our shipment of KERA Maniax and Gothic & Lolita Bible #34 gets here in time. If not, we'll have them at the store.

This is our first festival and it's coming just a week before our store opening, so our booth's not going to be a big Hollywood production - but we'll have lots of great clothes there. Please note we will be accepting only cash and possibly PayPal. We're still figuring out how PayPal's gonna work in that kind of setting, but we hope to offer it and we will if we can. If anyone has experience with this at a festival, we'd love to hear about it.

Keep in mind that New York law (state and city) requires us to charge sales tax on clothing items over $110, and on certain items below that.

Now, the good news! The first 5 customers each day of the festival who spend $100 or more will receive a 10% discount off the marked price! We don't want to discriminate against those who can't come on Friday, so this will apply Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, it is first come, first served on those days, and it's possible we'll be pretty picked clean by Sunday. If you're worried about us selling out of something before you can get to it, order it from our online store before the festival. (But sorry, no discount that way!)

Also, we will be announcing our retail store location at the festival! Our new main sign is supposed to be going up tomorrow and the storefront's getting painted, so it seems like the perfect time to do it. (Of course, we're fine if we get outed in advance - we've been hiding in plain sight this whole time anyway.) We'll also announce the store location here on Friday night - assuming the sign actually goes up on time. We just want the place to look presentable.

We'll have some special promotions for the store opening too, and we'll talk about those when we announce the location. Stay tuned!

Now, maybe the best for last, definitely for the long term. New brands! You already know that our full list of brands (for new clothes) includes Atelier-Pierrot, Victorian maiden, Algonquins and SEX POT ReVeNGe. Well, we're pleased to announce that we have also signed up the following brands:

Innocent World

They will be available in our store shortly after opening, though likely not on October 3. We're considering doing some group orders to start with, with the added benefit that you'll be able to just come and get your stuff in store (or we'll ship it to you if you're outside the area). Some of you have also asked us about shoes, and yes, we're going to carry shoes (even have a spot reserved in-store), but again it will probably be after opening. Innocent World will be part of that.

And just a P.S., but we are still not yet hiring. So please, no questions about that - we'll announce on our blog when and if that changes.

We'll answer any other questions you might have!


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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