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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas! Part 2 - the big ticket

We've run through some ideas for the middle price point, and soon we'll give you some last minute stocking stuffer ideas. But today, Mr. or Ms. Big Spender, it's time to splurge - to get that loved one of yours what they really want this holiday season (or buy something for yourself!). Whatever the style, we've got something for everyone.

Here are some gift ideas $100 and up.

For the Gothic Lolita:

Rose Bouquet One-piece by Atelier-Pierrot - $249

This beautifully dark one-piece dress is bordered with a velveteen floral print in subtle and rich black on black. This dress is featured in the just-released Gothic & Lolita Bible no. 35:

If you're interested instead in our popular Atelier-Pierrot bustle skirts, we have more on order - watch for them soon! (Yes, before Christmas.)

For the punk rocker:

Revenge Military Coat in black or cross check by SEX POT ReVeNGe - $189

These heavy winter coats are one of our most popular items. With a soft but substantial feel, it's obvious from the beginning that these are quality coats, and every detail - from the zip-up collar to the fur-lined hood to the below-waist length - is designed for warmth. Hurry - we are already sold out of black in medium, and cross check in large (update: medium now too)! We expect to get more, but probably not before Christmas.

For the sweet Lolita:

Dreamy Doll House and Star Night Theater by Angelic Pretty - $199-$309

Believe it or not, we still have a selection of these two series in stock, including pink and black jumper skirts and skirts. Don't miss your chance to buy these prints, because once they're gone, they're gone! As a special bonus, anyone who orders the Star Night Theater pink jumper skirt will receive a free Milky-chan the Fawn makeup case. You'll also be eligible for our free poster offer to anyone who purchases a Lolita skirt or jumper skirt.

For the classic Lolita:

Innocent World Pochette & Handbags - $95-$125

Innocent World makes some extremely high quality synthetic leather items that you'd be hard-pressed to tell from the real thing. Their pochettes and handbags are tasteful and classy and could easily be used every day at work or school, not just as part of a Lolita outfit. We carry their handbags in both brown and off-white, and their pochettes in both black and pink. The pochettes will be posted to our web site soon - they're available in store right now.

Rococo Bouquet Halterneck Dress by Victorian maiden - $238.40

We're currently having a 20% off blowout sale on all in-stock Victorian maiden dresses, including this beautiful floral print. Victorian maiden dresses are all very limited in number, highly coveted in Japan and elegant enough to double as regular formal wear. You're never going to get a better price than this on a new Victorian maiden dress.

Don't forget blouses too! We have a selection of blouses in a variety of styles and colors.

For the punk:

Devil Scissor Gorgeous Parka by SEX POT ReVeNGe - $105

It may not get you through the 22 degree F weather here in New York right now, but for those of you in slightly warmer climates, this is a parka that could last you all winter long. The purple faux fur and glitter-infused back graphic are eye-catching enough, but what our customers seem to particularly enjoy is the word patches, which include random phrases like "I got jiggy with it" and "Shady son of a ditch".

Of course, there are always gift certificates that can be put to any use in our store, including special orders.

Watch in the coming days for Part 3 of our holiday gift guide - stocking stuffers, small items and last-minute gifts!


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