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Friday, February 19, 2010

REOPENING Misako Aoki event line numbers! Now NO LIMIT! Plus other updates

Tonight was the Tokyo Fashion Festa, and we got the chance to iron out a few more details about tomorrow's event with Misako Aoki. First, the really good news - we are reopening the event to additional people. By Misako's request, there is now NO LIMIT. Remember, send an email to info@tokyorebel.com with the subject "Misako Aoki event line number" and your full name.

Also, don't be disappointed if she does not do the previously mentioned interviews, but she will be signing. There will be cards provided if you do not have anything personal you want her to sign, but feel free to bring her appropriate personal artifacts for signing (nothing vulgar). Or, how about buying a magazine from us for her to sign? We have the newest KERA now in stock!

She is planning to be at our store at 2PM. We will open the door to the first group soon after that.

We will be selling while she is here (she wants to see New York Lolitas shopping), so feel free to shop while you're in the store. We will only be selling to those that are part of the official line, though, not to visitors from the street. (In other words, if you have a number, you can shop while she's here - if you don't, you'll have to wait until she leaves.) We've got a lot of new stuff in the past week that you might not have seen.

More updates possibly to come in the morning - this will be the last one tonight. (Oh, by the way, we'll post our photos from the fashion show after tomorrow's event.)


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