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Monday, March 29, 2010

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden series - going up 3/31 at around 10PM EDT

UPDATE: Check our Angelic Pretty New Arrivals page at around 10PM EDT on 3/31.

We know that a lot of you are waiting for Angelic Pretty's Happy Garden series - it's almost Easter!  This series was just released today, and we now know exactly what we're getting.  It is possible we will actually receive the series after Easter - with only a week between the series release and holiday, there's not much we can do about that.  But this is a spring print that you could wear any time, and hopefully those of you who want it are planning to wear it more than once!  (Update:  We do hope to have it by Saturday, but it depends on EMS. It's in transit right now.)

This time, we will be posting the items we expect to receive to our web site for order soon.  We will let you know when we have a closer time frame than that - we'll give you at least a few hours notice, for those of you who really really want a particular color or style.  So you can plan, here's a list of what we know we're getting:

Happy Garden One-piece: Sax, Lavender
Happy Garden Jumper Skirt: Lavender, Black
Happy Garden Skirt: Sax, Lavender
Happy Garden overknee socks: Sax, Lavender, Black
Happy Garden katyusha (headdress): Sax, Lavender, Black

AP has a shortage of socks, so we can't make full sets out of everything.  We'll let you know how we're going to handle that.  It's possible we might sell a few items in sets and a few items separately. We're getting more socks than we thought. On the downside, the skirts are coming a bit later - probably next week.

If you want to reserve this series, check our AP New Arrivals page around 10PM EDT on 3/31!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now available online: Magazines!

Some of you may have already noticed something different about our web site today: we now sell magazines online!

What we have up now is what we currently have available in our store.  Some issues of KERA have sold out since our store opened, as have all issues of the Gothic & Lolita Bible and KERA Maniax.  We will be carrying the new issues of these mooks when they're released (a new GLB will be out next month), and we will have them on our web site.

Two things.  Yes, our prices for magazines are different online and in our store.  There's a link on each magazine product page that explains this, but basically, we sell magazines at a loss.  They're loss leaders.  It just costs a hell of a lot to ship them from Japan; they're very heavy for their size.  But they're good advertising.  Thing is, it also takes a lot more effort to sell things online than in store - we need to scan the covers, create the product pages, and do the actual shipping.  So we charge a few extra dollars.

But the domestic shipping charge is only $5.  This is unlike most Ebay sellers and online stores that ship from Japan and charge $10 or more to ship a single issue.  We're not gouging anybody.  But we hope the increased volume we'll get selling via the web will enable us to order more copies each month and bring down the total cost per issue.

Unfortunately, international shipping is still going to be pretty prohibitive.  We'll do it, but if you're outside the US, it really won't be any different than ordering from Japan.

Whew!  Anyway.  Sorry to get long-winded.  We do hope that those of you who have no way to get these magazines locally will now be able to look to us as a trusted source for them.  And we do sell them as single issues, no subscription required (as on some other sites).  Happy ordering!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

SEX POT ReVeNGe summer collection is here!

Today we received the first of what's probably going to be two or three shipments from SPR before summer actually hits - they're releasing items in stages.

But this collage is only a sampling of what we have.  We've got a bunch of new tank tops, t-shirts, accessories, leggings and other stuff in this shipment.  It'll be going up on our web site over the next week or so.  Those of you in the local area, stop on down and see what we have!

More details to come.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Victorian maiden reserves: Sailor series and more

Heads up! A new round of Victorian maiden reserve items is finally fully available on our web site. While there's a variety of items available this time, the centerpiece of the collection is Victorian maiden's take on the sailor look.

Sailor style in Japan doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as the over-the-top costumey look that some Americans might think of when we hear the word. Japan has a long history with sailor uniforms going back to British sailors of the 19th century. Victorian maiden's sailor series is meant to invoke those early classic designs, while still being very cute.

Take a look at all the items in the newest reserve collection. These end on March 24, but we may be able to take further orders after that date, at the regular (non-promotional) price.

Incidentally, VM has just posted two new hats to their reserve page - we'll have those up shortly as well.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Announcing our Fashion Photo Contest starring guest judges MISAKO AOKI and AKIRA!

Announcing the first ever Tokyo Rebel Fashion Photo contest! Send us your photos and win prizes! All entrants - winning or not - will receive a one-time 10% off coupon code to our store! Please read the instructions below carefully.

What you can win: $250 in merchandise from Tokyo Rebel, and potentially becoming the new face of our store.
Who it's open to: Everyone, worldwide.
When the submission period ends: April 11.

Submissions are currently being posted to our photo gallery as we receive them!

There are a lot of fashion contests around. So what's different about ours? Three things!

#1. Misako and Akira. We’re excited to have two trend-setting style icons from the Japanese street fashion industry partnering with us to judge this contest. Misako and Akira regularly appear together in KERA and the Gothic & Lolita Bible. You also know Misako as one of the three official Japanese kawaii ambassadors and kawaii producer of Gothic & Lolita Ensemble, while Akira’s free time is spent recording and performing with her indie rock band DISACODE.

They will be helping us select finalists and winners.

Misako and Akira wrote these words of encouragement for you:

Misako: お人形のようなポップでカワイイロリータファッションを着た皆さんのお写真を見るのがすごく楽しみでーーす。コンテスト頑張って下さい。

In English: “I am soooo looking forward to seeing your pictures of you wearing kawaii Lolita fashion like a doll. Good luck in the contest.”

Akira: 人のコーディネート見るの好きなんで皆さんがどんなコーディデートをするのか凄く楽しみです。

In English: “I love to see other people's coordinate, so I'm looking forward to seeing yours soon.”

#2. Big prizes! Two winners – one each in the Lolita and punk/rock categories - will walk away with $250 worth of merchandise from Tokyo Rebel, plus the chance to be the new face of our store, with the photo you submit appearing on flyers, in print ads, and more! (Don’t enter if you’re shy!) You may also get additional modeling or photography work from us in the future.

In addition, two runners-up in each category will get surprise prizes!  These prizes are a late addition and are TBD (they'll be much smaller than the grand prize).

#3. This is a photo contest, not just a fashion or modeling contest. We don't just want the best outfits, we want the best photos too. We know some of you already have some great photos sitting around – submit them! Or take new ones if you like. We’re looking for all-around visual creativity and quality worthy of representing both our store and Japanese street fashion, not cell phone photos of people standing in a room. We want to see these fashion styles being put to good use! Do your best for Misako and Akira! We’ll credit both photographers and models – it’s up to you how to split the winnings.

Anyone! This is a global contest, and is open to guys and girls, young and old. Minors must have a parent sign this model release form and either scan/email or fax it back to us.

  • You must be wearing any genre in the following categories: Lolita or Japanese punk/rock fashion. Gothic is of course accepted as well; which broad category it'd be in really depends on the look.

  • You must have permission to submit your photo(s) from either the photographer or model (whichever one you aren’t). Entrants may be asked to send us verification of this at any time, and winners will not be crowned without it.

  • You’ll submit a medium-res version of your photo (approximately 1200 pixels wide), but you must possess a high-res version in case you win (8 megapixels or higher).

  • Photos will be judged on quality of fashion coordination, technical elements of the photo, creativity and setting. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t win, there may just have been something about the photo itself that wasn’t right for this contest.


1. Email us a medium-resolution (approximately 1200 pixels wide) version of your photo(s) in .jpg format with both the model’s and photographer’s name and the model’s age to info@tokyorebel.com with the subject line “Photo contest entry”. Once we verify that your entry meets the requirements, we’ll email you a single-use 10% off coupon code!

2. Important! We need to be able to verify that you’re not submitting a photo of somebody else without their permission, since we will be displaying submissions in our photo gallery. If you’re the model, please submit a second "proof pic" (can be a cell phone photo) of yourself with your face clearly visible together with a display of our web site on your computer screen. If you’re the photographer, please submit a signed model release form with your photo(s) (can be a scanned document).

3. The submission period will close on Sunday, April 11 at 10PM EDT. The first round of judging will be conducted by us (Tokyo Rebel) and you! (In the form of photo ratings in our gallery). We will narrow the entries down to a maximum of 30 per category, and we will then send those to Misako and Akira.

4. Misako and Akira will select five to seven finalists in each category, and together we will then select two winners (one in each category) plus two runners-up per category. We expect to crown the winners on or before April 30.

FAQ - these are questions we've gotten by email since the contest has started:

Q: Can I submit more than one photo?

A: Yes, but only one photo per category may actually be entered into the contest and sent to Misako and Akira. We’ll pick the best one you submit.

Q: Does that mean I can enter in both categories?

A: Yes, if you wear both fashion styles. You can’t enter the same photos wearing the same outfit in two categories; they need to be distinctly different.

Q: Do I need to be wearing something I bought from your store in my photos?

A: No, it can be anything as long as it's one of the categories of Japanese street fashion we listed above.  We want the best photos, even if you got the clothes elsewhere and even if you're wearing brands we don't even carry.  That said, the winner is going to potentially represent our store, so if we have two great photos that we're deciding between for the winner, then what the person's specifically wearing could break the tie.

Q: Do I need to be wearing Japanese brands to enter?

A: Not to enter, but it's going to make a difference in the judging later on. It would be a little strange given what this contest is about if the winner wasn't wearing any Japanese brands :) But you can enter without any Japanese brands, and you might still be seen by Misako or Akira.

Q: Does it matter if I’ve Photoshopped my photos?

A: Not really, although it’s just not going to help you if your photo looks too unnatural or fake, strictly on a technical and creative level. Photoshop is fine if you think it really enhances your photo. Just remember that anything you do to your photos is going to be judged along with everything else.

Q: How important are the photo ratings in the gallery?

A: It's helpful to see what people respond to, but at the same time those ratings are easy to game.  We're not dumb, we know people are going to vote down photos they think of as competitors, and we know others are going to run campaigns to get all their friends to vote for them :)

So the photo ratings are not the final word on quality.  Misako, Akira, and we are.

Q: I submitted a bunch of photos and I don't like the one you chose.  Can you change it?

A: Yes, but it's not gonna help you :)

We picked the one we liked best the first time.  Changing it will only reduce your chances of winning.  Please submit only photos you would be comfortable having in the contest.

Good luck to everyone!


Friday, March 19, 2010

New stock: PUTUMAYO, Innocent World, Victorian maiden reserves, KERA vol. 141 and so forth

If it seems like we've been a tad quiet the past week or two, we've been working on something that's going to be really cool. The stars have aligned now and we should be able to announce it tonight or tomorrow, just as soon as we can get something properly written about it and posted to all the various places we need to post it. But in the meantime! Yes, we do have new stock in our store and (soon to be) online.

Today, we got a whole hot mess of PUTUMAYO. Really just a lot of stuff, too much to list individually, but including tank tops (it hit 75 degrees in NYC today!), cutsews, skirts, jumper skirts, one-pieces, socks, bags and accessories. Some of it's restock but most of it's new. We are now officially well stocked on PUTUMAYO, after being 100% sold out of the brand just yesterday. If you're in the area, come down and see what we have - otherwise, we'll probably begin posting the new items to our web site Monday.

We've also received a few new Innocent World items that we never told you about, and we're expecting even more shortly. First, we've restocked the hair accessories that are so popular.  You may also have seen the Little Lady jumper skirt on our homepage a few days ago (this is a kitten print, people! Come on!), and we've also got the new Bisque Doll jumper skirt too. And spade bags! You've been asking us for these, and here they are.

Innocent World has also released new colors of their Heart Scallop Umbrella - one of which we're already sold out of. We do still have some Sugar Blue (this would match with any Sax Blue outfit), but Ivory is currently out of stock. It will be restocked, as will the black version, which we had a little run on and sold out of last week.  You gotta be quick!

We also got in these interesting plastic rain umbrellas from Innocent World. These are much less expensive than a parasol and are intended just as rain cover - it's getting to be that time of year in NYC, and nobody wants to risk ruining a brand parasol in a wind-driven rain. But these new umbrellas are cheap enough that you won't have to worry about it too much, but they're still tough enough to stand up to abuse.

Also, new KERA!

This issue has the yearly Harajuku store guide/map, so it's a keeper if you're planning a trip to Japan. It's also got a new round of "My Room" features, where famous people in the industry talk about their own personal style and show you their decorating sense. Lots of other stuff this month too - it's pretty thick this time, and it's all obviously spring styles and colors. No more dark, everything's nice and bright. Except, of course, our own SEX POT ReVeNGe, who have a two-page spread right in the center of the magazine this month, with their new ad models Akira and AMO:

Also, if you're wondering, Angelic Pretty's next monthly print series - advertised in this month's KERA - is called Wonder Cookie.  We will have more info on this soon.  (We'll also have more info on Happy Garden, which is releasing shortly.)

Lastly, there is a new round of Victorian maiden reserve items being posted as we speak.  We hope to finish this tonight and tomorrow.  The end date is the 24th, so you still have a little time.  You can see the items we're posting right now on Victorian maiden's own reserve page - these new items will appear on our site shortly.  Take a look and see if there's anything you might want while you wait for us to post them.  There's a sailor series!

While we're on the subject, we're expecting our next shipment from VM either end of this month or beginning of next month.  We're not sure yet exactly what we're getting, but we will update those of you who placed orders for items due around that time shortly.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Tokyo Rebel on TV Asahi!

As found in the sidebar of Misako's blog... now, our event's just a small little montage right at the end, but still pretty neat. And you Misako fans (and especially NY Lolitas) might enjoy the rest of the video too :)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Victorian maiden reserve items - newest batch ending tonight!

This is just a reminder that we have a few new items from Victorian maiden up for reserve ending TODAY. They include:

Frill Ribbon Intuck Blouse - $175

Fairy Check Doll Dress - $289

Antique Rose Puff-sleeve Dress - $299

These are all variants on current or past items that they've made, but with interesting new features or colors.

We know that some of you don't check our site all that often and are disappointed to occasionally find you've just missed the reserve end date. So we've spoken to Victorian maiden and, in many cases, we can now accept reserve orders for a certain period of time after the reserve has technically closed at regular pricing. In other words, any promotional pricing is good until the listed end of the reserve period only. You will need to email us and we will then need to contact Victorian maiden to see if the item you're interested in can still be reserved. In some cases it may not be possible, but they have told us that in other cases it will be.

Lastly, VM has posted a batch of items to their reserve page that are new production runs of current sold-out items. We actually even have a few of these in stock ourselves, but we're still adding all of the items to our reserve collection - some of them we actually have never carried before, so you can now reserve them through us. These have no real end date and no promo pricing - they're just on reserve until they're released.


Friday, March 12, 2010

SEX POT ReVeNGe Summer 2010 Collection

We're in the process of ordering from SEX POT ReVeNGe's summer collection right now. SPR actually puts out three catalogs - the main collection, "regular" t-shirts/tank tops, and accessories. Below is the main collection catalog - if we have time, we'll post the others soon. (We may not have time.)

We will be ordering a selection of these items for our store. If you want to ensure that we actually get an item you want, you can special order it with a 30% non-refundable deposit, payable either in store or by PayPal. Just let us know what you're interested in. Our prices are listed below.

UPDATE: The deadline for this is Sunday 3/14 around 8PM EDT. That's when we're sending our order off to SPR.

Yes, you will get a free glass if you spend over $100 on a special order!

You can click the images to see a bigger version, or just view the Picasa gallery. (You may ask why we didn't put this in our brand new photo gallery, and the answer is just that it doesn't really fit there.)

Price list - keep in mind these prices include shipping from Japan to the US (but not from us to you):

Long t-shirt: $59
Lost Music UK T-shirt: $59
Big Dolman T-shirt: $59
Ravege 2way Slash T-shirt: $69
Revenge Border Bare Shoulder T-shirt: $79
Revenge Punks Loose Hood T-shirt: $69
Dolman Long Sleeve T-shirt: $79
Rock Up Long T-shirt: $95
Hickory Hood T-shirt: $79
Hell Bad Sleeveless Long Parka: $95
Flag Blast Parka: $109
Decontrol Loose Parka: $99
SPR Chiffon Rock One-piece: $95
Blast13 Rock shirt: $109
Skull Punk Stretch Stripe Shirt: $95
ReVeNGe UK 2way Shirt Jacket: $119
Blast Rock Rider's Vest: $109
Decontrol Skull Leggings: $35
Over Frill Gimmick Skirt: $95
Crack Bone Short Pants (comes w/ leggings): $109
SPR Stretch Color Short Pants (no leggings): $95
SPR Stretch Color Skinny Pants: $119
Hide Out Zip Pants: $129
Hard Clash Black Pants: $139
Bleach Hard Clash Black Pants: $149
Born Loose Check Pants: $109
Skull Doll Camisole One-piece: $95
Skull Liv Shirring Pants: $139


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Gallery launch! Redux

Ok!  After an unexpected abort that some of you might have seen yesterday, let's try this again.

This is something we've planned for a while, but because our shopping system is designed to be easy and reliable rather than customizable, it took some time to find a decent way to do it. But we now have a full photo gallery on our site!

This is one of those proverbial works in progress and probably always will be. We've got a bunch of photos in there now but we'll be adding more and tweaking various things. (Blue link text?!) But check it out starting now!

You might see mention on the page of this NEW THING we plan to do now that we have this photo gallery. There's something we've been waiting for until we had this done, and we'll be announcing that soon.  It's quite exciting, so you'll definitely want to watch for more later!

You might also see that we are now accepting customer photos! If you have a photo of yourself wearing anything you've purchased from us, email it to us and we'll put it in a new gallery album we're planning. As a limited-time reward, we'll send you a coupon for 10% off your next purchase! This is open to all worldwide, as long as you're actually wearing an item you bought from us in the photo. Please let us know what you'd like to be called in the photo description when you send it. Thank you!


SEX POT ReVeNGe drinking glass promotion!

New promotion! Spend $100 on SEX POT ReVeNGe items, receive a free drinking glass!

These are somewhere between the size of a shot glass and a tumbler. You can use one as a regular drinking glass and satisfy a light thirst, or use it as a shot glass and get really drunk really fast. They're heavy and thick and feel like quality glasses, as you'd expect from SPR.

We'll post info about this to our main site later tonight or tomorrow. But anyone who orders $100 worth of SPR items will receive a glass, starting... now!

Offer good while supplies last. You may get either white or red; it'll be a surprise.

Incidentally, we are in the process of ordering from SPR's summer collection right now.  We'll be posting scans of their catalog soon, but if you're interested in special ordering anything, let us know.  There's now a link that explains the process at the top of our homepage.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Gothic & Lolita Ensemble Vol. 1

Just arrived in our store, the newest major gothic & Lolita magazine, Gothic & Lolita Ensemble Volume 1!  From the producers of Alice Deco a la Mode.

Celebrating ten years of the term "gothic Lolita", this issue features interviews with a bunch of major brand designers including PUTUMAYO, Angelic Pretty and MAXICIMAM.  Of course, there's an appearance from Mana as well, who's often credited with coining the term.

Misako is the "kawaii producer" of the magazine and is featured throughout.  You'll recognize some of the other models as well (Midori and Uri at least), though there are also some faces unique to GLE.

All of the major gothic and Lolita brands are represented in the magazine, including brands we carry such as Atelier-Pierrot and Innocent World.

We will be selling this magazine for $23.  Hopefully we can bring that price down in the future.

Initially, we will sell this only in our store.  We do plan to sell magazines online in the future, but not yet.  We'll let you know!



Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly is here :)

UPDATE: Jewelry Jelly is now up for order in our Angelic Pretty collection.

We're closed Mondays, but we were still at the store long enough today to receive a surprise shipment - our Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly series! We didn't expect this until the end of the week.

Here's what we have:

Jewelry Jelly skirt in mint
Jewelry Jelly one-piece in sax (same as AMO is wearing in the KERA ad)
Jewelry Jelly jumper skirt in mint
Jewelry Jelly alternate jumper skirt in lavender
Jewelry Jelly katyushas in sax, mint and lavender
Jewelry Jelly socks in sax, mint and lavender

All of these are in stock in New York and ready to ship as soon as we post them to our site. No drop-shipping from Japan, no waiting! They'll also be available for sale in our store tomorrow. We'll work on posting them to our site ASAP, but it will most likely be Wednesday.

We'll be doing what we usually do and grouping them in logical sets to start with, and we'll break up those sets if we still have stock after a certain time. Also, purchases will be limited to one set per person.

Lastly, those of you who placed group orders, they arrived in the same box. We'll begin shipping those tomorrow, and should be finished by Wednesday.


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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