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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google Checkout woes

So, the Milky Planet series is basically sold out (we might have a couple of headbows) - it was our most successful series launch ever! Thanks to everyone who ordered!  And congrats to those who managed to click that "checkout" button first!  It turned out to be a big race.

However, there was one issue that came up three times, and that is the slowness of Google Checkout. As soon as we posted the series at 10PM, we had dozens of orders coming in within minutes (literally - this is not an exaggeration considering we sold the accessories separately). We had more page views today than we have ever had in a day, by about 400%! Our web site handled everything great from what we could tell - it never slowed down and it processed orders as fast as we expected it to.

However, a few of you wrote in to say that you were seeing weird messages saying things like we had "-1" quantities of the items you wanted to order (that's a negative 1).  When we went to check on that, we noticed a few items had been ordered twice - always through Google Checkout.  We discovered that Google Checkout was simply not keeping pace with the speed of orders coming through our site; there was a lag of about 10 minutes before Google sent payment information to our site.

We immediately turned off Google Checkout at that point, and we are going to keep it turned off.  If this is how it behaves during a rush, then we simply cannot accept it as a payment option going forward.

We've gone through and identified the affected duplicate orders, and we've kept the earlier orders (meaning those who went through the process first, whether or not it was through Google Checkout) while offering those who placed orders after these items had technically sold out a discount on the upcoming Fantastic Dolly series.  This is not an offer we would ever normally make, however these people had no way of knowing that their Milky Planet item was already sold out, and they're no doubt disappointed to find that their completed orders cannot be accepted.  So we felt obligated to do something for them.

Tomorrow we are going to go through and triple check all Milky Planet orders. (UPDATE: Already done.  Those three were the only ones that were a problem, so everyone else is safe.)  If you have not heard from us since receiving your order confirmation, then don't worry - your order did go through, regardless of payment method (but check your email!  We haven't heard back from all three of those affected).  We have already contacted those who placed orders after their items were technically sold out.

PayPal is still an accepted form of payment on our site, and obviously a straight credit card will always be the default option.  Just no Google Checkout any longer.


Angelic Pretty Milky Planet update!

We know a lot of you have been waiting for this - we've confirmed our stock with Angelic Pretty and we're finally ready to post their Milky Planet series for sale on our web site!  We expect our shipment to actually arrive in the United States most likely early next week, though as always, shipping times from Japan can vary a bit.

We will post the series for sale on our web site tonight at 10PM eastern time.

There's nothing at this link right now, but check here at that time.

Anything that doesn't get snatched up will be displayed in our store once we receive it.

See you guys at 10PM!


Friday, June 25, 2010

New Atelier-Pierrot dresses and skirts!

Our last shipment from Atelier-Pierrot pretty much sold out completely the same week we got it, and we continued to receive inquiries while we were in Japan (and picked up a few things while we were there!).  Well, we've now restocked a few things and gotten a few new things!

We now have both white and mint floral pattern bustle corset one-piece dresses, "deep blue" (really more of a champagne blue) bustle corset skirts, and purple/black stripe bustle corset skirts.  The stripe look is actually very popular in Japan right now, and really interesting if it's coordinated right.  These will be up on our web site shortly.

We also restocked one of these:

The white bustle corset one-piece.

If you want it, better hurry up, because we snagged this out of their store and they have no more for us to order.  Imagine this paired with a black crinoline!

We also still have the bustle corset one-piece in red.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

AP Milky Planet (and Fantastic Dolly) update

This is just a quick update, because we have gotten many inquiries about these two series over the past two days.  So, a few answers to some common questions we've been getting:

* Yes, we will stock both of these series.

* No, we do not accept reserves or pre-orders.  We also do not hold AP featured series items.  We cannot promise you the item and color you want in advance.  You'll need to place an order through our web site once it has been posted.

* Items will be posted to our site once we confirm stock with Angelic Pretty.  This usually happens within days of release, sometimes a bit before and sometimes a bit after.  You can start planning for it when you see that the sample tour is over on AP's site.  Here's the Milky Planet sample tour schedule.  It ends on the 25th.

Milky Planet is expected shortly, but we don't have an exact date.  It should be very soon, though.  We will announce it on our blog, twitter and Facebook page once we've confirmed stock, and give you at least a few hours to get ready to order.

UPDATE: Looks like it's now gonna be Tuesday that we post Milky Planet for purchase. We'll post a separate update (new post) once we have a time.

All of this will apply to Fantastic Dolly as well.  That series will happen probably around the same time next month, so at this point, you probably have more than a month to wait.

That's all for now!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick reminder: last day for VM Blanche Lace series reserves!

Just a heads up that today is the final day for the current round of Victorian maiden reserve items, which includes three items in the Blanche Lace print series.  This is a really interesting, high-contrast lace print that's pretty unusual for Victorian maiden!  Check it out.  After 10PM ET tonight, the price goes up and we can no longer guarantee that we can get these items.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maki, Asuka, and the Angelic Pretty Shinjuku MaruiOne store tour! Finale!

Editors' note: all week long, we're running a series of store tours showcasing the brands we carry and how they present themselves in Japan. We're doing this to promote our brands and the fashion in general, and also because it's fun. It's rare for anyone to be allowed to film inside a Japanese brand boutique. We do hope that after seeing these reports, you'll buy clothes from us sometime through our main web site.

The video above and all photos here were shot at Angelic Pretty's store at Shinjuku MaruiOne.

Thanks to AP designers Maki and Asuka for meeting with us and recording the message above. As you can probably see, Asuka is dressed in the white Milky Berry one-piece, while Maki is wearing deep blue Wonder Cookie.

Angelic Pretty has two Tokyo stores - one in Laforet Harajuku and one in Shinjuku MaruiOne. Like Laforet, Shinjuku MaruiOne is a shopping mall, and also like Laforet, it has its own section for alternative fashion brands. Angelic Pretty's store is on the 7th floor of this area of the shopping center.

Yes, like all of their stores, it is a sea of pink!  This is AP's brand identity.

The store in general is completely open to the main floor, except for one clothes rack and this set of shelves that's filled with cute little knick knacks.  These items are not for sale!

Store overview.

Generally, on the back of the store hang the prints, on the racks on the right hang solids and patterns.

Lots of Milky Berry!  This is what they're promoting most heavily this month; it is their June print.

The main accessory table.  We've actually had (or have) quite a few of these things!

Patterns and solids (and bags).  Prints and non-prints are about equally popular in Japan.

Blouses and cutsews.

AP Pullip dolls!  We would love to carry these (for the brands we sell), and hopefully will someday soon.

Parasols and... bags.

More Milky Berry at the front outside of the store.

And a Milky Berry Yukata.

Socks and shoes.

A lot more accessories.


Maki and Asuka again, so you can see their full coordinates!

By the way, yesterday we showed you the Atelier-Pierrot shop that we stumbled upon in Osaka - well, AP's right there in American Village too!

More Milky Berry in the window.

We didn't actually go inside (no time! and no Maki or Asuka!) but it looks like a cute shop.

We had a really fun time meeting with Angelic Pretty and as with all of our other brands, we hope to see them again soon!

See what we've got in stock from Angelic Pretty right now.

This is going to conclude our shop tours for now - until we do one of our own!  And hopefully we'll be visiting Japan soon and can bring you updates on the brands we've visited previously - and maybe a new one or two?!


Friday, June 18, 2010

ATELIER-PIERROT Laforet Harajuku store tour!

Editors' note: all week long, we're running a series of store tours showcasing the brands we carry and how they present themselves in Japan. We're doing this to promote our brands and the fashion in general, and also because it's fun. It's rare for anyone to be allowed to film inside a Japanese brand boutique. We do hope that after seeing these reports, you'll buy clothes from us sometime through our main web site.

ATELIER-PIERROT's Tokyo store is in the legendary Laforet shopping mall on Meiji-Dori in Harajuku. If you've never been to Laforet, this is the building from the outside:

It may not look like anything special, and in fact most of the stores inside are pretty standard mainstream fashion boutiques. But "Laforet Underground", which is literally the three basement floors, houses a who's-who of Gothic, Lolita and punk fashion, including several of the brands we carry. (Angelic Pretty actually shares a wall with Atelier-Pierrot, for one example - you can see the pink in the background below!)

According to Atelier-Pierrot, their bustle corset skirts and dresses are as popular in Japan as they are here.  We'll be stocking a few of the skirts you see above as soon as we receive our next shipment from them (soon!).

The sock/corset/bag/accessory/bonnet shelf.  As Ayaka says above, Atelier-Pierrot is a select store so some of these items are their own, some are from other brands.  You may recognize the Victorian maiden Rose Garden and Victorian Queen bags, which we also carry.

The hair accessory and shoe table.

Blouses and more shoes.

The left side rear rack is devoted to Mary Magdalene, Victorian maiden, Chantilly and others.

Atelier-Pierrot keeps their own dresses in the front of the store.

This is a shop-exclusive bag - you'll have to visit them to get it!

Ayaka once again.  She was not the only one there that day, and everyone who was there was dressed in Atelier-Pierrot and all looked absolutely stunning.  Ayaka is wearing one of the company's corset bustle one-piece dresses that she has chosen to wear as a straight dress in front and pulled up in back, which you can somewhat see in the mirror (along with yours truly's arm as I hold the camera).

Check out our Atelier-Pierrot product page to see what we've got in stock! (And what you might have recently missed...) We've got more coming soon.

Thanks to everyone at Atelier-Pierrot for letting us take pictures and video, and for a nice meeting!  Hopefully we can return the favor someday.

Incidentally, while in Osaka, we stumbled upon Atelier-Pierrot's store in that city as well, and while we didn't go inside (we were on our way somewhere else), it looked nice from the outside!

To illustrate how close this industry is in Osaka as well, this store is literally across the street from Innocent World.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

PUTUMAYO double shot Harajuku store tour(s)!

Editors' note: all week long, we're running a series of store tours showcasing the brands we carry and how they present themselves in Japan. We're doing this to promote our brands and the fashion in general, and also because it's fun. It's rare for anyone to be allowed to film inside a Japanese brand boutique. We do hope that after seeing these reports, you'll buy clothes from us sometime through our main web site.

PUTUMAYO's flagship stores, the PUTUMAYO street shop and PUTUMAYO lay Aguglieria, are within blocks of each other in Harajuku. The former is on Takeshita Dori, the latter just off of it. However, they're both just past the main pedestrian area where most of the crowds gather, so if you don't keep walking (past Meiji Dori), you might turn off before seeing them.

The images below are a bit smaller than the ones we've been posting, just because there's so many of them this time - but you can still click any image to get a 640 pixel wide view.  (We still like using inline images rather than gallery style for blog posts, though we'll be posting all of these to our main site photo gallery soon.)

The PUTUMAYO street shop is all sleek white and black - the clothes do most of the talking.

The chess crest 3 way bag, in colors no longer produced.  
We stock these when we can.

We actually have many of the items pictured in the two shots above - not all have made it to our web site yet. Soon, hopefully!

Cat bag!  Also, tons of accessories.  You'll be seeing that a lot, as it's one of PUTUMAYO's specialties.

One of PUTUMAYO's cute shop staff.

See those parasols?  They're all ours now.  Alice-themed.  Also, we've got the card suit wallet chains too.  If you're local, you can pick 'em up now.  We'll work on posting them to our site soon.

Another of the shop staff, wearing more of a punk style.  We've currently got that skirt/leg cover set in red.

This is the PUTUMAYO lay Aguglieria store.  It has a warmer, more classic feel than the main store.  If you can believe it, the main idea is that this store focuses more on accessories!

PUTUMAYO is a select shop, like many Japanese brand stores.  They carry Lumiebre parasols and handkerchiefs in this store.

Wish we could lay accessories out in the open like this in our store!  This is very common in Japan (as you've seen), but almost suicidal for a store in New York to do.

More accessories...

Still more accessories!

This t-shirt is a PUTUMAYO lay Aguglieria store exclusive.  But not anymore!  We have it in several colors (including the one pictured above).

More accessories!

Some of you may remember seeing the image from the poster above on our blog previously.  That photo was shot right there.  That's the same rabbit.  Same bench.  Same plant.  (Different table.)

The popular pocket watches.  PUTUMAYO's got these spread around all over their stores.  We have these too.

That's about it!  We hope you've enjoyed seeing these two stores, as well as all the ones we've posted up to this point.  Check out the PUTUMAYO product page on our site, and watch for new items to start showing up there soon.  We've got a lot of stuff we just haven't had time to post yet.

Thanks to everyone at PUTUMAYO for hosting us!


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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