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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Sale extended + many new sale items!

We've had a banner month - best month in our history! - and we're celebrating by adding many new items to our summer sale section and extending the sale by one day.  But don't delay - this sale will definitely end during the night of August 1!  Some of these items will stay on sale and move to our clearance area at the price they're at now, but many others will return to their original price.  This could be your last chance to get this price on the item you want.

See our Summer Sale section now.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stock Info: Angelic Pretty explosion!

The good stuff isn't just happening at Otakon this weekend - you'll want to pay us a visit too!  Today we received gobs of stuff from Angelic Pretty, including new dresses and skirts, handbags, headbows, new umbrellas that are already sold out on their own web site, and more!

The dresses and skirts are all from non-print series, including the Rose Garden Princess Sets, the Schoolgirl Halterneck JSK, Gradient Ruffle JSK, Sweet Story JSK, Sweets Princess JSK, and POP DAY skirts.

We restocked a couple bags we already had and also added a few new ones, including the Wonder Cookie shoulder bag in white!

Here are some of the umbrellas we now have, in both the Candy Bunny and Whip Cherry Berry series:

A closer look from AP's site at the two styles:

We have these in a variety of colors, including the two (red and mint) pictured above.

A side note: a lot of people ask us why we don't have more Angelic Pretty.  The answer is, because it sells out!  We literally cannot keep Angelic Pretty in stock.  However much we order - and we order as much as they will send us - it's gone.  We've sold a few of the larger items from this shipment in the few hours we've had it today, without even telling anyone it was here!  So if you want something, you need to purchase it without delay.  Now is one of those times when we are pretty full up.  It won't last.  It never does.  More than likely, about half of this stuff will be gone before we can even post it to the web site.  Most of the rest will go soon after.

We'll get more, but this isn't like restocking a Gap store.  It takes time to get large shipments from Japan.  Our next shipment is Fantasic Dolly, but most of that's already sold out.  Our shipment after that might not be here for a month.  You can't wait.  You wait a day now, you may end up waiting a lot longer than that for our next shipment of non-print items.

We'll work on posting what we can to the web site when we can (soon!).  Everything's available in our store right now, if you're close enough to stop by.


Quick Victorian maiden reserve update

With the heat wave still going on in the northeast (and probably elsewhere?), not everybody's thinking about fall yet - but the Japanese brands are.  Victorian maiden right now has two coats up for reserve, and our reserve period for these ends tonightGet them now and save a bit of cash.

Noble Check Coat Dress:

Intuck Ribbon Coat Dress:

(Note that while VM calls them "coat dresses", they are really coats, not dresses).

Both of these are available in multiple colors.  Those of you who are new to brand coats may experience some sticker shock, but this is what coats generally cost in Japan.  We didn't carry a lot of brand coats last year because of the cost, but we had a lot of people ask for them, so we think there might be some interest for these.  But hurry, because tonight the price goes up and we can no longer guarantee that we can get them!

Those of you who have existing VM reserve orders outstanding, we're expecting a shipment sometime within the next week or two.  We'll be contacting you directly if we've been notified your item is part of it, so watch your email if you've got an item reserved through us that you know has been released by VM.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stock Info: New and restocked Atelier-Pierrot!

Now in our store: Atelier-Pierrot new and restocked dresses, including some all-new designs!

Atelier-Pierrot's bustle corset dresses are some of our most popular items, and we've now restocked a couple of their most popular colors and gotten one of the most sought-after new ones - Navy Blue.  We actually received a bunch of inquiries about this prior to ordering.

We've already sold one of these - only one is currently left in stock (we tried getting more, but this is what they had available at this time).  We'll be posting it to our web site within a few days, but if you REALLY want it bad, the first person to email us ready to commit to ordering from us will have it.

The current exchange rate means we need to sell these new dresses for $309.  Sorry about that - the earlier $299 price was set when the exchange rate was more like 95 yen to the dollar, not the 86 yen to the dollar things are hovering around these days.  Come on, governments of Japan and the USA, get your acts together.

We also restocked these dresses in both black and red w/ black chiffon, two of the most consistently popular colors.  These are available on our web site right now.

Additionally, we have several new items that will be going up on our web site soon, including the Cup Bustle One-piece:

The train of this dress can be worn down, for a flowing look, or tied up, like so:

And let's not forget the Front Rose Lace Jumper Skirt!

The red and black bustle corset dresses are available online now.  The rest are available in our store, and will be on our web site soon (if they last that long!).


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Milky Planet shipped, Fantasic Dolly going on sale!

Important Angelic Pretty news today!

First, just take a look at this:

That's a tower of Milky Planet just prior to shipping.  All in a day's work...

Also, we got a surprise from Angelic Pretty - Milky Planet wrist cuffs!

These will be available exclusively in our store.

With Milky Planet out the door, it's finally time to begin pre-orders for the Fantasic Dolly series!  We now have confirmed our upcoming stock with Angelic Pretty, and we will be posting select items for sale to our web site Monday, July 26 at 10PM EDT at this link.

As we said before, several items from this series sold out immediately on reserve in Japan, and we're also going to be holding a few items for our store.  So we will have a very limited selection for this series on our site tomorrow, all in black or pink, including:

OP: Black, Pink
JSK: Pink
HWJSK: Black, Pink
SK: Black

Katyusha: Pink, Black
Overknee socks: Pink, Black

Don't wait for anything else to show up - this is what we'll be posting tomorrow.

Below is what we're saving for our store - these will not be posted to our web site and there will be no reserves or holds, but just FYI if you're local to us:

OP: White
JSK: Black
SK: Pink

There will be a few updates/clarifications to the way the process works this time:

1. We don't guarantee a delivery date.  We can only estimate based on past experience.  We will work our hardest to get your items as quickly as possible.  It has never taken longer than 30 days and is generally much less than that, but "generally" being the key word.  The time it takes to receive any large shipment from Japan is not always 100% predictable.

2. No cancellations are allowed once your order is placed, unless your items have not shipped within 30 days of your payment being accepted or credit card being charged.

3. No changes are allowed once your order is placed.  Please take enough time when placing your order to make sure everything is correct.  These items often sell so quickly that it is impossible to switch a color or item after the fact.

4. Google Checkout is NOT accepted.  While we technically still have Google Checkout turned on (so their system can interact with ours for existing orders), we have removed their buttons from our web site and any orders placed through a roundabout way using their system will be canceled.

5. In the extremely unlikely event that two people place an order for the same item at approximately the same time and both are allowed through by our web site, the first completed order will be the one accepted.  No makeups will be offered for the second order for the same item.  We don't expect this situation to occur this time (this is why we are not accepting Google Checkout, which was responsible for this issue during the Milky Planet pre-order).

6. As usual with AP featured series items, only one main item (one-piece, jumper skirt or skirt) is allowed per person.

These updates are just to try to eliminate any confusion so that everybody knows the rules and process beforehand, which will reduce any issues after the fact.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 10PM!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Teaser photos: SEX POT ReVeNGe and Hellcat Punks!

As promised, here are a few photos of some (not all) of what we got this week from SPR and Hellcat Punks, and what you can expect to see going up on our site over the next week or so.  (Starting today!)

This is the 2nd anniversary SEX POT Tokyo limited commemorative t-shirt.  (That's a mouthful!)  It is normally available only on SPR's site and at the SEX POT Tokyo store.  But we've got 'em.  These are a little more than their standard t-shirts at $49.

We've also got some of the CRAZY Custom Sun visors that you see up there, in both purple and red.  Also $49.

This is an overview of our current SPR section.  That's the Sniper Custom t-shirt in front there ($74), plus we also have the INSIST Shoulder T-shirt, the RAGLAN BIG Hood t-shirt, the Rebel Addict t-shirt, and the NO FUTURE Street Punk Color t-shirts.  Not all of these are really t-shirts, but SPR calls them that.  Some of them are a little more expensive than SPR's t-shirts used to be, but others are regular price.

Oh, and we also now have the purple DECONTROL Skull Leggings, plus some more pink ones.  So those should be going up on our site soon.

Some new Hellcat Punks bags.  Both red/black and black pinstripe are available.

Some of our Hellcat Punks accessories.  A little disorganized in this pic - we've fixed them up a little since.  Anyway, some cute keychains there on the left, brass knuckle earrings in the middle, union jack bow hair clips at the top, heart skull necklaces in the top right, and these on the bottom:

Cat ear hair clips!  We expect these to be really popular.

That's what they look like when you wear them.  Cute!

We're also starting to get ready for autumn (yes, it's coming!).  Hellcat Punks is known for their riders jackets and we have them right now in basic black, yellow and shiny "metal red".  The yellow color is actually really cool:

Don't let a little color scare you.  Everybody likes black in New York, but you gotta accent it with something!

Watch for these and more products to go up on our site starting today!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Updates: AP's Milky Planet & Fantasic Dolly, new Hellcat Punks & SEX POT ReVeNGe

If we've been a little quiet for the past week or so, it's because we've been insanely busy.  We won't/can't go into too much detail, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes - not to mention a lot of new customers in our store, which is great to see.

But here are some news tidbits/updates on various things that we'll hopefully expand upon later.

Angelic Pretty
First, those of you who managed to place orders for Milky Planet have no doubt been wondering when your items will ship.  We thank you for your patience and apologize that it's taken a bit longer than we thought it would.  AP actually contacted Japan Post about this package for us tonight (it has shipped from AP, but it's still in Japan) and Japan Post assured them it would be leaving Japan today or tomorrow.  Don't worry, you will get your Milky Planet soon - we're doing all we can to speed things up.  Sometimes getting stuff from Japan just takes a little longer than we'd like, or that experience has told us it should.  There are a lot of spots where bottlenecks can happen.  We'll update you if there are any further delays, but at this point we're expecting this box to leave Japan within the next 48 hours.

While on the subject of AP, many of you are also asking about their next major series, Fantasic Dolly.  We don't yet have a date that we will begin selling this series, but it will be soon, and we'll announce it here, on Facebook and on our Twitter account shortly beforehand.  We unfortunately will not have the entire series - various items sold out immediately when reserves opened in Japan.  This is the latest info direct from AP, as of tonight.  Yes, this series has proved harder to obtain than Milky Planet, at least for us.  We will also be holding several items for our store (we have no Milky Planet for our local customers, and we want to avoid that again).  We will tell you which items we'll have in advance of putting them up for sale/reserve, so you don't end up waiting for something that won't be posted.

By the way, the spelling of this series' name is not a typo - it is "Fantasic Dolly", not "Fantastic".  (We asked, because almost nobody outside of AP - including us, a couple of times - writes it correctly.)

Hellcat Punks!
Now, other things.  Some of you may have seen us post this little teaser cell phone image on our Twitter:

Yes, we have Hellcat Punks!  Join us in welcoming our newest brand!

We didn't make a big announcement because our first shipment is small.  It's summer sale time in Japan, so a lot of items are sold out at every brand as they clear out for their fall collections (is it time to get ready for fall already??).  But we do have some cool and cute items from them, and we'll be posting them to our web site soon.  We're getting ready for fall too!  (That's a little hint as to some of the things we have from them.)  We'll be ordering more from them over the coming months.

Also, a new SEX POT ReVeNGe shipment just arrived!  Included in this shipment are new t-shirts (including the SEX POT Tokyo 2nd anniversary shirt, normally exclusive to that store), other shirts that aren't t-shirts, leggings, custom sun visors, and a lot more.  Visitors to our store can also pick up a copy of the latest Vinyl Syndicate zine, showcasing some of SPR's favorite musical acts all decked out in SPR clothing.  We'll include one of these in every web order for SPR clothing as well, while supplies last (we already gave a bunch out today, so they may not last very long).

We'll post the new SPR items soon too - hopefully starting in the next few days.  We'll add some initial pics to the blog tomorrow.

Atelier-Pierrot & Maxicimam
Finally, new shipments from Atelier-Pierrot and Maxicimam are also in process!  More info on those soon.  New dresses and more t-shirts and Lovely Size items!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Site Issues...

Some of you may have noticed that our site's been up and down all day, and it's still going on.  This is apparently due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack on another store hosted by Shopify, which is also our shopping cart host.  There's not a whole lot we can do at this point other than wait and hope that Shopify gets their act together.  This is frankly not the first time this has happened, and every time it does they assure all of their stores that they've figured it out, implemented steps to prevent a recurrence and assured us that it won't happen again.  Then, a few months later, it does.

In every case, within a day or so (once the DDoS attack is over), everything's back to normal.  But we're not happy about this.  The only reason we haven't already switched our store out to another host is that it is a HUGE amount of work to do so.  But we're going to look further into it more seriously, because this can't keep happening.

If you're trying to reach our store and all you can get is this blog, just try back again in a little while.  Our blog still works because it's hosted by Blogger, not Shopify.

Yes, this is also why we still haven't finished adding the current round of Victorian maiden reserve items - every time we get halfway through a product, our site crashes.  Hopefully we can finish before they expire on the 21st...

UPDATE:  We're told all the problems should now be fixed.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Victorian maiden news - parasols in stock, upcoming reserve items

Many of you were very excited about the Fairy Doll Frill Parasol when we had it on reserve a couple of months ago. Well, we just received the reserved parasols today, and those of you who did reserve should be getting shipping confirmations tomorrow.  If you missed out, we got a couple extra for our store! These are high end parasols that are not easy to get in this country - most brands don't make parasols like these.

Georgette Shantung outer fabric, inner lace, braid lace on the outside, and more!  These are beautiful parasols.

The extras we have are in black and cinnamon, the two colors we received the most requests for. If you want one, you can order through our existing product page.

In other news, we're currently posting Victorian maiden's newest batch of reserve items to our own site, including the reissue of the Regimental Stripe series. We expect to have this finished sometime tomorrow, but you can begin checking now if there's anything you know you want. Only three new items are up as of this writing, but we'll be working through the evening so we expect to be adding more items later tonight, and of course tomorrow.

If you're local to us, feel free to stop by our store to check out fabric swatches of the different colors available in the Regimental Stripe series before ordering.  These new reserves will close on July 21 at 10PM EDT.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're hiring!

A lot of you have been asking about this since we opened, and we're finally now in the process of getting ready to hire a couple of employees.  (Yep, it's been just us owners up to now.)  We are looking to hire within a month or so.

We're looking for one or two people to work part time, just one or two days a week to start.  Actual shifts can be determined later, but we're looking to fill a total of around 15 hours per week to begin with.  The hours we need will probably grow with time, meaning we'll either give this person/people more hours, and/or we'll hire more people down the road.  (But no promises.)


  • counter clerk duty
  • customer service
  • maintaining store appearance and cleanliness
  • maintaining back office appearance and cleanliness
  • store opening/closing (must be punctual)
  • knowledge of and interest in the fashion we sell
  • must be of legal age and status to work, preferably over 18 (but you can still apply if you're over 16)
  • must be local to our NYC store and able to get here on time
  • must have some flexibility in your hours (the hours might change week to week)
  • you MUST "dress the part" while in the store - must possess at least some clothes in the styles we sell
Preferred but not required:
  • previous retail experience
The pay rate will be determined later, but it will be similar to other retail stores in the area.

How to apply:

Email us a cover letter and resume with the words JOB APPLICATION in the subject line (if the link doesn't work for you, our email address is info@tokyorebel.com).  Make sure you include your REAL NAME and phone number on your resume and in your email.  Also include your age - we'd prefer those over 18 so they can be alone in the store.

If you do not have a resume, it's pretty easy to create one.  We're not looking for high-end, professionally produced resumes (unless you happen to have one), we just want some relevant information about you.  Here is a sample resume that you can look at - we just need whatever info you have, even if you don't have much experience.  In your cover letter, feel free to write in more detail why you think we should hire you.

We're going to be honest - we'd prefer our first hires to be people we already know and have built up a certain amount of trust with.  That said, everybody's free to apply, and we might feel differently once we see the real experience shown on the applications.  And we'll probably be hiring more people later, so if you don't make it in this round, we'll still consider you for the next.

Keep in mind also that we do want people to look the part, either punk or Lolita (we're hoping for one person in each style, but it will depend on the applications we get).

Thanks for your interest!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Sale!

Some of you may have seen this graphic on the homepage:

If not, check out the sale page!  We need to make room for some new stock, so we've got dozens of items on sale right now, with more to be added throughout the month.  These items are from all categories and styles we sell, so there's something for everyone.  From accessories on up to the most expensive dresses, and both punk and Lolita styles.

The sale ends on the last day of the month, so you've got some time before the prices go back up... but you never know when items are going to sell out!  So don't wait.


Friday, July 2, 2010

New stock info: MAXICIMAM and Innocent World!

Today we received two shipments, from MAXICIMAM and Innocent World.  There's been a lot of demand for larger sized items from our customers, so in these shipments we have our first stock of MAXICIMAM's "Lovely Size" items along with Innocent World's first LL size (XL equivalent) blouses.  This is sort of an experiment; if these really prove popular, we'll order more from both of these lines.  We also received other new items too!

Some initial cell phone pics to get you excited:

Innocent World Frederick Pochette!  Very soft plush bunny bag.  $75.

New Innocent World dresses, including a couple of Blanche jumper skirts in long.  We get a lot of requests for longer dresses because of the average height difference between Japanese and western girls, so we're going to start carrying more of them from Innocent World (and Victorian maiden).

Also in this pic, you see that we've restocked the Heart Scallop Umbrella in ivory and sugar blue.  These are available on our site right now, as is the restocked Little Lady jumper skirt in aquamarine.

We'll post pics of the LL size blouses to our site soon.

Violin bags!  Innocent World is now producing these again in brown only.  These are $129.

Some of the new MAXICIMAM stuff.  The two front dresses are regular size but they're very cute so we had to have them!  Behind them are various Lovely Size items (including blouses), and there's one more dress (in pink) that's not shown here.

A little more detail of the print on the dress above.

This is one of the Lovely Size blouses.  In addition to being larger size, it's very versatile - both the collar and sleeves are removable.  Good for both summer and winter, and for use with many different styles of wear.

Watch for the new items to be posted to our site within the next few days!  They're all available in our store right now.


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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