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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FYI: Angelic Pretty's Fantasic Dolly second posting is up

If you missed out the first time, we've now posted all of our remaining store stock for the Fantasic Dolly series to our web site.  At this moment, we have the white OP, black JSK, pink skirt, and several pairs of socks and headbows.  Get 'em while you can!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Victorian maiden fall/winter coats on reserve!

People are already asking us about Lolita coats for winter - well, we now have four new Victorian maiden coats up for reserve. Keep in mind that Victorian maiden is a premium brand - they use special fabrics and handmade Japanese production - so their prices are naturally a bit higher than other brands. Here's what's on reserve until August 29th - at that point, the reserve price ends and we can no longer guarantee stock:

Gobelins Coat with Fur - regular price $569 $499

This coat is defined by its large and beautiful floral print, set upon a black background and printed onto Gobelins fabric.  Like many of Victorian maiden's coats, this one also features a removable collar and cuffs so you can look beautiful no matter what the weather.


Elegant Lace Coat With Cape- regular price $719 $619

This finely detailed classic coat is very versatile - the cape, ribbon, waist belt and fur cuffs are all removable for easy coordinating and suitability to the weather.  Original lace is used to decorate the bodice and pockets, and braid lace decorates the hem, cuffs and collar.  The wool blend fabric is woven into a subtle herringbone pattern.


Swallowtail Short Coat - regular price $529-$599 $459-$529

This coat is in the classic swallowtail design, with short length in front and longer tails in back.  It provides for a clean silhouette.  Two different fabric choices are offered for a different look and texture.  First is the luxurious angora wool, which is thick and soft; the second choice is a wool melange, a bit thinner and lighter and with a subtle grain to the weave.  While both versions are offered in a black outer shell, there is a choice of lining colors.


Angora Wool Lace-up Ribbon Coat w/ Cape - regular price $699 $599

One of Victorian maiden's most luxurious coats makes a return for the 2010 fall season.  Comprised of 60% Angora fiber and 40% wool, this coat has a touch and feel that's a cut above most other Lolita coats that are comprised either solely of wool or man-made fiber.  A removable cape and faux-fur collar is included, as are front ribbons that attach via the front buttons.  The back laces up to create your desired silhouette. 



Web site update: All Dekoden posted, plus new Putumayo items

For anyone who's been eagerly awaiting the posting of our new Dekoden stock to our web site, wait no longer!  It's all now live.  We're not going to link to each product individually because there are too many of them, but there are 13 new products and five restocks in our Dekoden collection.  We've now also switched the pictures around so you can see what the final design of each kit will look like first, rather than the package of parts.  (Package photos are still available on the product pages.)

Oh, if you like the kit above, that's the Gothic Rose Kit.  It's one of our favorites too!

We're also doing some Putumayo housecleaning, posting some items from our last shipment that never made it to the web site.  Here they are:

Card Suit Wallet Chain (three colors) - $33 

These wallet chains are based on a very popular design for a bracelet that we carried at one point - the bracelets are no longer available, but these wallet chains still are.  Keep your belongings secure in style with these chains that are vaguely Alice in Wonderland themed, but could really coordinate with almost any type of outfit.

If you've never used a wallet chain before, these attach between a wallet (with a chain attachment) and a belt loop.

Available in red, white and chrome (the chrome version is plated plastic).

Material: metal and plastic

Length: approximately 2 feet


Handcuff Wallet Chain - $37

Secure your wallet in appropriate fashion with this handcuff wallet chain from Putumayo.  Each miniature handcuff is so realistic that it actually works!  (The cuffs do open and close.)  Made entirely of metal for the highest level of security.

Material: metal

Length: approximately 2 feet


Crown Ribbon Pochette (white) - SALE!  $75

This small and cute 2-way bag is large enough to carry a cell phone, keys, wallet and makeup case, plus any other daily items you might need.  It will not carry books or other large items, but is meant to be accessory-sized.  Can be used either with the short strap as a handbag, or with the included long strap as a shoulder bag.

This particular item is on clearance due to a small spot of slight discoloration and what looks like a tiny pen mark (in the same spot) on the back.  See the photo of the back of the bag - it's not very noticeable even from behind, and is impossible to see from the front.

Material: Faux leather

Size: 15cm x 23cm x 10.5cm



Fantasic Dolly going once, going twice...

Just an FYI to our local customers - whatever's left of Angelic Pretty's Fantasic Dolly series in our store by this Thursday is going up on our web site.  It'll have been about 10 days at that point (including a weekend), so we can only assume the local market's been tapped.  If there's still something you want, better make an effort to get down here!  We currently still have all of the main items we started with - red HWJSK, white OP, black JSK, pink SK.  We've had interest in all of these items from online customers, so they will likely be gone quickly once we post them online.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Holy dekoden, Batman! Plus new KERA!

My goodness, that is a lot of new dekoden.  Yes, we've stocked a whole bunch more bling for your cell phones, chewing gum cases and whatever the heck else the youth of today likes to carry around.  Got a flat surface?  Deco it!

We've also finally posted instructions on how to decorate your stuff to our dekoden collection page.  If you're really hardcore about this stuff, then you may notice that these are the exact same instructions as on the English dekoden.com web site.  That's because we translated it for them!  So these instructions are officially endorsed by both of our companies.

There are a ton of new deko kits up there - literally more than we have display pegs for in our store right now - but we've also restocked the tool sets for any of you who need them with the purchase of a kit.  You can order those from our site right now, or buy them in store.  We'll post the new kits online as soon as we can.  There's some really cool stuff in there, and it ranges from beginner kits all the way up to advanced stuff, and from nail-size mini-kits to full size sets.

Other random news: new KERA today, and a restock of Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 36.

This month's cover girl is Chielu (who seems to be tied with Ryoko Kobayashi for the magazine's new favorite cover model).  Both KERA 146 and GLB 36 are available in store and online.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angelic Pretty's Fantasic Dolly is here!

It took a few weeks, but hopefully it was worth the wait. We'll be shipping internet orders for this series today and tomorrow, and we also have a selection of items available only in our store. These items are first-come, first-served, so if there's a particular item you want, it's in your interests to come in quickly.

To refresh your memory, this is what we still have available in-store:

OP: White
JSK: Black
SK: Pink

We also have some socks and headbows (not necessarily in matching colors), plus a surprise again!

Matching wrist cuffs! These are the polka dot grosgrain ribbon wrist cuffs, intended to complement the Fantasic Dolly series. We didn't expect to get these in this shipment, but we did. These are in-store only as well.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Web site update: New AP and MAXICIMAM!

We're going to start doing something new here - every time we post a batch of new items to our site, we're going to tell you about it.  Weird, huh?  Using our blog to provide information!  Anyway, we've been telling you when we get shipments in, but we've been leaving it up to you to check our site for when it all goes up for sale online.  Well, at least for the major items, we'll post them here now once you can actually buy them through our site.  (If you're local, don't forget that you can always buy anything we get as soon as we get it in our store!)  You can also get this same info automatically through our new product RSS feed.

Here's what we've put up online just today:

Sweets Princess Jumper Skirt (lavender) by Angelic Pretty - $315

This dress has a lot of fabric and a lot of volume, with multiple layers of frills and lace on the sides and back.  The front is kept bare of ruffles for a cute and classic look.  The custom lace used around the hem features heart cutouts and embroidered ribbons.

The back is fully shirred from side to side, and there is no zipper.  This is a very stretchy dress for maximum size adjustability.

Material: 100% cotton body, 100% polyester lining

Length: 34.6"
Bust: about 34"
Waist: about 26.8"

There is a lot of adjustability with the shirring.

The back ribbon is removable.


Three more products below!

Gradation Frill Jumper Skirt (mint) by Angelic Pretty - $315

This jumper skirt is an interesting and unusual design from Angelic Pretty, while still retaining their familiar silhouette.  It features several layers of soft ruffled tulle around the borders, creating a color gradation.  Tulle also decorates the large front bow and straps.  Satin bows are laid on top of the tulle ruffles.  There is a lot of volume to the skirt portion of this dress - we achieved the look in the photos with just a single petticoat.

The back is shirred for adjustability.

Material: body 85% cotton, 15% lyocell; tulle lace, synthetic lace

Length: 34.6"
Bust: 34.6"
Waist: 26.8"

There is some adjustability with the shirring.


Gradation Frill Jumper Skirt (pink) by Angelic Pretty - $315

See the description above - same dress, different color!


Royal Rose Jumper Skirt (black) by MAXICIMAM - $229

This is part of the "Lovely Size" line by MAXICIMAM of clothes for those with fuller figures.  All of the clothes in this line are larger than their standard size counterparts - see our photos and compare with any standard size jumper skirt we carry.  In addition to their larger size, they are also shirred in the back.

This is a classic gothic style jumper skirt that provides a wide variety of coordination opportunities.  It features an offset front bow as one of the focal points, and beautiful rose lace decorating various areas of the dress.  A large bow ties in back.  Note that this dress is not lined.

Made in Japan.

Material: 100% cotton outer fabric, polyester and rayon elsewhere

Length: 36.6"
Bust: 35.4" - 47.2"
Waist: 31.5" - 47.2"


Check our main collection page for more items that we've posted recently! 


Friday, August 6, 2010

Stock info: More MAXICIMAM!

Early this week we received a new shipment from MAXICIMAM - we just haven't had time to tell you about it yet. (Some of you have been lucky enough to find a couple of our restocked items online already!)

Included in this shipment are a few more Lovely Size dresses and blouses for plus-sized Lolitas, as well as new and restocked t-shirts for the punks.

That on in the front there is the Lovely Josephine Jumper Skirt in black, which we originally received a special order for from a customer - we liked it enough to order an extra one for our store.  It's $295.  Here's MAXICIMAM's picture of this dress (they show the white one on their site, which is actually very similar, just inverted in color):

Below is the Royal Rose Jumper Skirt - we have this in black x black:

We also have the Lovely Frill Ribbon Blouses in both black and white.  These are a nice, basic blouse with a front ribbon bow.  Some people like a more standard blouse (vs. the Lovely Heart Ribbon Blouse with its many different features), so this one's for you.

Also, t-shirts!

We actually got a bunch more than these, but... color!  We got a lot of t-shirts based around MAXICIMAM's cat mascot Jupirin, including these two in pink and purple. We also have these in double-small.  This may sound counter-intuitive for a Japanese brand in America, but believe it or not, MAXICIMAM's t-shirts are HUGE for their size.  Anyone who's bought one can attest to that fact.  Their sizes are actually Japanese mens' sizes; double-small is also a mens' size but is intended for women to wear (if that makes sense).  It's equivalent to a womens' small.  We'll post actual measurements when we post these for sale on our site.

We also restocked the Chainsaw Girl t-shirts in black x silver, and we got two more Jupirin-themed shirts in black, if pink and purple just aren't your thing.  We did finally stock up on the t-shirts Aoko is holding below:

All of MAXICIMAM's t-shirts are now $35.

You might have noticed that we're running a tiny bit behind on posting new items to our site for purchase - we've just got a lot of new stuff from a variety of brands - but we're going to take pictures of as much of this as we can this weekend, and it'll start being posted soon after that.  As usual, it's available in our store right now.


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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