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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st year anniversary! Plus AP Little Bear's Cafe, SPR novelty items, VM reserves and more!

It's almost that time - October is the one year anniversary of the opening of our New York store!  Thanks to everyone for helping us get off the ground.  We've learned a lot over the last year, had some successes and some challenges, but overall it's been a great 12 months!  We really appreciate everybody's support over the past year, and we're (hopefully) only going to build from here.

We've got some things planned to celebrate during the month.  The first we can announce right now - starting this week, every Friday in our store will be "Photo Friday"!  Come in dressed in your favorite Japanese street fashion style, get your picture taken for our new photo board and our online gallery and you'll get 5% off any purchase made that day.  But wait!  That's not all.  At the end of the month, we'll pick our favorite coordinate and the winner will get a chance to rummage through our contest grab bag - you never know what might be in there.  This is just a fun little mini-contest so most items will be small, but some could be big!

If you want to come on another day, you can still get your picture taken and posted to our wall.  But the contest and discount is for Photo Fridays only, and during the rest of the week it'll be one of the owners taking your photo - and we're not as cool as Tara!


Angelic Pretty's Little Bear's Cafe series
We've just received a limited stock of Angelic Pretty's Little Bear's Cafe series, and we still have some left!  This is Angelic Pretty's main featured series for this month, and it features a cute teddy bear serving sweet and savory donuts in a cafe, helped out by her squirrel friend.  Check out our remaining stock!

We also just received a bunch more AP stuff too, including autumn jackets and coats, Regimental Stripe series items, and more!  Some new items are already on our web site - more will be posted soon.

Victorian maiden reserves - Noble Queen series and more!

Victorian maiden fans, there's a new round of reserve items posted on our web site, including the Noble Queen dresses and bustiers.  The reserve period ends on the 29th, so hurry if you want something!

Come see us at the FIT Lolita Tea Party!

October 5th, we'll be appearing along with Hangry & Angry's illustrator Gashicon at the Fashion Institute of Technology's Lolita Tea Party!  We'll be doing some public speaking before the event, and we'll have clothes and other items for display (and maybe some small items for sale) during the tea party itself.  More info is on the FIT web site.  Go easy on us - we'll probably be pretty nervous!

More new products: Innocent World, SEX POT ReVeNGe and SPR novelty items!

We've been refreshing a lot of our inventory, restocking popular items as well as stocking new ones.  On the punk rock side, we've got new t-shirts (all the way up to XL size!), sweaters, leggings and more from SEX POT ReVeNGe, and they've also decided to help us celebrate our anniversary with new novelty items!

We've also got new umbrellas, socks and dresses from Innocent World.  Unfortunately the Heart Scallop Umbrellas are sold out again already, but we do now have foldable umbrellas that will fit in a purse!

Coming next: MAXICIMAM and Atelier-Pierrot

Within the next week or so, we'll receive new shipments from MAXICIMAM - including more of the popular Lovely Size items - and Atelier-Pierrot.  New dresses and skirts from Atelier-Pierrot, of course, but how about some mini-hats as well?  Atelier-Pierrot doesn't often do headwear, but these ones will be worth the wait.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

New on the web site: AP Little Bear's Cafe, plus new Innocent World and Sex Pot items

We're continuing to add new items to our web site as fast as we can. First, hot on the heels of our just-arrived shipment from Angelic Pretty, we are expecting another one next week - including a selection of Little Bear's Cafe items. This shipment is in transit from Japan right now, and we have posted our Little Bear's Cafe items for pre-sale today. We can pretty confidently say that we handily beat our competitors' prices on this series. Click this link or the image below to be taken to the collection page.

We've also begun posting our new items from Sex Pot Revenge and Innocent World. Here's the rundown:

Kim & Berry T-shirt (black or white) by SEX POT ReVeNGe - $37.00

This is one of those t-shirts that make you look twice. Yes, it does appear that they are doing what you think they're doing. But it's a natural thing, after all, and these are fuzzy, furry little animals being depicted. If you really want to stand out in a crowd, this is the shirt for you.

This is one of SPR's first t-shirts available in XL size.


FREAK OUT T-shirt (black) by SEX POT ReVeNGe - $37.00

The striking color scheme on the front of this shirt really makes it stand out. The text reads "FREAK OUT - PUBLIC NUISANCE - STAND UP AND FIGHT." Superimposed over a tattered union jack is "SO FIERCE". The SPR name is on the bottom of the shirt. The left side of the shirt features a stylized image of a Gibson Les Paul guitar being played, presumably hard.

This is one of SPR's first t-shirts available in XL size.


Ribbon Jacquard Jumper Skirt (2 colors) by Angelic Pretty - $325.00

This is a slightly toned-down series from Angelic Pretty that uses Jacquard fabric for its main decoration with a subtle dot and bow pattern sewn right into the fabric, which also has a very slight shimmer to it. It looks classy and sophisticated! A large bow and scalloped lace also decorates the dress.

We have this dress in wine and lavender.


Antique Book Jumper Skirt by Innocent World - $295.00

This is Innocent World's Antique Book series jumper skirt, with images of books and lettering on a sepia-toned background. If you managed to snag one of the Antique Book bags in the short time we had them, add the jumper skirt for a perfect coordinate! These jumper skirts could also serve as the base for any classic themed Lolita outfit. Made of a thick Ox cotton - a good winter dress!

This is the "short" version. Available in black. Bordeaux is already sold out.


Bisque Doll Foldable Umbrella (2 colors) by Innocent World - $60.00

One problem with expensive parasols: they're easy to forget and lose! Many people have asked us for small parasols that can fit in a pocketbook for just this reason, and thankfully, Innocent World is now producing these tiny umbrellas/parasols that fold out in a similar way to a compact umbrella that we're all familiar with. These umbrellas are decorated with Innocent World's Bisque Doll print.

We have these in beige/pink and black/beige. Includes a small cloth carrying case.

Please note that these work like a Japanese folding umbrella, which is the reverse of an American umbrella. The arms fold up, not down.


Heart Pochette (mint) by Angelic Pretty - $85.00

Sold out in every color on Angelic Pretty's web site, we managed to snag a few of these cute heart bags in mint only before they were gone. Supply is now extremely limited! These are small bags that can be used to carry makeup, a cell phone or other small items. Decorated with a front bow and lace design. Yellow inner lining.


Fantasic Dolly Cardigan (3 colors) by Angelic Pretty - $154.00

Just in time for autumn weather, Angelic Pretty has released these cute cardigans in the Fantasic Dolly series. Each cardigan features an embroidered perfume bottle on the shoulder, along with pearl decorations and polka dot grosgrain ribbon bows that match other items in the series.

Available in off-white, lavender and black.


Fantasic Dolly Pass Case (various colors) by Angelic Pretty - $49.00

The Fantasic Dolly series is Angelic Pretty's cosmetics-inspired retro print, and this is the pass case that matches the rest of the series. It features a large bow on the front, and many pockets for ID and cards inside. Note that these do not have a cash pocket like a wallet, although you could fold cash and put it in a card pocket if you do want to use this as a wallet.

We have these in white, pink, black, lavender and red.


Fantasic Dolly Long Wallet (3 colors) by Angelic Pretty - $109.00

The Fantasic Dolly series is Angelic Pretty's cosmetics-inspired retro print, and this is the long wallet that matches the rest of the series. It features a large bow on the front, and many pockets for storage of cards, cash and more inside.

We have these in white, pink and red.


There's still a lot more to come over the next couple days!  We're trying to streamline our process a bit to not always wait until we have our own photos of everything that's in our stock - if you want to order something, we don't want to make you wait until we can set up a photo shoot.  So you may start seeing more items with stock photos showing up on our site, but unless otherwise noted, we do actually have these items in our stock.  (We will continue to post photos of the items in our store as one of the photos on the product page.)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lots of new stuff! Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, SEX POT ReVeNGe!

We mentioned this earlier, now here are a few details - we've gotten a bunch of new stuff in from the three brands mentioned above, basically all at once!

The AP stuff is a mix of non-print regular items plus post-release print accessories.  AP has been doing that more and more - the main print series will come first, then later they'll release bags, wallets, etc. using the same print.

For example, here we have Fantasic Dolly wallets and pass cases:

And here we have Milky Berry tote bags - along with some new (non-print Fantasic Dolly!) cardigans!

AP has only just recently released Wonder Cookie tote bags, and we've also restocked the regular Wonder Cookie bag and gotten these cute mini heart bags:

And we've gotten a few new dresses too, including this casual one-piece that's going up on our web site today (update: it's up):

Also in this shipment but not pictured are several different types of socks, including 9mm lace top socks, Bashful Bear socks and more Fantasic Dolly socks in a variety of colors (sorry, no red). 

Switching gears completely now to SPR!  First, something a lot of you have been waiting a long time for.  We posted this pic to our Twitter account yesterday - did you figure out what's new here?

Yes, for those who didn't know already, SPR is finally making XL size t-shirts.  And they really are equivalent to a US men's XL - they are nice and big.  They listened to our input on that (the original samples we tried were long but not wide - the final shirts are wider.)

SPR is not going back and re-producing older t-shirts, and they're not doing this for any other product currently, but for new t-shirts going forward, there will be an XL size available.

So, some new shirts in our stock:

Be careful wearing that one to church functions or formal occasions.

We've also got new sweaters, custom t-shirts, leggings, and more.

Lastly, and switching it up completely again... Innocent World!

First, we've restocked the Heart Scallop Umbrellas that are probably the most popular parasol/umbrella that we carry, with their simple but classic design that coordinates easily.  They always sell out quickly, so hurry up if you want one.  We currently have them in black, ivory and sugar blue, but who knows for how long.

We're also trying a little experiment (pun intended):

These are the purse-sized Bisque Doll Foldable Umbrellas.  A lot of people have been asking us for smaller parasols, so we're going to see how quickly these sell.  You don't need to worry about losing it if it's stored inside your bag.

And how about this for a bag to store them in?

Antique Book Bag.  Also have the matching Antique Book Jumper Skirts:

Lots of non-pictured socks from IW too, including a restock of the Emblem Embroidery knee-high socks, along with new torchon lace-top socks in both overknee and knee-high lengths.

We'll begin posting these products to our web site today, but there's a lot to get through so it's going to take us a while to post it all.  Some things may sell out through our store in the meantime (a few items actually sold out yesterday - we had more!), so if you're local, stop by!

If you're not local but are absolutely desperate to buy one of these items before we post it to our site, you can always email us and we can set up a PayPal invoice.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Web site updates: Putumayo complete; new AP, IW and SPR coming!

Sorry for the delay, but we have finally completed uploading all of our new Putumayo products (and the restocks too).  We've also got more new stuff coming - we try to space stuff out evenly, but we do sometimes get a bunch of shipments almost simultaneously.  So, watch for new items from Angelic Pretty, Innocent World and SEX POT ReVeNGe over the coming days!

Here's what's new from PUTUMAYO:

Convertible Cat Ear Parka (various colors) - $115.00

This parka is perfect for both the warmer early fall months or to wear underneath a heavier jacket when it's colder. Made of a light and stretchy material, it also has detachable sleeves that can turn it into a short sleeve parka for especially warm days. Both the front and back feature cat prints, and the hood sports cute cat ears that are easily visible with the hood down. (They do not stand up with the hood up.)

Available in white/black, black/red and black/purple.


Swallowtail Layered Jacket (two colors) - $185.00 

This two layer jacket gives the impression of gothic formality. It features a sewn-in vest - the vest is actually part of the jacket - metal chain buttons, an embroidered back design, and of course, the namesake tails in back. The front buttons don't need to be unchained, you can actually unbutton the jacket with hidden inner buttons that hold the outer buttons in place. All of the buttons on both the jacket and vest are heavy metal.

Available in black/white and black/red.


Cheshire Cat Tote Bag (red) - $45.00

This cute and durable bag features Putumayo's Cheshire Cat print in a striking white and glitter red on black. A rubber charm hangs from the strap. This bag is large enough to fit textbooks or magazines, and it is made of a thick cotton. It should last.


Rabbit Print Tote Bag - $23.00

This large and economical tote bag features an Alice in Wonderland-inspired print on black polyester. It includes a separate pouch in which you can store your ID or use as a change purse.


Four-stage Pleated Skirt (two colors) - $139.00

This pleated skirt features four layers in total, in two alternating contrasting patterns and colors. The top two layers are actually a removable apron, making this a skirt that can be worn two ways - or even more depending on how you position the apron to overlap the panels below. The apron also includes a chain that can be worn either just for decoration or as a wallet chain.

We stock this skirt in both black/white and black/red.


Enamel Watch (two styles) - $30.00

These small and lightweight watches are packed with style. The black version features a clover design, the red a heart design. Both include small hanging heart and clover charms, in silver on the black watch and gold on the red.

Like the 2-way Pocket Watches, these watches are made by Elite and sold through Putumayo's stores. Now they're available through us as well.


Heart-shaped Mini-hat (two colors) - $59.00

A definite attention-getter, these heart-shaped mini-hats will have everyone around you squeeing with delight. Made of a soft faux-leather and decorated by a lace brim set off by a metal key, these are both delicate and bold at the same time.

These mini-hats are the type that attaches with a ribbon that goes under your chin.

Available in black or pink.



Thursday, September 9, 2010

New on the web site: Putumayo items, AP wrist cuffs, GLB 37!

As promised, we've begun posting our new Putumayo stock to the web site! And we've got a couple of other items too.

In the latest batch:

Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Grosgrain Wristcuffs - $40

These wrist cuffs were created to coordinate with the Fantasic Dolly series, but they could really be used for a variety of sweet outfits. They feature a polka dot ribbon centered by a cute charm. The lace is ribbon lace with the AP logo embroidered in as well.

Lace: Tull lace
Ribbon: Grosgrain ribbon


Trump Watch Necklace - $30

This necklace invokes Alice in Wonderland without being too obvious about it, featuring the trump suits at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions on a simulated watch face. The necklace overall has a handmade look to it, like it's been molded into shape without the benefit of precision machinery. Note that this is not a real working watch - it just looks like one. It is lighter and thinner than a real working watch. If you do want to wear a working watch around your neck, check out Putumayo's Two-way Pocket Watches.

Chain length: approximately 30" (adjustable)


Check Frill Collar Dress - $165

This is a cute and versatile dress that's the basis for a perfect punk Lolita outfit. The traditional plaid pattern of the skirt is complemented by the black top, with plaid buttons that match the skirt portion. The waist is low. The back is fully shirred for maximum comfort and size adjustment.

Best of all, this dress comes with a removable collar and separate necktie (with an original print on one side), either or both of which can be worn or removed from the outfit. When not worn, the dress is a basic black and tartan dress that can be used for almost any occasion. But the addition of the collar and tie really put the dress over the top, and are recommended if you really want the full effect.

This dress is stocked in both red and grey.

Material: 100% cotton

Length: 84cm (33")
Bust: 80cm (~31.5")
Ribbon length: 148cm (58.2")
Ribbon width: 10cm (3.9")


Check Ribbon Katyusha - $45

This is the matching headbow for the Check Frill Collar Dress, as seen in the photo with model Neeko to the right. It could also be worn with a similar coordinating tartan outfit. Like the necktie that comes with the dress, it features a cat and butterfly original print peppered throughout. These headbows are quite large - see the measurements below.

Length: 31cm (12.2")
Width: 12.5cm (4.9")


Lace Petticoat Skirt - $139

This is part skirt, part petticoat and part underskirt. It can be used in almost any capacity. It is decorated with two layers of rose lace (one around the hip, one around the hem) and features an elastic waist for maximum comfort and size adjustment. Its lace decoration is perfect for creating that peekaboo look of an underskirt being visible below the hem of a dress or skirt.

Material: 100% cotton

Length: 48cm (18.9")
Waist: 64-90cm (25.2"-35.4")


Marching Band Puff Sleeve cutsew - $85

Like many of Putumayo's items, this is a shirt that can be worn several different ways. It includes a removable ribbon and collar along with removable long sleeves (which can be worn as wristlets). It can be worn as its own top, or underneath a jumper skirt (taking the place of a blouse). The print features a cute "marching band" comprised of a cat and a rabbit.

Material: 100% cotton

Length 51cm (20")
Shoulder 33cm (13")
Bust 82cm ~ (32.3")
Semi-Sleeve 22.5cm (8.9")
Wristlet (with sleeves) 45cm (17.7")
Ribbon Length 146cm (57.5")
6cm wide (2.4")


Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 37 - $27

Volume #37 of the venerable institution that is the Gothic & Lolita Bible – for fall and winter 2010.

In this month’s issue:

Interviews with true Gothic & Lolita style icons including Angelic Pretty designer Maki, Innocent World designer and founder Yumi Fujiwara, Kokusyoku Sumire's Sachi, and many more.

New fall and winter collections from all the major Lolita brands.

Pullip Style with Yumi Fujiwara of Innocent World.

Street snaps from around the world. (Including some of our friends!)


That's not all the Putumayo - we still have quite a few items left to go. We'll be posting those at least today and probably through tomorrow, and will post another update once it's complete.

Next up - we're awaiting customs clearance on shipments from Angelic Pretty and Innocent World as we speak.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Victorian maiden parasols in stock, plus new reserves!

Yesterday and today we added the latest round of Victorian maiden reserve items to our site, however before we get to that, let's talk parasols.  VM parasol fans (and we know you're out there!) may not realize that we have two of their high-end models currently in stock.

We previously had the Fairy Doll Frill parasol up for reserve - we now have one in stock and ready to ship in mint:

Outer fabric 100% georgette shantung polyester
100% polyester lace clad underlayer
Other materials including plastic

For more photos, please view this product on Victorian maiden’s web site.

Diameter: 30.7"
Length: 32.7"


Also in stock is the even more amazing Lace Chiffon Parasol in black:

Outer fabric 100% georgette shantung polyester
Other materials including plastic

For more photos, please view this product on Victorian maiden’s web site.

Diameter: 77cm (30.3")
Length: 82cm (32.3")


We only have one of each of these, so hurry!  We may not be able to get either one of them again, at least not until and unless they are reissued.

Now, onto the reserves!  We have four new products available, all with reserve periods ending on September 11. After that, the price returns to the regular price and we can no longer guarantee stock.

Lady Doll Dress - $369 $329

With a lace-up front bodice and a drop-waist silhouette, this dress gives an antique British appearance.  The skirt portion features a lot of volume, with enough material to make a complete circle when sitting down.  A large front waist ribbon sets off the look.

Outer 100% Satin Cotton
Silky Satin Back
100% Polyester

Lining 100% Polyester
Imutation Pearl
Dull Satin Ribbon
Chemical Lace

Available colors:


Long Sleeve Over Dress - $289 $259

Functioning almost as a light jacket, this overdress features long sleeves to keep you both warm and elegant while you beat the winter chills.  Besides the long sleeves, the most distinctive feature of this overdress is the dual waist ribbons.  This overdress can be worn over a jumper skirt or a blouse and separate skirt.

Outer 100% Satin Cotton
Lining 100% Polyester
Chemical Lace
Dull Satin Ribbon

Made in Japan

Available colors:
Chou rouge


Pin Tuck Lace Tablier - $249 $229

What is a tablier? In French, it is an apron. This tablier functions as an overdress in reverse, but with a clean and classy silhouette. Unlike a standard overdress, the back is open (rather than the front) to show what you're wearing underneath. It can be worn over an underdress, or a blouse and skirt, or a blouse and underskirt. There are many different coordination possibilities. Note that blouse, underdress and underskirt are sold separately.

Outer 100% Broad Cotton
Lining 100% Polyester
Torchon Lace
Dull Satin Ribbon

Made in Japan

Available colors:



Victorian Doll Skirt - $249 $229

Proof that you can make high-end Lolita clothing from satin material, the Victorian Doll Skirt was an immediate sellout when it was last offered in 2009. This classic fluffy skirt with an antique look is now being reissued. This skirt will give you a full look even without a petticoat (though a petticoat will make it even fuller).

Outer 100% Silky Back Satin Polyester
Lining 100% Polyester

Available colors:




Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Sale - 10% off everything in the store!

Celebrate the fruits of your labor this holiday weekend with a little something for yourself.  Take 10% off anything in our store from Sunday through Tuesday with our Labor Day Sale.  Just use coupon code LABORDAY2010 at checkout on our web site.

We'll be running this sale in store too, although as usual, we will be closed Sunday and Monday.  The sale runs through Tuesday, though, so local customers can take advantage of it then.

Happy shopping!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Say hello to the newest member of our team!

Welcome Tara, our newest shop staff member! She's fully decked out in SEX POT ReVeNGe - everything she's wearing is either available from our store now or was in the recent past.

Tara's been into Japanese street fashion for years, and brings a lot of retail experience with her. For now, each Friday she'll be providing customer service in our store, ringing up your purchases and answering your questions, as well as writing the occasional blog post here and helping out with some special things we've got planned for the future. (More on that later!)

Tara's just the first new staff member. We'll be building up our team over time, and eventually expanding our hours. We've stopped accepting new applications for the time being (we've already gotten a lot of good ones, and have enough to choose from right now), but we will let you all know if and when we open that back up again.

One small, cool thing to look forward to: remember the video interviews and shop tours we did in Japan? Now that Tara's on board, she'll be doing one for our own store next week!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stock info: So about that Putumayo shipment...

As promised, here's more detail about what we just received from Putumayo. It's a long list of items.

Putumayo is kind of an advanced brand, in that they make a lot of individual items that need to be coordinated by eye - their lines don't come conveniently grouped into series. But coordinated properly, they are an extremely cute brand! We're trying to help by stocking items you might have seen coordinated already in magazine ads or on their web site. So we posted this photo of Neeko last night:

And we have the main parts of that coordinate set in both red and grey check (minus the blouse - you can use any white blouse - as well as arm warmers and socks). We have the dress, skirt, headbow, belt and bag - the dress also comes complete with a separate bow and collar.  We will be selling the dress set, skirt, headbow, belt and bag separately, but you can of course buy them together for an instant look.  A little tip: the white below the dress in the photo above is actually a separate lace skirt being used as an underskirt, so if you ever wonder why your coordinate never looks quite as "finished" as what you see in magazines, this is usually the kind of detail that's missing.  The white of the underskirt matches the white of the blouse, balancing top and bottom.

We also have this coordinate:

We chose a different mini-hat to go with it (we have heart-shaped mini-hats!), but we do have the same trump socks, pleated skirt set, and swallowtail jacket.  (Incidentally, one of our favorite photo contest entries was from someone wearing these same socks - they are very striking!)  We also have these in both black/white and black/red.  Our prediction is that those jackets are going to go very fast, regardless of whether they're bought with this coordinate in mind or not.

Heart-shaped mini-hats!

We also received many other items that you can use in your existing outfits, including a restock of the very popular 2-way pocket watches (now with two additional styles), Chess crest 3-way bags, both cloth and nylon tote bags, cat earrings, new wristwatches, necklaces, cat ear light parkas, and new socks. 

Some of the new socks we got:

 And new and restocked bags:

Here is the full list, with item numbers:

04240036 - Check Frill One-piece - black/red and black/grey
8336014 - Lace skirt - white
04240011 - Puff sleeve t-shirt with ribbon - white/black
0474012 - Cat print parka - black/purple, black/red, white/black
04240017 - Swallowtail jacket - black/white and black/red
04240054 - Pleated skirt - black/white and black/red
9141028 - Chess crest 3-way bag - black/silver and black/red
0141028 - Cat print tote bag - black/red
0341018 - Rabbit print tote bag - black/white
750019 - Trump wrist watch - red and black
750027 - 2-way pocket watch - silver crown, gold crown, silver butterfly and silver rose
940204 - Watch necklace
120062 - Spider/guitar pick earring - purple
0499 - Cat earrings
04240018 - Check ribbon katyusha - black/red and black/grey
229005 - Heart mini-hat - black and pink
940106 - Pearl belt - black
0144028 - Chandelier socks - white/black, black/pink, black/purple
0144018 - Web & Butterfly socks - black/pink, black/purple
9544028 - Rabbit Trump socks - white/black

Items not linked above will begin to be added to our web site late this weekend.  We'll post notifications as batches of items are posted.  Everything is available in our store right now.


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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