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Friday, October 29, 2010

Angelic Pretty print anniversary totes are in, plus combo packs!

The Tokyo Rebel 1st anniversary Angelic Pretty print tote bags are now available!  These feature a donut print that AP has customized with a cookie that reads "Tokyo Rebel New York City 1st Year Anniversary 2010".  We're pleased to announce that the price is a low $20.  We didn't try to duplicate the look and feel of an Angelic Pretty tote bag, so these are a little different - they are a little bit less sweet, a little larger than most AP tote bags, and they have a lighter feel.  They are Tokyo Rebel tote bags with an exclusive customized print by Angelic Pretty - an item you can't buy anywhere else!

We're also pleased to announce a combo pack with our two anniversary items, the Putumayo-designed t-shirt and Angelic Pretty-designed tote together at one low price of $40!  You save $8!

Anyone who bought or ordered the t-shirt already can get in on this deal too - if you bought in store, we'll give you the discount when purchasing the tote bag separately.  If you bought online, we'll apply the discount manually after you place your separate tote bag order and prior to shipping.

Of course, you can still buy either item separately.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

New SEX POT items, including coats!

We've been adding new inventory at a pretty furious pace over the past couple of weeks, and today's new items come to us by way of SEX POT ReVeNGe's autumn collection. We've got the first SPR jackets of the season (heavy coats will come later), plus one-piece dresses, scarves and the return of the SEX POT chain!

The full list:

Over Frill One-piece - in black and red, M and L
Mind Punk Hood Jacket - red/black and blue/black, M and L
Studs Skull Muffler (scarf) w/ Hood - black/red, black/purple, black
Noble Cult Pants - black, M and L
Black SEX POT Chain (new!) - white, red, pink or purple lettering
Regular SEX POT Chain - black lettering

Here's a sample coordination with Akira wearing the Over Frill One-piece in red:

And the Noble Cult Pants:

And the Mind Punk Hood Jacket:

The black chains are pretty wicked. It's definitely a different kind of look than you're probably used to, but really cool. We do also have the regular chrome version if you're a traditionalist.

The mufflers are also really interesting - a scarf with a hood! They're heavy scarves too, very warm.

We will have all of these items posted to our web site by tonight, using SPR's photos. No use making you wait to order until we take our own photos. Watch for them this evening; we'll also post another blog update tomorrow with links to each if you don't feel like refreshing our web site all night. If you're local, all of these items are available in store now.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New on the web site: Atelier-Pierrot dresses, blouses, and restocked coats and pettis!

We have some of the most beautiful dresses we've ever had now available on our web site as of today - Atelier-Pierrot's corset bustle one-piece dresses in some amazing new fabrics.  Also, we finally have petticoats back in, we've got a new basic blouse, and the return of the amazing and previously Laforet-exclusive bustle coats!

Coat with Fur and Bustle (restock) - $429.00

Atelier-Pierrot's newest winter coat design was a Laforet exclusive until we got our hands on it - now it's available for the first time outside of Japan.  This coat has two distinctive features.  First, its faux-fur collar and cuffs, which are detachable for a more subtle look.  If you choose to detach the fur collar, you'll find another lace-decorated collar underneath.  The cuffs under the fur are plain.  The second and perhaps even more striking feature is the back bustle, making this a truly unique coat.


Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard red) - $319.00

Some of our most popular items, the Atelier-Pierrot bustle corset one-piece is a must-have for any gothic Lolita. This strapless, bare-shoulder dress can be worn with or without a blouse, bolero or other top garment. In the hot summer, it can be worn by itself.

This version of the dress is made of a stunning bright red jacquard fabric, with a floral pattern sewn into the fabric. It is beautiful to look at and has a soft but substantial feel. Atelier-Pierrot do some of the most interesting things with their fabrics of any Japanese Lolita brand, and this jacquard fabric is polyester with a look and feel very similar to cotton.

The dress can be worn either with or without the bustle in both front and back – we show it with the front bustle in our photos and straight in the back, so you can get an idea of how it looks either way.

The back is shirred and laces up for adjustability.

Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard purple) - $319.00

Same description as above, but purple jacquard.


Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard black) - $319.00

Also same as above, but black jacquard.


Bustle Corset One-piece (deep violet) - $319.00

Same as above but this time with a deep violet taffeta fabric.


Torchon Lace Standcollar Blouse (black or white) - $179.00

This wardrobe staple is a classically styled blouse decorated with lace and a ribbon bow tie. The bow tie is removable, and the standup collar is then visible. The distinctive feature of this blouse is its fully shirred lace-up back, which should make it comfortable to wear even if your measurements are larger than Atelier-Pierrot's official minimum measurements (published below). The shirring itself is very stretchy and loose.

This blouse is available in either white or black from the same product page.


Petticoat (Type I) - black or white (restock) - $50.00

Every Lolita skirt or dress, regardless of style or genre, benefits from having a petticoat underneath. Without a petticoat, your look will be flat and lifeless. It’s the petticoat that provides body and “poof”. These petticoats from Atelier Pierrot are the first we’re carrying for sale. We carry both Type I and Type II – the only difference is the amount of poof. Type II just has a bit more body and stiffness than Type I. Both types feature an elastic waistband and are considered “one size fits all”.


Petticoat (Type II) black or white (restock) - $79.00

This is the somewhat stiffer and poofier version of Atelier-Pierrot's petticoats.  Otherwise, same description as above.



Anniversary t-shirts are in!

The exclusive Tokyo Rebel x Putumayo anniversary t-shirts are now in stock at our store!  We'll have these posted to our web site by tomorrow, but you can buy them in our store right now in sizes S-XL.  Keep in mind these are American-sized t-shirts, so they run bigger than what you might be used to from Japan.  Finally a shirt with a Japanese print that even really big guys and taller girls can wear!  We'll post measurements to our web site when we post the shirts.  (Update: they're now up on the site!)

This is a very detailed print - it's a little hard to see in this picture, but it features a plaque that says "Tokyo Rebel 1st Year Anniversary", it's got a "T" and an R" stuck into the head with miniature swords, and it says "Tokyo Rebel splatter house" on the platter itself.

Our anniversary tote bags are still in process, but we expect them soon as well!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

New items update: Innocent World

Yesterday we received a shipment of Innocent World items, including a restock of the popular Heart Scallop Umbrellas in black, the Frederick pochettes, and new dresses in the Gertrude and Night Bear series as well as tote bags and strawberry bags.  These items are now available on our web site as well as in store - check it all out!

Heart Scallop Umbrella (restock) - $65.00

This is Innocent World’s most versatile parasol design, as it will work with a variety of different types of outfits (depending on color) with its understated look. The only print on the umbrella is Innocent World’s logo. The main design feature are the frills that are decorated with tiny heart cutouts.


Frederick Pochette (restock) - $75.00

Frederick is Innocent World's mascot bunny character, and this is an adorable bag that bears his likeness. There's space inside for a cell phone, keys, or any other small items. Frederick himself is very soft to the touch - even softer than a real bunny!


Gertrude Jumper Skirt in Cafe au Lait, Blue or Black (Long) - $309.00

This jumper skirt has a soft, light feel and a classic print of a castle with a horse-drawn carriage. Two bows decorate the wide straps. The back is shirred for adjustability, and it also laces up for tightening.

Available in Cafe au Lait, Blue and Black. We currently stock only the long version of this dress.

Night Bear Jumper Skirt in Pink or Black - $309.00
This jumper skirt features a cute Teddy Bear print on the border, and is further decorated with tasteful polka dots and hearts, roses, bows, and lace trimmed stripes.  The bow at the waist is part of a waist belt and it can be tightened or loosened to fit, repositioned (middle or side) or even removed altogether.  The fabric of this dress is a heavy oxford cotton.
Night Bear Tote Bag in Beige or Black - $39.00
This tote bag is part of Innocent World's Night Bear series, with a cute teddy bear enjoying a moonlit evening.  This is a large tote bag intended to hold up to B4 (extra large document) size items.  It is a heavy cotton/canvas bag that has a durable feel.  The printed portion of the bag has a subtle sparkle to it.
Strawberry Bag (Red) - $139
This unique bag is in the shape of a strawberry!  Perfect to accessorize any berry-themed sweet or classic print series.  The zipper pulls are in the shape of small flowers.  Two straps are included so you can use the bag as either a handbag or shoulder bag.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

New York Comic Con/Anime Festival photos!

A little bit late, but here are our "official" New York Comic Con/Anime Festival photos as taken by our very own Tara.  She got a lot of shots of some well-dressed people at the show, in a variety of styles (and some of the clothes featured in them are by way of our store).  Check out the full set!


Web site stock update: housekeeping edition

We posted a bunch of products to our web site yesterday that we've had in the store for a while, but just never made available online before (for whatever reason).  A lot of you probably didn't even know we had these items!  Some others may have seen us mention them in previous blog posts and just assumed we'd sold out.  Well, these items are finally orderable.

Cat Print Puff-sleeve One-piece (Pink) by PUTUMAYO - $139.00

This one-piece dress features a cute border cat print over a check design. The collar is decorated with lace. The ribbons are a soft polyester satin. The large bow is a pin that can be removed and repositioned – it also looks good pinned to the waist ribbon.

This is a high-waisted one-piece with lots of shirring.


Butterfly print Two-way One-piece by PUTUMAYO - $139.00

This dress features a butterfly border print that's surrounded by images of crowns and lace. A rose pattern creates vertical "stripes" above the border. The hem is bordered by fine lace.

This one-piece can also be worn as a long skirt! We didn’t take any photos of it this way, but the dress is made to be worn either with or without the included belt - without the belt, it can be worn around the waist as a skirt. The belt provides the silhouette for the dress when worn at the shoulders.


Jupirin Treasure Island t-shirt (two colors) by MAXICIMAM - $35.00
This cute t-shirt features Maxicimam's mascot character Jupirin having an island pirate adventure. Includes a pirate cat insignia on one shoulder.

We stock this shirt in pink and purple. Note that Maxicimam's shirts do often run a bit large, so we stock this shirt in extra-small (SS) as well as small.

Jupirin Night Cemetery t-shirt by MAXICIMAM - $35.00
This t-shirt features Maxicimam's mascot character in a night scene at a spooky cemetery, complete with ghosts and vampire bats (and bat-cats!). This is the t-shirt that Maxicimam's shopgirl Aoko chose to feature in their shop tour video on our site.

The cut of this t-shirt is a little wider at the neck, a little slimmer in the body and longer than most of their t-shirts.

Night Jupirin Print T-shirt by MAXICIMAM - $35.00
This t-shirt features Maxicimam's mascot character in an oversized print showing scenes of the mischievous cat's night time adventures.  The back of the shirt features a large Maxicimam logo on the bottom border.
Double Barrel Skeleton shirt (two colors) by PUTUMAYO - $49.00
This shirt was a Putumayo store exclusive until we got our hands on it, and we brought it back from Japan with us on our last trip visiting with the brand. Now it's available both in our store and on our web site. Two skeletons - one wearing a crown, the other an eye patch - stand with guns pointing at each other's head. The back features a pair of crossed guns below a crowned skull, in an interpretation of the jolly roger.

The neck is decorated by three metal stars.

Two-way convertible light pants by Algonquins - special $119.00

These unique and interesting pants from Algonquins are made of a light polyester material with a subtle sheen. They're decorated with belts and grommets, but their big secret is that the legs can be detached to convert the pants into shorts. (See the last photo.)

We have just one pair of these left, in an Algonquins size 2 (medium).

Skinny stretch pants with skirt (two colors) by Algonquins - special  $139.00

These pants will give you the definitive Japanese punk look, with their leg belts and zippers and especially the side skirt. The skirt is removable and the pants can be worn by themselves for a more boyish look. These pants are designed to be skinny but soft and stretchy for easy wearing.

Available in black and black/white check.

Oversprayed Bunny Parka with Hood by Algonquins - $129.00
This stylish parka from Algonquins has been oversprayed for that custom look, then decorated with a print that pays homage to Pink Floyd's "Careful with that Axe, Eugene".  The large print itself is of a bunny skeleton - what's the connection?  Only Algonquins knows!  But it looks cool, right?  The left breast of the parka also features a bunny skull jolly roger over an Algonquins logo.  The sleeves are 3/4 length.  A large hood will protect you from wind or cold.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Angelic Pretty's Merry Making Party is going fast...

Here's Tara showing off all that remains of our Merry Making Party series stock - if you want this series, it's probably not going to last much longer.  (We tweeted about receiving it yesterday - most of it was pre-sold online.)  For those of you who wanted to check it out in person before buying, we do still have these four items in our store (plus a selection of socks): the yellow and black jumper skirts with collar, and the pink and white regular jumper skirts.  If you'd rather order online, we do have these available on our web site too.

For those of you who already ordered, we are getting your packages ready to ship as I write this.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anniversary T-shirt & Tote Bag update

A lot of you seem pretty excited about our first anniversary t-shirts and tote bags, complete with Putumayo and Angelic Pretty prints. We've gotten a lot of emails and comments about them (in various places) - we're glad you're all looking forward to them!

Since we said they should be in this week, just a little update. Both items are now in production, but it's probably going to be next week for them to actually arrive. Sorry for the slight delay - we just want them to be right, so we took a little extra time in trying to ensure that everything was the way we wanted it. These are the first items we've ever produced for sale as a collaboration, so we're working hard on them.

Some have also asked us if they can reserve one or both of these items. We are not doing that at this time, mostly for the same reason as above - we want a final round of quality assurance after we see the final products before we ask anyone to commit to buying one. That's also the point when we'll set final pricing.

Watch for more updates soon - it will hopefully be a week or less before we get both items in.  We'll let you know here!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KERA #147 and #148 now available

Just a heads-up that KERA #148 (December 2010) has arrived in our store and on our web site today, and while we've actually had #147 for a while, we've only just added it to our web site as well.  Sorry for being a little late with that issue!

Magazines make great additions to larger orders, but you can also order them individually.

KERA #148 (December 2010)

In this month’s issue:

Covergirl: Akira

Real winter jackets for street fashion

Harajuku Style Collection report

Winter accessory catalog

Anime Summer Live report

Sugar Girl x Spicy Girl

Angelic Pretty "Holy Night Story" print announcement


KERA #147 (November 2010)

In this month’s issue:

Covergirl: Ryoko Kobayashi

New Items – reasons to buy
Reason #1 You will love the design
Reason #2 The trends this Autumn
Reason #3 The items the models are planning to buy

Autumn Best SHOES

Make-up guide by KERA models

Angelic Pretty "Candy Treat" print announcement


Also, we've recently restocked the Gothic and Lolita Bible issue 37, for anyone who was waiting while we were sold out.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our newest crew member!

Say hi to Megan, our second new shop assistant in as many months! We're excited to have her on board. Starting next week, Megan will be helping us out on Saturdays, which is not surprisingly our busiest day.

Like Tara, Megan brings us plenty of retail floor experience and years of knowledge of Japanese fashion and brands, including both punk and Lolita styles. She even designs her own items on a commission basis. She'll be able to jump right in and answer any questions you might have about the clothing we sell.

Visit us next Saturday and help welcome her to our store!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Email blast: Exclusive anniversary prints, new brands, new products, more!

For those of you not on our mailing list, take a look at our latest email blast:

We told you last time that we had some cool stuff planned for this month, and we'll announce one (actually two) more of those things right now - upcoming t-shirts and tote bags featuring Tokyo Rebel anniversary prints by Putumayo and Angelic Pretty!  These collaboration items will be produced locally, so we'll be able to price them a bit lower than our imported items.  That should make for some happy customers!

This is our tote bag print from Angelic Pretty

And our t-shirt print from Putumayo

Watch for these in our store and on our web site within the next week or so.  Pricing is not yet set but it will be very reasonable.  The tote bags will come in one color and style; the t-shirts will come in one color but in various sizes up to XL.

Angelic Pretty's latest print series is now up for pre-sale on our web site!  Hurry - a few items are already gone, but at this moment we do have quite a bit left!  Please take note of the information on the product pages - this is a pre-sale and we expect these items to be shipped to us from Japan by next week.  We will then ship immediately to you.

We're pleased to announce the impending arrival of our first American brands, Morrigan NYC and Mintymix!

Morrigan specializes in gothic Lolita-inspired prints, producing in limited quantities with a high level of quality and attention to detail in each garment.  All of Morrigan's garments are produced right here, in New York City.  And we love the idea of supporting local production from an indie brand that's already earned a lot of respect in the community.  You can read more about Morrigan NYC on their web site.

For the sweet and deco Lolitas, we will soon be stocking merchandise from Mintymix, creator of cute hand-made deco accessories from rings to necklaces to hats and more.  Mintymix is a staple of the convention scene and online, and soon her items will have a permanent home on our store shelves!

We'll have more about both of these brands soon - they'll be on our shelves within the next month or two.


Just an FYI that we've got a round of Victorian maiden reserve items ending tomorrow night!  Hurry if you're a VM fan!  Included in this round are hats, skirts and dresses, running the gamut in pricing - if you've always pined for the quality of Victorian maiden but thought you could never afford it, why not try a hat or one of their hand-made corsages?  Check out our Victorian maiden reserve page.

  • Don't forget, every Friday this month is Photo Friday!  Yes, including today!  Come in dressed in your favorite Japanese street fashion and get 5% off any purchase that day and get entered into our grab bag contest at the end of the month!  We'll announce the winner via email blast and on our blog.

  • We have new shipments from Atelier-Pierrot, Innocent World, SEX POT ReVeNGe and more!  Watch our blog or Twitter for announcements when we receive these shipments.

  • ALGONQUINS sale!  Take an additional 10% off all Algonquins items!  Use coupon code ALGON102010 on our web site.  Note that this coupon code is only good on orders exclusively for Algonquins items - if you want other items, you'll need to place a separate order.  More Algonquins products are available in our store, also with marked down prices!

  • Putumayo has announced that they'll be producing mens' clothing soon - and we will stock that line.  More info on this soon as well.

  • Lastly, new Atelier-Pierrot items are coming - but we can now tell you that we have their previously Laforet-exclusive Bustle & Fur Coats in our store.  You can't get these anywhere else in the United States!  These will be going up on our site tonight or tomorrow, but they are available for purchase in-store right now.  (Note that the fur is actually black; the purple look is a trick of the light in their photos.)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AP's Merry Making Party going up today

For anyone waiting on the latest Angelic Pretty print, we have confirmed our stock with AP and will be posting our Merry Making Party items for pre-sale at 6PM ET this evening.  We expect AP to ship these items to us by next week, if not earlier.

As usual, the standard rules for AP pre-sales that we first listed for the Fantasic Dolly series apply here too.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoughts on this year's NYAF/ComiCon

This year's combined New York Anime Festival/ComiCon was held over the weekend at the Javitz Center in New York, and we were there! No, we did not have a booth this year, but we were there, both doing our "market research" and checking things out for our own enjoyment.

A lot of people have been asking us why we didn't have a booth, and some people were actually looking for us at the show. We did have a booth last year. It was a business decision not to do so this year, and we're glad we made the decision we did. Selling at a con is a huge distraction when you have a physical store anyway; it's like opening a second store in a matter of a few hours. Plus there's extra rent and expenses, which are really pretty huge now with the combined con. It's not automatically a money-maker, even if you sell a bunch. We'll just say that we had a good weekend at our store regardless, and with none of the extra headaches or expenses that selling at a con can bring. We made the right choice this year. We'll see how we feel next year, though - lots of things can change in 12 months.

As for the con itself, yowza! It was PACKED. Last year actually seemed pretty well-attended already, but this year with two cons smacked together in the same convention center for the first time, it was enormous. It reminded both of us of the Tokyo Game Show, which is just an ocean of people as far as the eye can see.

TGS has the added scariness of taking place in the dark, though.  This photo is brightened.
We saw a lot of people we know walking around at the con, which was neat considering there were probably about 50,000 people there at the same time we were.

We were also at the Far East to East concert at Irving Plaza later Sunday evening, with Echostream, Zazen Boys, Boom Boom Satellites and Puffy.  Great show, and a lot of music for the money.  We would have loved to have gone to X Japan's show too, which was unfortunately on the same night, but FETES was announced first and even if it wasn't, we can't say which we'd have picked.  If anyone saw the X Japan show, leave us a comment and let us know how it was.


Opening tomorrow!

If you didn't see our Facebook or Twitter posts, we are opening tomorrow! We'll be open Mondays at least through the end of the year, from 1-8PM, like any other day. This is due to increased demand. Enjoy the extended hours!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tokyo Rebel shop tour!

It took us long enough, but we can finally bring you a tour of the Tokyo Rebel store! Those of you who were following us over the summer saw us do this for a lot of our brands' stores in Japan, but we never did one for our own... until now.

(Make sure you click the 360p button, if the video quality looks bad to you.)

That's Tara, our first shop assistant. We've got a lot of brands for her to remember!

Our store is in New York City's East Village, still the epicenter for New York punk music and counterculture fashion. It's also home to one of the largest concentrations of Japanese residents and businesses in the city. We're intentionally a bit off the beaten path, but it's easy to find us - we're just above Tompkins Square Park and on the same block as the Life Cafe (as made famous in the musical Rent). Our block's still got some of the grit of the old East Village and Alphabet City, and we like it that way.  Read our store page for directions on how to get to us.

Our store is a boutique, about average size when compared with Japanese brand stores. Some people are surprised at the size, but this is alternative fashion, not Macy's! We even had people ask us to show "the rest of the store" when we posted our shop tours from Japan - sorry, but what we showed is what there is! Even in Japan, this is alternative fashion - and that's what makes it interesting.  Our store is the same size as both SEX POT ReVeNGe and Putumayo stores (which are all about the same), a little smaller than Angelic Pretty's flagship Shinjuku store and bigger than Maxicimam's or Victorian maiden's stores. So right there in the middle.

When you first enter our store, you'll see our accessory cases on the left - roughly organized into classic Lolita, then regular punk and punk Lolita, then gothic and sweet Lolita. One difference between our store and the Japanese brand stores is that we do not leave accessories out around the store. We'd be out of business in a hurry if we did that in New York! So all of our small accessories are kept behind glass - but we're happy to show you anything if you ask.

To the right when you walk in is our photo board (currently being used for our Photo Fridays promotion) and the SEX POT ReVeNGe area, which occupies about the first 1/3 of our store on the right-hand side. The entire rack and shelf above it are SPR merchandise, and most of the shelves next to the rack are filled with SPR t-shirts, tank tops, leggings and more.

Next to our display cases on the left side of the store is a rack stuffed with Putumayo, Algonquins and Hellcat Punks. If you haven't figured it out already, the front of our store is the punk area, while the back is for Lolita. (We've never really told anyone that, but that's the idea, anyway!) Putumayo straddles that line - they are a punk Lolita brand - but we've decided their clothes make more sense in the front of the store.

Continuing through the store you'll find our fitting area on the left - no, it's not behind the curtain in the back of the store! The fitting area is simple but functional, and when not in use it doubles as a simple mirror area if you'd like to hold up clothes to see how they might look on you. (We normally keep the curtains pulled back.)  We do have some fitting area rules, which you can read on our store info page here.

If you turned around at this point you'd see that you've already passed our dekoden and sock display on the right side of our store!  This is located just past the SPR shelves, and we've got a nice selection of Japanese dekoden to bling out your phone, along with socks from every manufacturer.  The colors and styles will vary depending on what we're able to get at any given time - and socks do sell very well, so often the popular colors and styles go first.

Beyond the fitting area is our classic Lolita rack, including Innocent World and Victorian maiden. A little sparse right now but we're working on restocking it at this very moment! We do still have some beautiful dresses from both brands, however, along with a few blouses, cardigans, bags, umbrellas, and the absolutely amazing Victorian maiden parasols that we mentioned previously.

If you were to turn around from here and face the right-hand side of our store, you'd see the Angelic Pretty rack. Angelic Pretty has grown from those tough early days to be a pretty big part of our store - and this is a result of building that relationship over the past year - so like SPR they occupy about 1/3 of the right side wall, in the Lolita section of our store. Here we have dresses, coats, umbrellas, skirts, blouses and more. On the waterfall (that's the fixture facing outward), we normally keep their newest print items once we receive them - so if you see us posting that we've just received an AP print, that's where you should look for it. AP prints never last very long, though, so we usually have other things filling that area.

Turning back to the left side of the store, we have our Maxicimam and Atelier-Pierrot areas. This rack used to be our consignment/vintage rack but we discovered two things:

a) We could never keep enough consignment and vintage items to fill that rack, and...
b) Surprisingly, no matter what's on it, this is the first rack people look at when they enter the store. Probably because it's the furthest from the register (and therefore the furthest from us) - that's some retail psychology for ya! Despite being in the complete back of our store, this is our most heavily-used rack, and a prime spot.

So we wanted to put some good stuff on that rack, and Atelier-Pierrot and Maxicimam definitely fit that bill.

The right side of the back of our store features a set of shelves where we're currently displaying Maxicimam t-shirts and Angelic Pretty bags and cardigans (not pictured, just above this photo). These shelves change a lot - sometimes we have handbags, sometimes we have only t-shirts, sometimes we have cardigans or other items - and at some point we'll have shoes. So keep checking this area! We do routinely restock Maxicimam's t-shirts because they're very popular, so you might see the same shirts here on subsequent visits - that's just because a lot of people like those designs, so we keep ordering them.

We also have an umbrella stand with more parasols in this area.

And if you're planning to bring anybody with you who isn't into this kind of fashion - like a parent or friend - we do have a seating area at the back where people can relax while the people they're here with shop. Eventually we plan to install another rack on the back wall, but for now we have two comfortable chairs. This is the area where Misako Aoki signed autographs when she was here earlier this year.

Yes, we do have a TV back there too, where we run Japanese movies and music videos for ambiance.  (Contrary to popular belief, we do actually play things other than Kamikaze Girls and Nana!)


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

About this blog

This is the official blog of Tokyo Rebel, New York City's only Japanese street fashion store! We also ship worldwide. Specializing in gothic, Lolita, rock and punk styles, we carry real brands imported directly from Japan. Our brands include SEX POT ReVeNGe, Listen Flavor, PUTUMAYO, Innocent World, Novalar's, Lumiebre, Yosuke USA, ATELIER-PIERROT, Victorian maiden, Pullip, and more!

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