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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New on the web site: Atelier-Pierrot dresses, blouses, and restocked coats and pettis!

We have some of the most beautiful dresses we've ever had now available on our web site as of today - Atelier-Pierrot's corset bustle one-piece dresses in some amazing new fabrics.  Also, we finally have petticoats back in, we've got a new basic blouse, and the return of the amazing and previously Laforet-exclusive bustle coats!

Coat with Fur and Bustle (restock) - $429.00

Atelier-Pierrot's newest winter coat design was a Laforet exclusive until we got our hands on it - now it's available for the first time outside of Japan.  This coat has two distinctive features.  First, its faux-fur collar and cuffs, which are detachable for a more subtle look.  If you choose to detach the fur collar, you'll find another lace-decorated collar underneath.  The cuffs under the fur are plain.  The second and perhaps even more striking feature is the back bustle, making this a truly unique coat.


Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard red) - $319.00

Some of our most popular items, the Atelier-Pierrot bustle corset one-piece is a must-have for any gothic Lolita. This strapless, bare-shoulder dress can be worn with or without a blouse, bolero or other top garment. In the hot summer, it can be worn by itself.

This version of the dress is made of a stunning bright red jacquard fabric, with a floral pattern sewn into the fabric. It is beautiful to look at and has a soft but substantial feel. Atelier-Pierrot do some of the most interesting things with their fabrics of any Japanese Lolita brand, and this jacquard fabric is polyester with a look and feel very similar to cotton.

The dress can be worn either with or without the bustle in both front and back – we show it with the front bustle in our photos and straight in the back, so you can get an idea of how it looks either way.

The back is shirred and laces up for adjustability.

Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard purple) - $319.00

Same description as above, but purple jacquard.


Bustle Corset One-piece (jacquard black) - $319.00

Also same as above, but black jacquard.


Bustle Corset One-piece (deep violet) - $319.00

Same as above but this time with a deep violet taffeta fabric.


Torchon Lace Standcollar Blouse (black or white) - $179.00

This wardrobe staple is a classically styled blouse decorated with lace and a ribbon bow tie. The bow tie is removable, and the standup collar is then visible. The distinctive feature of this blouse is its fully shirred lace-up back, which should make it comfortable to wear even if your measurements are larger than Atelier-Pierrot's official minimum measurements (published below). The shirring itself is very stretchy and loose.

This blouse is available in either white or black from the same product page.


Petticoat (Type I) - black or white (restock) - $50.00

Every Lolita skirt or dress, regardless of style or genre, benefits from having a petticoat underneath. Without a petticoat, your look will be flat and lifeless. It’s the petticoat that provides body and “poof”. These petticoats from Atelier Pierrot are the first we’re carrying for sale. We carry both Type I and Type II – the only difference is the amount of poof. Type II just has a bit more body and stiffness than Type I. Both types feature an elastic waistband and are considered “one size fits all”.


Petticoat (Type II) black or white (restock) - $79.00

This is the somewhat stiffer and poofier version of Atelier-Pierrot's petticoats.  Otherwise, same description as above.



Renransom April 18, 2012 at 12:49 PM  

The links for the dresses are broken please find a new one. I need 4you dresses by july! And i want those please and thanks.

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