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Monday, November 29, 2010

Shipping restrictions from Japan - are they affecting us?

UPDATE:  The restrictions we talk about below are being lifted as of December 1!  So all will be normal again.  We'll leave our original post up below, since delays will still take a few days to wind down and EMS shipments could be a little slow once they resume.


A couple of weeks ago, there was a panic in certain online circles as Japan Post announced that effective November 17, there would be a prohibition on shipments to the United States heavier than one pound from "unknown shippers", or those without an existing shipping contract. A few of you wrote in to ask whether this would affect us, and we weren't sure at that time. Most people came to the independent conclusion that major brands (who should be "known shippers") would not be affected, meaning we likely wouldn't be either.

We've decided to speak publicly about this because the reality is turning out to be more complicated, and some of you are noticing it. We currently carry nine Japanese brands. Some of these brands regularly ship to the United States, others don't. Even among those that do have an English language web store, it's often not the brand itself doing the fulfillment to customers - meaning shipments directly from the brand to retailers may still be affected.

We're not going to name names, but yes, some of our brands are currently being affected by these new restrictions, and a few shipments that we're expecting are going through some slight delays because of it. We do expect this to resolve itself, as the brands in question are working right now on finding alternative shipping methods that won't break the bank. It's in everyone's interests to find a solution as soon as possible, because nobody gets paid until that happens. And solutions do exist, but new processes take a little bit of time to implement.

In the meantime, it may just take us a little while longer than we'd like to restock sold out items, or to get new items from certain brands. We'll be trying to stock up on other brands during that time to make up for it, but anyone who has placed a special order or reserve order may see those orders delayed by a few extra days or a week. We will keep you guys updated.

The good news is we did stock up just before these restrictions went in place, so even after a monster Black Friday (and Saturday), we still have a lot of good stuff at our store! And we do have additional shipments on the way right now from brands that are not affected by these restrictions.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday deals - 'tis the holiday season!

Check out the content from our latest email blast below:


Yes, this Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season, and we'd feel left out if we didn't offer you some great deals of our own.  Check these out:

Online and In-Store: all SEX POT ReVeNGe t-shirts and tank tops just $25!  (Excluding custom t-shirts.)  Regular price $35-$49.  Prices will be marked down on the web site - no coupon code needed.  Markdowns will occur at approximately 1PM, when our store opens, and end at 8PM.

In-Store only: all Putumayo, Algonquins and Hellcat Punks items 10% off!  (Not including our anniversary t-shirts.)  Also, select items from Victorian maiden and Angelic Pretty will also be on sale in our store (including the Fantasic Dolly cardigans!).

These deals are good for one day only, this Friday November 26!  We will have regular store hours that day, 1-8PM.

Remember that we also have new novelties from several brands, including free postcards with the purchase of Victorian maiden or Atelier-Pierrot items, and the latest Vinyl Syndicate magazine that's free for all in our store, and will be included with all SEX POT ReVeNGe web orders.  We also have a limited number of Angelic Pretty, MAXICIMAM and Hellcat Punks stickers that will be included with your purchase from those brands.


We've begun adding inventory for the upcoming holiday rush, and we will continue adding new products throughout December.  That said, as always, we do not recommend waiting if you see something you like in our store!  We will sell out of many items over the next month!

Our store hours for the holidays will remain the already-expanded Monday-Saturday 1-8PM.

If you don't regularly watch our web site, check out our latest product introduction videos from Tara and Megan showing off our newest arrivals!  We have a lot of great new stuff, and these new items will not be on sale on Friday!  So buy today, before someone else beats you to it!

We will have more specific holiday info in December.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, follow our blog or like us on Facebook for the most up to date info!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Megan shows off this week's Lolita arrivals!

This week, Megan shows off some of our newest stuff from Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, and Victorian maiden. (Sorry, our new Atelier-Pierrot items are already gone! But we still have a lot of beautiful dresses and skirts from our previous shipment.)

Many of the items she's showing are already on the site. Here are a few links:

Angelic Pretty Candy Treat Jumper Skirt (purple)
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat One-piece (pink)
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat One-piece (white)
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat Socks
Angelic Pretty Candy Treat headbows
Angelic Pretty Oyobare Party Jumper Skirt (wine red)
Angelic Pretty Donut Bag (vanilla)
Innocent World Rose Jacquard Jumper Skirt (bordeaux/short)
Innocent World Rose Jacquard Jumper Skirt (black/short)
Innocent World Estella Jumper Skirt (two colors)
Innocent World Antique Book Jumper Skirt (blue, black or bordeaux)
Innocent World Night Bear items (JSK, tote bags, socks being added tonight!)
Innocent World Strawberry Bag (red or pink)
Victorian maiden Flower Tulle Regimental Dress (phantom grey)
Victorian maiden Braid Line Cape Dress (navy)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tara shows off more new SEX POT ReVeNGe items

Tara shows off some of the features of a few of our new SEX POT winter items in the video above. Check it out, and check out these products in our store! (The Gorgeous Fur Parkas are already available on our web site too - the rest will follow.)

Incidentally, those of you who have subscribed to us on YouTube, we've changed our username there. Please update your subscriptions!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New on the web site: Victorian maiden reserve and in-stock items!

We've completed adding our Victorian maiden items that we received earlier this week to our web site for ordering, and we've also got a new round of reserve items for you!  The reserve period on these expires tomorrow night at 10PM EST (they've actually been up for a few days), and while there's no promotional pricing on them this time, we can only guarantee that we can actually get them in every color until the end of the reserve period.

Here are the reserve items first:

British Check Skirt (reserve) - $249.00

RELEASE DATE: December - January

This tartan plaid skirt is British in inspiration but provides an elegant and clean Lolita silhouette. The high waist is shirred and has a lace-up back for adjustability. Available in three traditional colors: ash red, twilight grey and ash red.


British Check Jumper Skirt (reserve) - $309.00

RELEASE DATE: December - January

The British check series takes its inspiration from classic tartan designs while presenting an elegant and traditional Lolita silhouette. This dress is an under bust design to showcase a blouse worn underneath. Available in three traditional colors: ash red, twilight grey and ash red.


British Check Dress (reserve) - $369.00

RELEASE DATE: December - January

The British check series takes its inspiration from classic tartan designs while presenting an elegant and traditional Lolita silhouette. This dress features long sleeves for added warmth in the cooler months. The waist belt is removable. Available in three traditional colors: ash red, twilight grey and ash red.


And now to the in-stock items!

Flower Tulle Regimental Dress - $359.00

This is the Flower Tulle Regimental Dress, Victorian maiden's take on a traditional jumper skirt design in their Regimental Stripe series. Its distinctive feature is the flower tulle decorating the bust of the dress, and the two detachable ribbon pins positioned on the front of the dress. There is enough fabric used in the skirt portion of the dress that it can create a perfect circle when sitting on the floor. The back of the dress is shirred and laces up to tighten. This is a reissue of the 2008 version of this dress.


Braid Line Cape Dress - $349.00

With a corsage pin and attached cape, this dress gives the impression of elegant cuteness. The pintuck hem, bodice and cape are all decorated with braid and lace. Both the cape and corsage are removable, and the corsage can be repositioned without the cape to decorate the top of the dress instead of the skirt.


Long Tulle Petticoat - $115.00

Every Lolita dress or skirt needs a petticoat to provide body and the proper silhouette. Maiden-length or other longer dresses and skirts are often problematic because short petticoats can cause the bottom of the dress to hang oddly. Victorian maiden, specializing in longer dresses as they do, have the solution. This long tulle petticoat is designed to support the full length of a maiden-length dress. Like other Victorian maiden petticoats, it is also lined for comfort.

Victorian maiden petticoats provide a medium level of stiffness.


A-Line Organdy Petticoat (restock) - $129.00

A standard petticoat will give you the common Lolita bell or cupcake skirt shape, but many of Victorian maiden’s dresses were designed to have an A-line shape. A-line petticoats are not produced by many Lolita brands, so Victorian maiden is the perfect choice. These petticoats are produced by Victorian maiden periodically, but now is your chance to get one if you missed out on the last production run.


Standard Tulle Petticoat (restock) - $85.00

Every Lolita dress needs a petticoat underneath to provide body and the proper Lolita silhouette. These petticoats by Victorian maiden include two layers of tulle, and they’re also lined for comfort. A separate slip is not needed.


Corsage & Leaf Comb in Black or Ivory (restock) - $33.00

These hair accessories from Victorian maiden add a classy and elegant final touch to any Lolita outfit. Made of a stiff, finely textured fabric that beautifully imitates the look of real rose petals.

These are about one inch wider than the “small” version of this accessory, for a total of approximately 3 inches of width.

MORE INFO/ORDER in BLACK or IVORY (bordeaux and mint also available)


More new stuff: Angelic Pretty and Innocent World!

We're doing our best to gear up for the holiday shopping season, which has already started for some people.  We told you yesterday about our new shipments from Sex Pot, Atelier Pierrot and Victorian maiden - we're not done!  Today we got a bunch of new stuff from Innocent World, and the first of what we expect to be two shipments from Angelic Pretty this month.

Innocent World

The Innocent World shipment is a mix of new and restocked items - the restocked items you can order on our web site right now.  These include the Frederick Pochette, the Night Bear tote bags, the Night Bear jumper skirt in pink (black is also available), the Antique Book jumper skirts in black and bordeaux (we also now have it in blue), and the Strawberry Bag (in both red and pink).

We also have quite a few new items including the Estella jumper skirt in both black and cafe au lait, the Rose Jacquard jumper skirt with pearls in both black and bordeaux, Night Bear overknee socks (if you're counting, that makes three items in this series - you can make a nice coordinate!), Diamond Crown overknee socks, and Little Ribbon and Pearl wrist cuffs in white.  All of those items will be posted to our web site shortly.

Angelic Pretty

For Angelic Pretty, we got what we could get our hands on from the Candy Treat series.  This was not a reserve series so there were a limited number of items available.  We have the one-piece dress in white and pink, as well as the jumper skirt in purple.  (Yes, it's called purple, not lavender!)  We also got matching overknee socks and headbows to go with them, plus a few Candy Treat rings.  We may not have enough of the rings to post them to our web site, we'll see.

We also have the beautiful velveteen Oyaba Party Jumper Skirt in wine red.  This is the kind of dress that always makes people say "I didn't know Angelic Pretty made stuff like this!" when they see it at our store.  Yes, not everything they do is cakes and candy and pastels!

We also got new Fantasic Dolly tote bags, as well as Merry Making Party tote bags (not pictured).

Lastly, the Candy Treat shoulder bag and... Donut Bag!

Most of these items (except possibly the rings) will be available on our site, or you can pick them up in store.

Our next AP shipment this month will be the Holy Night Story series, so you still have that to look forward to!


You could be featured on PUTUMAYO's web site!

PUTUMAYO has asked us to help them out with a fun little project. They're creating a new section on their web site called "World Snaps", featuring photos of people from all over the world wearing their clothing. Until that section is done, they'll post these photos on their blog. (We don't know how often they'll do that; maybe in batches.)

They've asked us to submit casual photos (not artistic photos) taken around our store of our customers wearing PUTUMAYO clothing. Next time you visit us, wear something by PUTUMAYO and we'll take a picture and send it to them! You can also buy something right here, put it on and we'll take your picture right away, after you make your purchase. Here's a sample of the kind of photos we'll be sending them:

You don't need to be wearing a full coordinate, either - just something by PUTUMAYO!

We hope we can get a lot of pictures to send them!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Novelties and new stock from Victorian maiden, Atelier-Pierrot and SEX POT ReVeNGe

It may seem like we've been quiet for a few days, but it's really just that we've been too busy to post! We've gotten several new shipments over that time, much of which involved reserve and special orders that we're still in the process of shipping out. But we got a bunch of new items for our store as well, plus winter novelties from the three above-mentioned brands!

Victorian maiden

First, our winter novelty from Victorian maiden is this elegant postcard for anyone who makes a VM purchase through our store or web site, not including reserve orders (they get something even better: a VM clear vinyl file!). No minimum purchase required!

Our shipment from VM included a petticoat explosion - we now have standard tulle petticoats, A-line petticoats and long petticoats, the latter two of which can be hard to find but are a real necessity if you want to make many of VM's (or other brands') dresses look the way they're supposed to. The standard tulle petticoats are available on the web site right now - the others will be added in the next few days. We also now have one each of the Braid Line Cape Dress and Flower Tulle Regimental Dress in stock.

We chose the Flower Tulle Regimental Dress in part because it is slightly larger than most of VM's dresses, and it also has shirring - a rarity for VM. So those of you who might have wanted a real VM dress in the past but have held off due to size might want to take a look at this dress. It's not a plus-size dress, but it is a little bigger and more adjustable than other dresses they make.

We chose the Braid Line Cape Dress solely because it's cute!


Not to be outdone, the winter novelty from Atelier-Pierrot is also a postcard! These were created for their Nutcracker series, which is only available at Laforet in Harajuku for now... but they sent us the cards! These are also free to anyone who makes an Atelier-Pierrot purchase from our store or web site, and also while supplies last.

Atelier-Pierrot hadn't yet released a couple things we ordered for our last shipment at that time, so we've just received them now. They are the beautiful trump velveteen print dress (already gone!) and the super-cute corset mini-dress below:

The trump velveteen dress is super-limited and very hard to get.  We can almost guarantee no restock on that one unless they do another production run, which we doubt will happen.

UPDATE: Trump velveteen dress is gone.  That was quick!


SPR sent us their latest issue of Vinyl Syndicate to give to our customers. This is SPR's combination music magazine and catalog (all of the musicians in the magazine are wearing SPR's latest collection). These are free to anyone who wants to take one, purchase or not (but we'll throw one in the box if you order SPR online).  By the way, that's just the front and back cover - not two different issues, so don't feel you need to request one or the other.

Our SPR shipment is a decent size shipment, and includes more Mind Punk Hood Jackets in grey (first time we've had that color), new parkas, skirts, cardigans and more. A lot of late fall/winter items.  We quite literally do not have room to display everything right now, so if you come to our store and don't see an item in a particular size (other than t-shirts), ask us if we have other sizes.  We might.

We'll post updates as we finish posting these items to our web site for purchase! But they're all available in store now - come down and see the new stuff, make a purchase and get your freebies!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holy Night Story and AP pre-reservations

As those of you who are Angelic Pretty fans probably know, we've tried not to use the word "reserve" when talking about pre-ordering Angelic Pretty series items on our site, mostly to avoid confusion with our Victorian maiden reserve process, which works very differently. A VM reserve on our site is an official advance reserve order, and is treated as such by VM. Our AP pre-sales, on the other hand, are simply sales from our upcoming shipment after the series in question has been released. AP does not allow third party retailers to take official reserve orders prior to release.

Well, after continuous demand and much deliberation on our part, we've come up with a "pre-reserve" system for our upcoming stock that we think will work. And we're going to try it out with Holy Night Story, AP's holiday print.

The long and the short of it: just email us what you're interested in. For the Holy Night Story series, you have until the end of this weekend (November 14 at midnight EST) to do this.

This will be treated like a special order - you're committed to buying once you pre-reserve something. For that reason, we are only accepting pre-reservations from existing customers who have bought from us before, or new customers that can provide a feedback page (on LiveJournal or Ebay) that you can prove is actually yours.

It'll be first come, first served. Also, you cannot reserve accessories by themselves. Only main items or sets (one main item and any combination of accessories).

One major caveat: your order will not be guaranteed until we confirm our stock with AP. We've been told by AP that Holy Night Story is turning out to be very popular in Japan, so there is a possibility we cannot get every item that we order. This is why we are not taking payment up front - these are not true "reserve" orders as with our VM reserve process. This is a way for you to call "dibs" on items we hope to get, and to ensure that we actually order what you want from AP, which is something a lot of people have been asking us for.

Once we confirm stock, we will let you know the status of your order and invoice you via PayPal, and you then have 24 hours to pay or your order will be canceled (and we will not be happy - please do not email us unless you intend to follow through!).

If you want to wait and see what we get, you can do that too - we will get some extra items for the store and web site. You don't have to order this way - you can wait and do it through our regular process. This is just an extra way for those who really want something to have the chance to "call it" a little earlier. You'll have a better chance of getting exactly what you want by ordering this way. On the other hand, there is a chance that we won't be able to get the exact item that you want.  It's a tradeoff.

Here's what AP is currently producing for the Holy Night Story series:

Main items (note the exchange rate at top)
One-piece dress - $349
Switch Jumper Skirt (military/velveteen top) - $339
Jumper Skirt - $325
Skirt - $220

(yes, this series is priced a bit higher than most, in Japan too.)

Accessories (cannot be pre-reserved separately)
Socks - $30
Katyusha/Headbow - $46
Half Bonnett - $119

All items produced in these colors:

We'll take one pre-reservation for each item in each color. We may or may not have time to update the list over the weekend, but we will respond to emails to let you know if we already have a pre-reservation for the item you want.

If this goes well, we'll continue this policy for upcoming series as well.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early close tomorrow

Just an FYI, we will be closing at 4:30PM tomorrow due to an event. We'll be back open normal hours Friday and Saturday!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Megan shows off her favorite Lolita items at Tokyo Rebel!

Cue the dramatic music! Not to be outdone, today Megan talks about some of her favorite Lolita items at Tokyo Rebel - including some you may not know we have. All of the items she's showing are available in our store and on our web site right now.

Angelic Pretty Ribbon Jacquard JSK
Angelic Pretty Ribbon Jacquard coat
Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party
Anniversary Tote Bag
Anniversary T-shirt/Tote Bag combo
Victorian Maiden Stripe Rose Ribbon Dress
Victorian Maiden Shiny Rose Dress
Atelier-Pierrot Coat with Bustle and Fur
Atelier-Pierrot Bustle Corset Dress (red, purple, black)
Atelier-Pierrot Bustle Corset Skirts (deep blue, black/purple)

Watch for more videos soon!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tara talks Putumayo, punk Lolita and new SPR items

Check out the video above with Tara giving some coordinating tips for punk Lolita, as well as showing some of our new SPR items!

We're going to be doing this as a semi-regular feature in the future - and we hope to produce some more videos around specific themes. In the meantime, enjoy Tara's video above, and watch for a video from Megan coming soon!


NHK at Tokyo Rebel! We're gonna be on TV! (Again!)

If you missed our earlier tweet (or even if you didn't), here's another shot of NHK shooting in our store today (they're way in the back of the store):

For anyone who doesn't know, NHK is Japan's public broadcast station, and they were filming part of a program for NHK World called Tokyo Fashion Express. Watch for our episode in December! They weren't sure which date, but they thought it would be either the 14th or 21st. Even if you don't get NHK World, you can watch on their web site. Check the schedule next month! (We'll probably remind you.)

Wish we could have given you guys some better notice that this was happening, but it was pretty last-minute for us. Thankfully, we had a pretty good turnout anyway!


Monday, November 1, 2010

New on the web site: SEX POT ReVeNGe items!

We're a bit late in posting this roundup, but we said we would so here we are!  All of the SEX POT items we mentioned previously are now available on our site.  A few of you have already figured this out, and one or two items in specific colors and sizes may now be sold out - but we got multiples where we could, so most of it's still available.  We've also still got the novelty items mentioned on the SPR collection page, so spend more than $100 and you'll get those two items free!

Black SEX POT Chain - $25.00

Now available with a black lock and chain for a "negative" effect! Also available in standard chrome.

This iconic neck accessory has entered Japanese pop culture through manga and movies like Nana. Now you can own one yourself, complete with the SEX POT ReVeNGe logo on one side and the recognizable “R” on the other.
Note that this is not an actual working lock.

Available with pink, red, white or purple lettering.

Studs Skull Muffler (3 colors) - $55.00

This is an interesting scarf - it comes with a built-in hood! Wear it in conjunction with a non-hooded jacket for added warmth around both your neck and head. Available in three colors, each is decorated with studs on both sides and an embroidered skull on one side. These are heavy but somewhat smooth scarves, not the fluffy kind that SPR sometimes makes. (The two check pattern fabrics are a bit furrier than the smooth cotton black leopard fabric.)

Noble Cult Pants - $169.00

These unique pants are designed to look as if they're layered, for a 3 dimensional stepped appearance.  They're also decorated with three chains on each leg at the calf, which can be worn either in front or back.

Over Frill One-piece (two colors) - $125.00
This one-piece features a cute and traditional design with ruffles and lace, but still with a rock ambiance to it.  It's decorated throughout with studs.  The long sleeves make it suitable for winter coordinates, and this one-piece does have pockets!  Two punk-inspired colors are available: black leopard and red check.  The red check fabric is slightly heavier.
Mind Punk Hood Jacket (two colors) - $169.00

This medium-weight wool blend jacket is warm enough to last through the winter in many climates, and features a traditional British punk-inspired check design and an offset zipper like a rider's jacket. The cuffs are extra-long for both warmth and style (they're meant to cover at least part of your hand), and they're decorated with a studded faux-leather "belt" around the sleeve. You can roll up the cuffs to shorten them, and they have their own zipper if you like an open cuff feel. The fur-lined hood is removable with its own zipper.

We currently have this jacket in red and blue - grey was not yet available at the time of ordering. We may carry grey at a later date.



Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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