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Monday, January 31, 2011

New and restocked items from Innocent World!

Today we have a new shipment of Innocent World items to tell you about!

This shipment includes new dresses and matching accessories in the Viennese Waltz series, new dresses and socks in the Beatrice series, and the Ashley Embroidered Jumper Skirt.  We also received many new socks including a restock of both the Emblem Embroidery socks and the Torchon Lace Overknee socks!  Other popular restocked items include the cute and cuddly Frederick Pochette, the LL size Antique Rose Blouse, the black Heart Scallop Umbrella, and the Strawberry Bag in red!  We also have the Rose Frill Umbrella in Bordeaux, the Alice Ribbon Headbow in black, Bordeaux and beige, and more!

The restocked items are on our web site right now - the rest will be soon!  It's all, of course, available in store.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Megan's Picks - plus new Hellcat Punks and Victorian maiden items!

Megan returns with a run-through of our new items from Hellcat Punks and Victorian maiden, and then gives you her coordinate picks for the week!

Megan writes about her picks:

In the midst of winter, the cold weather can sometimes make it difficult to wear Lolita fashion. In addition, although winter wardrobes aren't limited to darker colors, colorful pastels just remind me too much of spring or summer. >_<;

My main fashion point of this week's coordinate is the lovely plum-colored Ceremony skirt that came in with the recent Victorian Maiden shipment. I paired it with the Atelier Pierrot Standcollar Blouse since black blouses are one of those wardrobe staples that can be worn with a variety of looks. The long sleeves are great for winter, and you can easily layer an extra shirt underneath for added warmth. The solid color of the Ceremony skirt makes it easily coordinated with a striped blouse as wel (maybe even a blue one to match the blue ribbon lacing on the waistband).

Overall, the look is understated, but elegant. For a head accessory, I used the Innocent World Pearl Headband. With its pearl and flower embellishments, this is another very versatile item. Unlike the more typical headbows, this one has a small, cute bow, which also makes it easy to incorporate into non-Lolita outfits/more casualwear.

With some warm woolen tights and a pair of boots, this outfit would be complete~! :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tara runs down the latest from SEX POT ReVeNGe

Get a more up close and personal look at our newest items from SEX POT ReVeNGe! All of these items are now available both in store and on our web site.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Angelic Pretty clearance sale!

Some of you may have noticed this on our homepage:

We need to quickly make way for new inventory, so we've marked down every AP item in the store!  Drastic reductions!  Start shopping now before your favorite items are sold out!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hot on the heels of our latest SPR shipment, we've also got a load of new accessories from Hellcat Punks in-store.  These include enough chokers to choke half of New York City, new necklaces, wristbands and more.  Plus, a restock of the popular Stripe Handbag in red stripe!  These handbags are probably our most popular items from HCP, as they're an inexpensive but cute and versatile bag that you can use every day - they're not too over the top.  Get one now!

We'll have the accessories posted up to our site within the next few days.  Don't forget that we do hate the Love/Hate Heart chokers already available for online purchase!


New on the site: SEX POT ReVeNGe items

We've completed adding our latest batch of items from SEX POT ReVeNGe to our web site, so you're now free to order! (Some of you already have... so hurry if there's something you want before someone else grabs it.)

COMPLAINT?! Bare Shoulder Cutsew - $79.00

This long cutsew is sliced at the shoulders for a bare-shoulder look. Matching cuts have been made at the cuffs. Chains hang from one shoulder, while a sewn-in hood will keep you both warm and stylish. The hood portion extends to the front, providing a bit of extra trim and decoration around the neck. The back of this cutsew is plain, while the oversize front print demands to know if you have a problem. Well, do you?!


LONDON'S BURNING Bare Shoulder Cutsew - $79.00

This long cutsew is sliced at the shoulders for a bare-shoulder look. Matching cuts have been made at the cuffs. Chains hang from one shoulder, while a sewn-in hood will keep you both warm and stylish. The hood portion extends to the front, providing a bit of extra trim and decoration around the neck. The back of this cutsew is plain, while the oversize front print features a large skull and text that reads "LONDON'S BURNING - black riot show - drinking is our way of life - your face is going to hell - search and destroy - sex pot revenge".


PUNK Big Dolman Parka - $119.00

This loose-fitting parka features a double-hood design for style and volume - just unzip it! The parka's decorated with studs, grommets and chains, with an oversize print that overlaps onto the sleeves. This is a medium-weight parka suitable for cold weather but not the dead of winter - perfect for slightly warmer climates, or late winter/early spring in colder climates.


SP-Chipher Custom T-shirt (black) - $65.00

Like most of SPR's custom t-shirts, this one is cut up and oversprayed, with an extra patch that says "For THE PUNK" attached with round studs. This particular shirt is not sliced randomly but is cut in a particular pattern, with near-symmetrical cuts on the shoulders, sides and sleeves, and a cut pattern that leaves loose fabric hanging from the bottom edge and cuffs.

Because of the prodigious cutting that went into the making of this shirt, an undershirt is recommended.


DEATH TRIP T-shirt (2 colors) - $37.00

This t-shirt features an oversized print that extends all the way from the top of the shoulders to the shirt hem. The dominant feature of the print are three large skulls. At the bottom of the print is a Sex Pot logo and the phrase "7161002 Decontrol" underneath, printed in glitter.


Demon Play T-shirt (2 colors) - $37.00

If you like your t-shirts unmistakably Japanese, this one's for you. Featuring an archetypical Japanese oni in front of a shōji screen, kanji lettering and the words "Play More?" scrawled in English, this t-shirt's both frightening and unmistakable in origin.


SHOOT!! T-shirt (black) - $37.00

This t-shirt features Sex Pot's lovable psychotic bunny character aiming a gun straight at you in an oversized print. The Japanese text reads "kill you".


SKULL Border Knit Cap (3 colors) - $48.00

These knit caps are made for extreme warmth in winter, with a thick, soft feel like wool, but without the scratchiness. Two colors feature a striped design, while a plain black hat is also available. All have a large skull patch as well as a smaller patch with text that reads "Destrustion [sic] and HATE".


DIVIVE 2-way bag (2 colors) - $124.00
This is an eye-catching bag featuring large pyramid studs and a sparkly skull design, with chains hanging down the front of the bag. These are large bags that can carry a lot of stuff. Includes two straps so the bag can be worn either as a shoulder bag or carried as a handbag.


DIE Pile Wristband (3 colors) - $15.00

These comfortable wristbands feature a large skull SEX POT logo superimposed over a union jack design in one of three colors. Round studs decorate the edges of the patch that contains the print and attach it to the wristband itself. The main part of the wristband is made of a soft pile material backed by stretchy elastic.


Safety Pin Pile Wristband (2 colors) - $15.00

These comfortable wristbands feature a large skull SEX POT logo superimposed over a union jack design in one of three colors. The difference between these and the DIE Pile Wristbands is that this print is the more traditional SPR logo skull design. (The "Safety Pins" are in the print, there are no actual safety pins.) Round studs decorate the edges of the patch that contains the print and attach it to the wristband itself. The main part of the wristband is made of a soft pile material backed by stretchy elastic.


DANGER Color Leggings (4 colors) (restock) - $37.00

SPR leggings are always some of our most popular items - so popular that we usually sell them in our store before we can post them to the web site. These are based on SPR's latest autumn/winter 2010 theme (which happens to be based on 1970's punk). Wear them with a skirt, a one-piece, under shorts, or by themselves. The coordination possibilities are endless!


Jack Knife Necklace (restock) - $35.00

This necklace features a knife design with a handle that’s being eaten by a skull. An SPR logo is visible on the handle of the knife and the forehead of the skull.



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tara's tips on coordinating punk

You saw Tara's latest staff picks a few days ago - now watch her run through the outfit and explain the thought process behind it. Pick up some tips for your own coordinates as you watch!

(We have a feeling she'll be back with a coordinate showing off some of our new SPR items next week!)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New SEX POT items now in stock!

Today we received a whole bunch of items from SEX POT, including new items for both late winter and spring as well as a restock on the popular Danger Color leggings and Jack Knife necklaces.

Here's a full listing of what we received:

* SKULL Border Knit Cap - black, black/pink, black/purple
* DIVIVE 2-way Bag - black/purple, black/silver
* JACK KNIFE Necklace (restock)
* Pile Wristband DIE - black/red, black/silver, black/gold
* Pile Wristband Safety Pin Skull - black/red, black/purple
* DANGER Color Leggings (restock) - white, red, pink, purple
* LONDON'S BURNING Bare Shoulder Cutsew - black (M and L)
* PUNK Big Dolman Parka - black, white (M and L)
* SHOOT!! T-shirt - black/red (S, M, L, XL)
* DEATH TRIP T-shirt - black/purple, white/red (S, M, L, XL)
* Demon's Play T-shirt - black/gradation, white/red (S, M, L, XL)
* SP-Cipher Custom T-shirt - black/white (S, M, L, XL)
* COMPLAINT?! Bare Shoulder Cutsew - black, pink (M, L)

All of these items are available right now in our store.  They'll be posted to our web site over the next two days, so watch for them!  We'll post another update here once we're done adding them to the site.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Victorian maiden reserve items ending 1/19!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to remind you all that there is a small round of Victorian maiden reserve items that's ending in two days!  These items include reissues of the popular Lace-up Doll Dress and Lace Chiffon Doll Dress, both of which we've had several inquiries for in just the past few weeks - they're being made available again for your convenience!  Check them out on the Victorian maiden reserve collection page.


Tara's picks!

In the beginning of December, Megan and I began doing shop staff 'picks' of items in the store we liked and recommended! To build off this theme, I've picked out a few items this time and created a coordinate. So here are this week's picks!

This coordinate contains pieces from SEX POT ReVeNGe!
Here's the rundown:

SEX POT Chain in Black Lettering
A classic to any punk coordinate! The 'R' Sid Vicious lock!

I love cardigans so this one from SexPot really caught my eye! I like how it drapes on the sides and how it's long.

It's the limited edition anniversary shirt! This t-shirt design is pretty wild and sure to catch an eye or two, whether that's good or bad is for you to decide. I think it's pretty sick and I love the color choices.

CRACK BONE Shorts in Black Leopard print
These shorts come as a set with black leggings. However they are not attached so you can  mix and match them with lots of different coordinates!

I have fallen in love with these leggings! I think they can really make an outfit and pull out a color from somewhere else in the coordinate. Even if they are the only color in your outfit, they can really make your outfit interesting!

Thanks for reading!  Watch for a new pick from me and the return of Megan's picks starting next week!
~from Tara ^(^0^)^


Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello! from Tara

Hey there Tokyo Rebel watchers! This is Tara! It's my first time writing up a post for the blog, and doing so I thought it might be nice to share some of my recent thoughts on fashion and the like!

While you might have seen me around the blog or at the shop before I wanted to formally introduce myself to you. As you know, I work part time at Tokyo Rebel but, I'm also attending the Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC where I'm studying Fashion Design. It's very exciting to finally have classes doing something I love and I'm learning a lot about not only construction but the design and marketing process of clothes. On the side of all of this I've been a freelance model for the past few years. I never intend for it to be a full time career due to the nature of the business but I have had some wonderful experiences so far including modeling runway shows for Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Hangry and Angry, and HiHO (among other things).

It's very obvious to the people I've met that SEX POT ReVeNGe is my favorite brand. I love punk fashion and Sex Pot has always made me feel myself, having a punk edge with a fun spirit! I was really excited when Tokyo Rebel opened and they were a retailer for SPR, it made my life much easier! I still remember years ago ordering my first Sex Pot items through a complicated shopping service - and since then I've used practically every method to obtain their clothes! One thing I really like about Sex Pot is that they mix punk fashion with color. The bright pops of color and design on their clothing really stand out to me and can break up the darkness of a punk outfit. But beyond the colors, the layering options and custom styled clothing from Sex Pot is another turn on. Sex Pot sells 'custom' versions of some of their clothing, where they'll take a piece and distort it by ripping, painting, bleaching, studding, or various other modifications to give the piece a more street grunge look. This is also possible to achieve, and encouraged by SPR, by buying the regular t-shirts (or other pieces) and modifying them yourself to add a personal touch! However the regular t-shirts also work nicely in outfits without the customization, if you think that is too much for your style!

Working at Tokyo Rebel is really fun for me so far. The fact that I can sell the clothes that inspire me is a great feeling. I've also already met many nice people and have had entertaining talks with customers. I've worked in retail before but was never in a place where I could really bond with the customers or help them fully like I can now. It's nice to go to work and wear what I love, sell what I love, and meet people with common interest. I find it kind of nerdy the way I can sit in front of the new monthly KERA, flipping through each page dozens of times examining each outfit, picking out all the little details. Fashion is a big part of my life, it entered me into an exciting world and has shaped me into who I am today. It might sound a bit silly to others or frivolous, but really it's something more to me.

Thanks for reading! Please come visit me sometime! I swear I don't bite!


New Photo Fridays!

Hey everyone!

Every Friday for the past few months we have been running a special where if you come to our store dressed up you can get 5% off of your purchase! We also take a photo of you for our store gallery and our bulletin board!

Here is our current bulletin board:

You might notice the Polaroids mixed in with the photos above, we actually used to use a Polaroid for taking our customer pictures for a short while! It reminded me of the off shoots in magazines by models and bands who would take fun Polaroids and then write on their snaps!

However we now have an updated Photo Fridays! Every Friday if you come dressed up in your favorite Japanese street fashion style you'll get your photo taken with our new (well new to us) vintage Polaroid camera!

So now along with your discount on Fridays, if you purchase over $100 you'll also receive a free Polaroid for yourself to keep! We'll still take a Polaroid of you on Fridays for our board even if you don't spend the amount, but the second photo is just a little extra present for those who do!

Remember! You can still get your picture taken for our gallery any other day of the week, but the discount and free photo offer are only for Friday!

Come stop by for a photo soon ^(>o<)>!!!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

New and restocked Morrigan items, plus designer video!

Yesterday and today we received the medium-size Morrigan New York Moby Dick dresses that many of you have been waiting for - yay!  We have these in both long and short varieties, and in both ivory and black.  We've posted the measurements onto their respective product pages, so check them out on our Morrigan New York collection page!

In addition to the M-size dresses, we've also restocked the Moby Dick skirts, which were all sold out previously.  They're all back now, but hurry - they sold fast before, and they probably will again!  We will likely not be able to restock this series again, either the skirts or dresses.

And as you see above, Zoh from Morrigan New York visited our store to record a video introducing the brand to you all, so you can hear the brand concept straight from the source!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How we ship your items!

This will become a permanent section of our web site soon, but we wanted you all to see it here first!

Maybe you've never ordered from us before and you're wondering if we're going to send your stuff in a cheap plastic bag like some companies do, or if your items are going to be haphazardly tossed into a box by a faceless robot.  Nope!  Hopefully the following will make you feel comfortable ordering from us.

Here's Tara packing an order.

Hi Tara!

Your stuff's going to be packed by one of our shop staff and shipped directly from our store in New York, where all of our stock is kept.  All of our staff are trained to the same standards and we all provide the same level of service.

We start by carefully folding and fitting your item(s) to the size box we plan to use.  All dresses are initially packaged in garment bags or cellophane wrappers (depending on how the brand packaged it when shipping to us).

We try to include brand bags when possible, and we usually can with most brands and most orders.

Most orders will receive a hand-written thank you card.

We carefully box your item(s).  We use thick 200 weight boxes for larger items.  For smaller items, we use USPS-provided boxes to try to keep our shipping charges as low as possible.  A smaller package might look a little different, but we still take the same amount of care in packing it.  We never ship anything in a bag alone, and the only items we ship in envelopes are magazines.

Sometimes, we have additional free promotional items available, and we include these when we have them.  These are usually while supplies last, so if you know we have a cool freebie, order fast!

We'll print an invoice detailing your shipment, and then your box will be carefully sealed by hand.

We use the USPS's click-n-ship system to print shipping labels, which automatically checks that the address is correct so no mistakes are made.  (Excuse the blurring - that's a real label!)

No matter how many orders we have, we work on one package at a time.  It may take a little longer that way, but it's the only way to make absolutely sure packages don't get mixed up.  We don't even make the next box until we've sealed and labeled the one before.   Anyone remember this?

We shipped 18 total packages that day.  All packed one at a time.

The USPS does daily pickups from our store, so once the label is printed, your box will be in the USPS's hands at the next pickup.  We then generate a shipping confirmation email to let you know that your stuff is on its way, with a tracking number included.

99% of the packages we send are insured - we take responsibility ourselves for magazines and very small international shipments.  Insurance can add a bit of cost to the shipping charge, but it's worth it - only once in the past two years has a package ever gone missing on us, and we were able to refund that customer's purchase quickly.  We do believe that the USPS takes extra care with insured packages, because they don't want to pay claims they don't have to.  A word of advice: never ship any expensive item without insurance!

We hope this was informative for those of you who have never ordered from us before!  (^ _ ^)/~~


Congratulations White Whale Bag winners!

Congratulations to Lauren of Maryland and Jia of Alberta, Canada - these are our two winners of the special, limited edition Morrigan New York White Whale Bags!  Each was selected by random drawing from customers who purchased Morrigan items either in-store or online before January 1st.  Thanks to everyone who purchased items and entered the drawing, and congratulations again to our winners!


Open today!

Despite last night's snowstorm, our official Tokyo Rebel snow-mobile performed with aplomb and we will be opening today as usual.  Our neighborhood's just a little wet, as you can see in the noon-time photo above, but the city's done a great job this time cleaning things up.  So, unlike the blizzard of two weeks ago, there's no change to our operating schedule today - we will be open all day, 1-8PM!  Come on down!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New on the site: AP, A-P, Hellcat Punks, more!

We haven't done one of these roundups for a while, and we've posted a lot of stuff to our site since then!  So, while some of you have already found a lot of the new items we've put up recently, we want to make sure everybody sees them.  And a few we just put up today!  Here's the rundown of all the new items now available for online purchase:

Trump Carnival One-piece (pink) by Angelic Pretty $325.00

This unusual print from Angelic Pretty features randomly falling cards, rabbits and letters that spell out "Angelic Pretty". The fabric is light and features a subtle striped background. Two thin halter straps cross the neck, and these are removable via buttons. The back is shirred for comfort.


Oyobare Party Jumper Skirt (black) by Angelic Pretty $359.00

This beautiful velveteen jumper skirt is both warm for winter and elegant in its style. It's decorated with satin bows and lace, with a scalloped hemline that allows a chiffon underlayer to peek through. If you've got a thing for old-school Angelic Pretty, or just like sweet Lolita without being over the top, this dress is for you.


Queen Trump One-piece (sax) by Angelic Pretty $379.00

This dress is decorated with a card motif, with alternating spades, hearts, diamonds, stars and clubs on the skirt. Cute little pompoms decorate the hem. The main material is a soft, thick velveteen that's perfect for winter wearing. The back is shirred for comfort.


Recital Jumper Skirt (pink or red) by Angelic Pretty $339.00

This series features music-related icons including notes and a clef symbol along the hem border. Vertical stripes give the dress a striking appearance, and three bows help complete the front of the dress. The material is a thick and textured grosgrain cotton.


Nutcracker Print Baby Doll (champagne or black) by Atelier Pierrot $298.00

This high-waisted dress from Atelier-Pierrot features a baby doll silhouette and a print inspired by the Nutcracker Suite. A removable ribbon defines the waist, so this dress can fit a variety of body types. The hem is decorated with frills and the back laces up both for style and to tighten the dress. A layer of chiffon peeks out from below the main dress.


Ribbon Tights (various colors) by Angelic Pretty $55.00

An alternative to socks, these tights feature a cute dotted ribbon bow design down the back.


Tea Cup Ring (two colors) by Angelic Pretty $35.00

This gold colored ring is shaped like a tea cup with 'Angelic Pretty' engraved on the saucer. Also the ring band is adjustable making it Free size. Both colors have a pink gem in the drink! Wear this cute tea cup ring and you'll be ready for the party!


Bunny Metal Ring (two colors) by Angelic Pretty $35.00

This gold colored ring is shaped like a bunny dressed with bows. The ring band is adjustable making it 'Free Size'.


Party Ribbon Ring (various colors) by Angelic Pretty $24.00

This plastic ring is shaped like a ribbon bow with large painted stripe details. 'Angelic Pretty' is printed inside the ring band. The plastic is thick and substantial, with a feel similar to Bakelite.


Fantasic Princess Jumper Skirt (black) by Angelic Pretty $339.00

This jumper skirt provides the romantic silhouette of a princess, with several layers of frills and a total of five bows on the front of the dress. The main waist bow is decorated with pearls. The back of the dress is shirred for comfort. As part of this dress set, a choker is included to coordinate your neckline with the dress itself.


Logo Heart Charm Wrist Cuffs (2 colors) by Angelic Pretty $40.00

These lace wrist cuffs from Angelic Pretty feature a heart charm suspended by a string of pearls. The charm is decorated with an AP logo. The lace is decorated with cute bows.


PITTY and HELL-P keychains by HELLCATPUNKS $15.00

Hellcat Punks' mascot skeleton cat characters are now available in the form of a keychain! These large keychains aren't just printed - they're molded in shape, meaning they have a realistic texture. Use them for your keys, hang them from your bag, the possibilities are literally endless!



Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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