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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tokyo Fashion Festa 2 coverage!

Hey everyone!

Last Thursday FIT held another event dedicated to Japanese Fashion to promote their Japan Now exhibit at their museum. Last year around this time the first Tokyo Fashion Festa took place showcasing brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, and Black Peace Now.

This time FIT put the spotlight more on cosplay culture and then tied it back into fashion with the extreme makeup and hair they had their fashion models made up in. Japanese fashion in general can be pretty visual and extreme at times and can straddle the line of costume and fashion - in a good way of course!

Hair and makeup station

The show started off with a few cosplayers from different anime and manga but slowly led into gothic, punk, and visual kei fashion including pieces from the brands Putumayo, h.Naoto, and Rion. Each look was made up by makeup artists Akiko, Fujiko, Yumiko and their team who went over the top to ensure each look was very visual. After the show they had a makeup demonstration on stage where they gave tips to complete your look! Makeup and hair can really make or brake an outfit at times.

The Putumayo ensembles in the show.

Outfits from Rion and Putumayo! Check out the mix match socks!

The outfit featured above from Putumayo is a great example of a lolita punk coordinate and is one of the brands sold here at Tokyo Rebel!

I had the opportunity to model again this year for the show and was dressed up in visual kei! It was interesting to model the outfit and I even had 8" platform boots!

I have more photos from the event here!
Thanks for reading!
~from Tara <(=w=)>


Thursday, February 24, 2011

IMPORTANT: Victorian maiden new reserve item info!

Victorian maiden fans may have noticed that the brand recently posted a veritable slew of new reserve items to their web site, including this year's issue of the Rococo Bouquet series.  We've been given a relatively short reserve window for these items, and it's possible we will not be able to create product pages for all of them in time.  For that reason, if you don't see a page on our site for an item you would like to reserve, please check the price list below and them email us your order.  We can either set up a PayPal transaction or quickly create a page on our site just for that product.  Here's the info you need - each item below is linked to its page on VM's web site:


Price list (the first price is the regular price - second price is the price during the reserve period):

Rococo Bouquet Yoke Dress - $359  $339
Rococo Bouquet Bustle Dress - $359  $339
Fairy Doll Rococo Dress - $349  $329
Rococo Bouquet Blouse Dress - $279  $259
Fairy Doll Rococo Skirt - $255  $239
Rococo Bouquet Bustle Long Skirt - $255  $239
Rococo Bouquet Puff-sleeve Blouse - $149  $139
Front Lace Blouse - $159  $149
Noble Lace Puff-sleeve Blouse - $179  $169
Standcollar Puff-sleeve Blouse - $169  $159
Elegant Gathers Doll Hat - $129  $119
Rococo Bouquet Double Ribbon Katyusha - $65  $59
Rococo Bouquet Lace Parasol - $209  $195
Long Chiffon Underskirt - $139  $129

All prices are plus shipping.  Shipping will follow our standard rate tables as listed on our policies page - we will quote you a shipping price before asking for payment.

As always, please read about the reserve process on the Victorian maiden reserve page!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright quick update

A lot of people have been understandably asking us when we're expecting our first shipment from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates, so we thought we'd just post a short update.  Right now, we are actively working with Baby to decide on our initial stock, and we expect that to be completed shortly.  It's going to be a large shipment, so it just takes a little while to get everything settled.

We can't give you a date, but we're hoping to have our first shipment within the next couple of weeks.

We will post further updates in the future, as we have more to announce.  Keep watching!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Victorian maiden reserves, plus VM SALE item info!

We've just posted a new round of Victorian maiden reserve items, all ending February 18 at 10PM ET!

These include the Victorian Lady Mermaid Dress, the Victorian Lady Jacket, the Elegant Mermaid Skirt and the Charlotte Frill Skirt.  All of these items are designed to coordinate with each other and all are available in matching colors.  Check them out - especially if you're a fan of the mermaid style, which is not always easily available from most Lolita brands.

In other VM news, we've had a lot of inquiries about this and we are pleased to tell you that we can now offer sale prices on special order items that are on sale on VM's web site.  This applies to items that are in stock at VM only, it does not apply to reserve items.  (We try to give you special prices during our reserve period too, but that's something we're doing for you ourselves, so we can't always match VM's own discount.)  Keep in mind that as with all of our products, our final prices are set by us and need to include expenses such as shipping from Japan to our New York store, but we will now be able to get a lot closer to VM's Japanese prices when you special order items that are on sale on their web site.

When you email us about a special order, let us know that it's a sale item on their web site and we'll check and calculate our price based on that sale price rather than the retail price.  Victorian maiden is one of the easiest brands for us to special order from - because of how often we take reserve orders, we get shipments from them fairly regularly, so the wait time on special orders is usually not very long.

This all came about after several inquiries for VM's Victorian Short Boots, which are quite popular, so if you'd like a pair - or anything else you see on sale on their site - email us before the sale is over!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PUTUMAYO, Tara's picks and a freebie!

Today, Tara and Megan team up to bring you a run through of our latest PUTUMAYO shipment - it's a big shipment and a long video, so definitely a two-person job!

Tara also runs through her coordinate picks of the week in the video.

We're working to post all of these items to our web site right now - we'll let you know here once we're done! But keep watching our PUTUMAYO new arrivals page or subscribe to our product RSS feed if you'd like to see them as soon as they go up.

In addition, for those of you who didn't watch the video, we've got a little freebie for you guys - PUTUMAYO postcards!

Free with any PUTUMAYO purchase, or if you come in to our store dressed in PUTUMAYO to take a photo for their World Snaps, we'll give you one without purchase.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Megan shows you our latest from Innocent World!

We're running a little behind due to preparations for our big announcement yesterday, but we're going to be catching up with new products and videos showing them off on our web site over the next few days. Here we have Megan doing a run-through of our latest Innocent World items, including restocks of some popular items as well as new items! Most of these items are already available on our web site in the Innocent World New Arrivals product collection, or check out everything we have from Innocent World on their main collection page.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


We're excited to announce the impending arrival of our newest brands
today - brands that really need no introduction:




Details will follow in the coming weeks. Watch our blog for further information.


About Angelic Pretty

We know this might disappoint a few of our customers, but to prevent any confusion, we can now tell you that we have decided to no longer stock Angelic Pretty items. We have already thanked AP for their partnership over the last year and we wish them well in the future.

We do still have a few AP items left on clearance in our store, so hurry on down if you don't want to miss out. (They're also still available online.)

Angelic Pretty carries a good selection of products through their San Francisco store web site, so we're not leaving you out in the cold! Now you can simply purchase through them directly.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Major announcement coming tomorrow!

You'll want to be watching our web site and/or blog tomorrow afternoon, because this Sunday promises to be "super" in more ways than one!  We can't tell you an exact time, but check back throughout the afternoon for something big!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Now available on the web site: Innocent World!

We've nearly completed posting our new and restocked items from Innocent World to our site!  Here's the rundown of what's been posted so far:

2-way Party Bag (black) - $135

This cute bag includes two straps for both shoulder or hand use, allowing you to coordinate either for a formal look or for a party! It's just large enough to carry cosmetics, a cell phone and other daily sundries, but this bag is not meant to carry books or magazines. It's decorated with antiqued hardware and lined with fabric from Innocent World's Rose and Little Bird print. Includes both inner and outer pockets.


Viennese Waltz Frill Jumper Skirt (3 colors) - $315.00

This is one of Innocent World's sweeter jumper skirt designs, with cute characters out of nursery rhymes doing a dance around the hem of the skirt. This dress is available in three soft and sweet colors: pink, blue and cafe au lait. This is the "frill" version of this jumper skirt, which features a halterneck strap design. If you so desire, you can also attach the straps to the inside back of the jumper skirt for a cross strap style. The front yoke is removable to allow a blouse to show through. The back is shirred for comfort.


Beatrice Jumper Skirt (long/2 colors) - $299.00

This style of Innocent World jumper skirt is always popular with us, and this time we're stocking this dress in long for our taller customers or those who just prefer more modesty. This jumper skirt features a clean silhouette and a smart stripe design, with a cameo print around the hem. The fabric is light but finely textured. The print features two printed phrases. The first is "For the pure and innocent hearts of young women everywhere at any age." The second is "a simple world without dirt of blemish."


Beatrice Overknee Socks (3 colors) - $35.00

These socks feature a an elegant design of ribbons and roses in a twisting pattern. These are designed to match the Beatrice Jumper Skirts, but of course you can pair them with other items as well.


Viennese Waltz Overknee Socks (3 colors) - $35.00

These cute socks in the Viennese Waltz series are decorated with stars and ribbons. These are designed to match the Viennese Waltz Jumper Skirts, but of course you can pair them with other items as well.


Ashley Embroidered Jumper Skirt (black/short) - $329.00

This jumper skirt from Innocent World features an intricate embroidery design throughout the dress, and especially along the hem. That's not a print - that's embroidery that you can see and feel in person, making for a truly classy and elegant look. The back is shirred and the dress features cross straps. The front yoke portion is removable to allow a blouse to show through.


Strawberry Bag (red) (restock) - $139.00

This unique bag is in the shape of a strawberry! Perfect to accessorize any berry-themed sweet or classic print series. The zipper pulls are in the shape of small flowers. Two straps are included so you can use the bag as either a handbag or shoulder bag.


Torchon Lace Overknee socks (two colors) (restock) - $45.00

These socks are basic solid-color socks topped by torchon lace and a cute bow. A must-have item for any Lolita! These are the overknee version of these socks.


Antique Rose Blouse (LL size - two colors) (restock) - $169.00

This is a classically styled blouse with a round collar a thin ribbon bow as the focal point. The lace is decorated with tiny rose designs, and the buttons are also rose shaped and have an antique finish.


Frederick Pochette (restock) - $79.00

Frederick is Innocent World's mascot bunny character, and this is an adorable bag that bears his likeness. There's space inside for a cell phone, keys, or any other small items. Frederick himself is very soft to the touch - even softer than a real bunny!


Emblem Embroidery Knee-high Socks (restock) - $19.00

These are simple emblem socks for a toned-down classic look. The top of each sock has Innocent World's crown emblem sewn into the sock, and a scalloped edge trim. The Innocent World logo is on the sole of each sock.


Heart Scallop Umbrella (black) (restock) - $70.00

This is Innocent World’s most versatile parasol design, as it will work with a variety of different types of outfits (depending on color) with its understated look. The only print on the umbrella is Innocent World’s logo. The main design feature are the frills that are decorated with tiny heart cutouts.


Still to post are a few headbows and the Rose Frill Umbrella! Watch for those!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victorian maiden Classical Bouquet series on reserve - ends tomorrow night!

This is just a heads-up for Victorian maiden fans that we have their 2011 release of Classical Bouquet series items on our reserve page right now, and it ends tomorrow night!  This floral print series is being released just in time for spring, so reserve now!  Included are the Rose Lace Classical Bouquet Dress, the Classical Bouquet Long Dress, the Classical Bouquet Gather Scallop Skirt, and the Classical Bouquet Bustle Jacket.

Incidentally, those of you who watch VM's own reserve page may have also seen the Long Tulle Petticoats show up there.  We normally stock these, so you don't need to reserve this item from us - we will get them once they're available again.


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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