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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New SPR novelties! UPDATE: All gone!

As you know by now, we visited SEX POT ReVeNGe last week while we were in Japan (the video with AKIRA is coming soon, promise!) and we picked up their latest novelty item while we were there!

Just spend $50 on any SEX POT merchandise and you will receive this hand-crankable LED light strap free!  Offer good while supplies last, and valid both in store and online.  (UPDATE: now all gone, sorry!)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Innocent World items!

This is a shipment that actually arrived while we were in Japan, so we're a little behind in telling you about it :)

But we received a bunch of new Innocent World items in our store, including... (dum dum daaaaaaaaah!)

Antique Book Bags!

These sell out within minutes every time we get them - we've actually had these in store and on our site for about a week now before writing this post, so let's see what happens.  We have these in Bordeaux and Cafe au Lait - IW is not currently producing black.  Bordeaux is already sold out on IW's own site, so these are going fast.

We've also received new items in the Strawberry Jam series, including jumper skirts, ribbon clips and socks, as well as the Clarice skirt, Elizabeth Dress, lace-topped socks, and new knee-high emblem socks (these have a little different design than the emblem socks we've had before).

Here's a full listing:

* Frederick Pochette (restock)
* Antique Book Bag (restock) in Bordeaux and Cafe au Lait (new color!)
* Strawberry Jam Jumper Skirt in Pink, Red and Navy (short)
* Strawberry Jam Clip (pink only - all that was available!)
* Clarice Skirt in Black/Black and Pink/Bordeaux
* Elizabeth Dress in Navy
* Torchon Lace Overknee Socks in White/White and Black/Black
* Ribbon Emblem Knee-high socks in White, Navy and Black
* Cross Ribbon Overknee Socks in Beige/Navy and Beige/Pink
* Strawberry Jam Overknee Socks in Beige/Pink, Beige/Red and Beige/Navy

We will have all of this posted to our site soon!  As you may know, we have a lot to work on since coming back from Japan, but we will work as quickly as possible!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New/restocked Baby items, including Vampire Forest!

We actually still have a lot of things to tell you about from the past week.  One of those things is that we picked up a few new and restocked Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates items while we were at the company's offices in Japan, including the last two skirts they had in the Vampire Forest series!

We previously stocked these in multiple colors; you can see Tara wearing her own purple Vampire Forest skirt here:

These also have a bustle in the back:

This will be the last time we can stock these.  We have them in purple and black.

We also picked up a couple of dresses in XL size, some wrist cuffs, and some AATP items including pants!  Watch for all of these items on our site in the next few days - the Vampire Forest skirts are already posted.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Misako Aoki's Kawaii Revolution now on sale!

You've been waiting for it, and now's your chance - get it before it's gone!  We have a limited number of Misako Aoki's new book Kawaii Revolution for sale, all of them personally signed by Misako-chan!  We've already sold a few, so hurry!  The price is $20.

If you're less of a lifestyle Lolita and more of a J-fashion fan, why not pick up both a copy of Misako's book and a DISACODE CD signed by fellow Baby/KERA model and vocalist AKIRA at the same time?


Signed DISACODE CD's from AKIRA!

Here's a nice surprise for you guys (if you follow AKIRA's blog, then you may already know it) - on our last day in Japan this past week, Akira signed a bunch of her band DISACODE's "Akashic Record" CD's for us, and we can now make them available to you!

This the band's first CD, and it's a self-produced mix of indie rock, punk and metal influences; raw and powerful.  Hard to buy it outside of Japan, and certainly with Akira's signature!

We have only a limited quantity of these - like with Misako's book (which will be posted shortly), we have only as many as we could carry.  Get one while you can!

Limit one per customer.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now accepting reservations for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Unico in Bloomland!

We are now accepting reservations for the new collection Unico ♥ in Bloomland by Baby the Stars Shine Bright!
Please view the reservation policy here before ordering.
All reservations must be made by email. Please see our Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
reservation page for full rules and procedures.

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax):

Unico ♥ in Bloomland
Expected release late June/early July
Please click each image for more information from Baby's web site.

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Scallop Jumper Skirt- $310

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Pearl Jumper Skirt - $310

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Blouse - $154

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Skirt - $206

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Over Knee Socks - $29

Unico ♥ in Bloomland Ribbon Head Bow - $55

Please feel free to ask us any questions about them that you might have prior to ordering.

We hope to receive your emails soon!


Maxicimam New Arrivals~!

We recently got a big shipment from Maxicimam with dresses, skirts, blouses, bags, berets, and petticoats!
All the blouses and dresses are "lovely size." We have two new skirts--one is labeled "lovely size" as well, but the other also has an elastic waistband. The berets and petticoats are completely new for us at Tokyo Rebel!

These items should be on our website within the next week or so, but feel free to stop by if you're in the area~


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're in Japan! AKIRA, Misako, Baby's designers, more!

While our store is open throughout the rest of the week, we're also in Japan right now bringing you some cool new things!  We'll have more later once we've had a chance to catch our collective breath, but for now let's go behind the scenes to bring you a few teasers!  As you may know, this trip was our chance to catch up with a couple of the brands who we've never been able to do a video introduction for on our site.  And we were lucky enough that some pretty popular people agreed to help us do it!

This is model/musician extraordinaire AKIRA getting ready to shoot a video for us promoting SEX POT ReVeNGe. Akira has been a photo judge for us and has just recently done an interview for our site, but this was our first time working with her in person and she was a real pro! We hope to be able to work with her again in the future.

Akira shot video for us at both the original ReVeNGe and the newer SP Tokyo store, so watch for those soon!

She's also already posted about this on her own blog - check it out!  (Think she gets enough comments?!)

We may have some new surprises for you from SEX POT once we get back too!

Here's Misako Aoki getting ready to do a video tour of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Daikanyama store. We were really happy to be able to work with her again!  It's always such a pleasure.

Once we get back, we'll also be selling Misako's own line of bags and accessories, plus a special surprise - we'll be stocking her book too! (We're in it, and so are some of you!) More info on this later. The price will be $20, and we do expect these to sell out fast - we only have as many as we can physically carry!

Last but not least, let's not forget that we wouldn't even be in business without the designers of these clothes.  So, we present to you Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's designers!  These are the designers for Alice and the Pirates (left), Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (right), and the company's chief designer (middle).  We've also got video from them that we'll be sharing with you soon, so you'll be hearing a lot more from each of them.

So, a lot to look forward to!  Watch for more in the next few days and weeks.

Remember that our store in New York is open the rest of the week, even while we're in Japan.  Come in and visit!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Gallery Update!

We've updated our photo gallery with additional photos from Kinokuniya's International Lolita Day event, as well as a handful of customer and staff fashion snaps!

Check out our photo gallery page!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Atelier-Pierrot items now live on the site

Heads-up: all of our new Atelier-Pierrot items are now available for purchase on our web site. We have sold a few things in the past few days so not everything in our previously-recorded video made it online, but most of the new items are still here. Check out the Atelier-Pierrot new arrivals section for a look.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AKIRA interview is live!

The first of our new series of interviews with Japanese fashion icons is now live on the site, as AKIRA takes our (and your!) questions.  Check out our new interview page, where all of our interviews will be linked, or go directly to Akira's interview page!  She answered many questions, including how she got her start, her favorite clothing items, and more!

This is a new area on our web site so there may still be some kinks in individual browsers - if you see any, let us know!

Next up will be Misako Aoki (as part of the tea party we announced this past weekend).  And after that?  Well, you'll just have to watch for further announcements!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tokyo Rebel Stock Update vol. 18

The International Lolita Day event yesterday was not the only bit of news - we also received a new shipment from Atelier-Pierrot!  We quickly put together this video showing off the new stock (using our old lower-resolution camera, natch), including a good number of Bustle Corset Dresses in various colors and fabrics, as well as Long Corset Dresses, Tea Party Dresses, TV show collaboration dresses and more.  Since we only just received these items yesterday, it'll still be a few days before most of these appear on our web site, but the white bustle corset dress is a restock and is up for ordering already.  The rest are in our store if you'd like to stop by, and will be on our web site soon.

Here's a full list of what we received:

  • Bustle Corset Dress in flocky silver
  • Bustle Corset Dress in satin navy
  • Bustle Corset Dress in rose red
  • Bustle Corset Dress in washer black (crinkle fabric)
  • Bustle Corset Dress in washer purple (crinkle fabric)
  • Bustle Corset Dress in white
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Cummerbund Dress in black
  • Tea Party Dress in black
  • Tea Party Dress in sky blue
  • Long Corset Dress in red
  • Petticoat Type II (restock) in black or white


Saturday, June 4, 2011

International Lolita Day 2011 at Kinokuniya and a special announcement!

As previously announced, Tokyo Rebel participated in the International Lolita Day festivities at Kinokuniya today!

After giving a brief introduction, we made a big announcement!

Soon, Tokyo Rebel will be hosting a tea party to celebrate the addition of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates! Joining us via Skype will be Misako Aoki--one of Japan's Kawaii Ambassadors and GLB/Kera/Baby, the Stars Shine Bright model extraordinaire! We are very please to be working with Misako-chan again after she visited our store last year. :) For those of you who will be unable to make it, we will be transcribing the Q&A on our website after the tea party.

Additional details regarding the event will follow soon, probably within the next month or so. We do expect that tickets will be limited.

Next, Tara and I made a couple more announcements:

-We will be posting shop tour videos with Misako Aoki at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Akira at SEX POT ReVeNGe.
-We will begin carrying Misako Aoki's line of bags and accessories soon.
-We just got in a bunch of new items from Putumayo, Baby, Alice and the Pirates, and Atelier Pierrot. We expect to receive a shipment of items from the Alice and the Pirates Night Fairy Fantasia series soon!

Then, we had a short little Q&A session. I noticed a few people recording the event, so for those who couldn't make it, a video might pop up on YouTube shortly.

A big shout-out goes to Petrina for inviting us to this event and for helping us organize the Baby/Alice and the Pirates tea party!

She looks so adorable holding this box of delicious mini-cupcakes~

Thanks so much for reading! We're really excited to share all this fabulous news with you all!



Friday, June 3, 2011

Tokyo Rebel Stock Update Vol. 17

It's hard to believe, but yes, this is actually the 17th stock update video we've done! It's just the first we've titled this way.

Both Tara and Megan star in this video, showing you many of our new items from PUTUMAYO and SEX POT ReVeNGe. If you see something you like, we advise not to delay your purchase, as a few items have already sold out since we edited this video just a couple of days ago! (One item - the SPR Black Fairy skirt - sold out as we were shooting the video and was subsequently cut from it. Y'all loved that skirt, apparently!) Gotta be quick.

This also marks the debut of a new camera for us! Which is only worth telling you because one, you can now view our videos full screen in 1080p (so you can better see details in the clothing), and two, if this video seems a little haphazard compared to some we've done, you can partly blame an unexpectedly dead battery in the middle of shooting it :)

Check out both the PUTUMAYO and SEX POT ReVeNGe new arrivals pages for most of these items. We're still adding, so a few items may not be posted yet. They will be soon!



It's been a while, but we wanted to let you guys know that we're finally getting ready to place a new order with MAXICIMAM!  That means anyone who's been waiting for Lovely Size (or any other) items from MAXICIMAM need not hold out much longer!  MAXICIMAM is one of the only Japanese brands specifically making plus-size items, but they also have a lot of other cute stuff.

If there is anything you would like to special order, please let us know by 8pm on Sunday June 5.  We will be sending them an order at that time, and we must have received your special order payment by then.  If you haven't done a special order through us recently, the process begins by sending us an email with a link to your desired items on MAXICIMAM's web site, as well as a shipping address.  We will reply with a price and shipping charge.  If you decide to proceed with the order, we will invoice you via PayPal.  We must receive payment before we send our order to MAXICIMAM or you could miss out.  In the event that MAXICIMAM is sold out of an item, we will issue you an immediate refund.

Keep in mind that accessories usually cannot be ordered individually, but you can still inquire.

We will be ordering merchandise for our store as well, but a lot of people have been asking us about Lovely Size items recently so we just wanted to give you guys the chance to get exactly what you want.  You are free to wait and see what we get for ourselves if you so desire!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tokyo Rebel and International Lolita Day 2011

This weekend marks International Lolita Day, and Tokyo Rebel will be participating in this year's event being held at Books Kinokuniya in Manhattan!

Click the image below for a larger view with full details of the event, and a short explanation of Lolita Day itself.

We will be holding a short panel at 12:30, during which we'll talk about some upcoming things happening at our store, plus a special announcement that you'll hear first at the event! We'll also be answering a few of your questions afterwards.

In addition, we will be giving away a $50 gift certificate during the raffle portion of the event!

We hope to see you there this Saturday!

Our store will be open regular hours during the event.

Kinokuniya Bookstore
1073 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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