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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alice and the Pirates Laforet Harajuku shop tour!

Laforet Harajuku is a shopping mall in the heart of the neighborhood. Most of the building houses small mainstream boutiques, but the basement levels are home to "Laforet Underground", an aptly named area devoted to alternative fashion shops. We've previously blogged about it, specifically in our shop tour of the Atelier-Pierrot store - which is literally right next door to Alice and the Pirates on level B1.5.

The A/P store is pretty big as Japanese boutiques go; big enough to have room for both Alice and the Pirates and some Baby merchandise. You can find both there! But it is obviously a mainly A/P store, so it has a dark aesthetic.

The outside of the store.  Various angles are below.

We love the chandelier. Do you see the A/P logo in it?
Note to self: next time, rent a retail space with higher ceilings.

Absolutely no pictures!  (-_-)

One-piece dresses.

Many hair accessories!  Socks are on the bottom.

Socks from both Baby and A/P!

Cutsews and small accessories. As New Yorkers, it is always
amazing to see accessories just laid out in the open like this. Nobody takes them!

Baby dresses.

Cardigans and shoes.

More accessories!

Blouses, bags and hats!

The chest at the front of the store. We spy the enamel heart bags, Julie Fish bags, 
a Fairy Tale bag, an Usakumya mini-mini, and more!

This is "M", the store shop staff. She's wearing the Night Fairy Fantasia combinaison with matching socks and headbow! So cute!


Melty Mermaid Princess now in stock!

Just in time for our Baby/A&P event on August 1, we now have the Melty Mermaid Princess series from Alice and the Pirates in stock!

We currently have the skirt, jumper skirt and one-piece.  Not all styles are available in all colorways, but all colorways are available in at least two styles.

Also available: necklaces and round headdresses in the series:

And not pictured, we do have a few pairs of socks - though the socks were produced in very limited quantities so we do not have many!

All of these items are now available in store.  They will be here Monday if you'd like to purchase them either before we close at 5pm or even during our store event.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Daikanyama shop tour!

This Monday is our event with designers Masumi Kano and Mitsuba - are you excited?? Today we're going to get you in the mood with a shop tour of the Baby store in Daikanyama, and then tomorrow we'll do the same for the Alice and the Pirates store in Laforet Harajuku!  Some of you may remember that we did this last year for various other brands we carry so that our western customers can see what things are like in the home country - it was a big hit, so let's do some more!

First, for completeness, here's the video we had posted earlier with Misako Aoki showing us around the store!

Baby's Daikanyama store is probably their most famous among western Lolitas, because it's the specific store featured in the movie Kamikaze Girls.

As you can see, though, there are some differences between the store in the movie and the real-life store!  (The store in the movie is a set.)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Daikanyama
東京都渋谷区代官山町20番23号 代官山東急アパートメント1F 

The real store is, like many Lolita stores in Japan, somewhat hidden inside an apartment complex.  Lolita stores don't rely on walk-by traffic, so this makes sense.  Baby's Daikanyama store is actually the perfect location for a Lolita store, because it's very close to the Tokyu Toyoko line Daikanyama train station and directly behind a shopping center (but not in it).  It's easy to get to but impossible to stumble into by chance - you need to be looking for it.

This is an overview of the full store.

Like many Japanese boutiques, they really pack a lot of items into a very small space!

Petticoats as soon as you walk in the door.

Heart bags.

This is where they keep cloth accessories like headbows and wrist cuffs.


Socks under the petticoat rack.

This is the middle floor rack.

Blouses and bags.

The other side of the middle floor rack - basic dresses here.

Cutsews, bags and shoes.

Small accessories.

One-piece dresses.

We hope you enjoyed these photos!  Watch later for the Alice and the Pirates shop tour!

One more photo before we go - Misako Aoki with the Baby shop staff!

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute. (*^_^*)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tokyo Rebel Summer Tea Party with special guest Misako Aoki! Information!

Our meet & greet with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's designers is not the only upcoming event we have planned!


AUGUST 22, 2011
(exact time TBA)
An evening of tea, food and cakes
at Cha-An Tea House and
the Tokyo Rebel store!

Join us in a belated celebration of the addition of

With special guest MISAKO AOKI
appearing via Skype for a LIVE Q&A
She will be answering your questions live - from Japan!

Further activities to be announced - 
there will be prizes, plus a special gift from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

Tickets on sale exclusively via the web site
starting at 8PM on August 3 (there is no shipping charge)
Act quickly, space will be limited!
Each ticket holder will be allowed to submit
a question to ask Misako Aoki via webcam during the party!  (We will translate!)

Please note that this is a separate event from the designer
signing on August 1st!

We will have more details - including the ticket price and exact time - after the 1st!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

New on the site: SEX POT ReVeNGe items!

We've updated our site with the items from our latest shipment of SEX POT ReVeNGe - both new and restocked! They've been a hit in our store so far so hurry and order before your favorite item is gone!

CRUSH SKULL Cutsew (4 colors) - $95

A large skull and prints fill the entire front of this cutsew, which also has the words "Throbbing Pulse" written near the neckline. The neckline is studded, one shoulder is zippered, one pocket is leather trimmed and the back material is stitched in a slash style for a full-on asymmetric punk rock look.

This cutsew also comes in purple, black, and white.


OVER SHIRRING Zip Parka - $108

This oversized parka from SEX POT ReVeNGe is actually perfect for summer and can coordinate with almost any outfit! It's made mostly from a light t-shirt like material, and the short sleeves and ample room mean it won't make you feel too stifled. The leather hood and trim does give the parka a little heft. The zipper in front comes up about 2/3 of the way, and it can also be unzipped from the bottom for added coordination opportunities. The two side zippers can be unzipped as well.

This is also available in black!


PANDA POP Custom T-shirt (Black) - $79

SEX POT ReVeNGe's lovable Panda gets the custom treatment in this colorful t-shirt. The text on the shirt reads "PANDA SHOCK". This shirt has been splattered with pink and green paint, cut in various places and had zippers installed. Grommets and studs also now line half of the neckline.


Black Fairy 2-way Skirt - $119

This skirt from SEX POT ReVeNGe may be cute, but it's still pretty hardcore. It includes two top layers of fabric with a third sheer layer peaking out underneath. A separate synthetic leather waist belt is part of the package, as is a hanging ribbon that can be either worn with the skirt or attached to something else (like a bag) for coordination.

New tartan colors: Grey check, Red check, and Purple check!


DIVIVE 2-way bag - $129 *RESTOCKED!*

This is an eye-catching bag featuring large pyramid studs and a sparkly skull design, with chains hanging down the front of the bag. These are large bags that can carry a lot of stuff. Includes two straps so the bag can be worn either as a shoulder bag or carried as a handbag. The skull and logo are not just a print - they're embroidered into the bag.


ReVeNGe SKULL Custom Necktie - $39

Put your own punk spin on dressing up with one of these custom neckties from SEX POT ReVeNGe. Each one features a zipper, a skull, a chain, a ringed grommet, and a patch with printed text that says "THE REVENGE - THE WORLD ACCORDING TO REVENGE." Ties like a regular necktie.

We also have ties with pink and purple patches!


SEX POT Chain - $27 *RESTOCKED!*

SEX POT's popular "R" lock necklaces are back in stock in classic Black, Pink, and White lettering!


Go ahead a take a look while supplies last!


Update! Victorian Maiden Reserves

We just added Victorian Maiden's Henrietta series to our website. Check out our Victorian maiden reserve item page for more details.

This series consists of three different dress styles, a blouse, and a cardigan. This reserve update also includes an a-line yoke petticoat --a must for completely many classic lolita silhouettes. The reserve period on these ends July 29 at 10PM ET, at which time promotional pricing will end and we can no longer guarantee stock.

Visit our Victorian maiden reserve item collection page for more information.


BTSSB designer meet & greet dress code

Just a small bit of additional info regarding our free signing with the BTSSB designers.  Several people have asked us whether there is a dress code for the event - we'll be putting that info in our email responses to your event number requests, but we thought we should post it publicly as well.

Here are the guidelines, and you may notice they are similar to the guidelines Baby themselves use for their events:

1) Wearing Baby or Alice and the Pirates is not required, but it is encouraged
2) Replicas are not allowed
3) For brands other than Baby, just use your judgment - think about who you're meeting and how they would feel to see it.  Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Classic Lolita brands are all ok.
4) Cosplay is not allowed
5) This is a Lolita/kodona event.  If you can't wear Lolita or kodona, you must at least dress nicely (skirt/slacks, button shirt) - no t-shirts and jeans.  Dress how you would dress to meet a VIP.

If you have any questions about your planned outfit and its appropriateness, feel free to ask us before the event! Just send us an email.

Hope that clears things up!  This info will also still be in the responses we send to you by email.

Thank you!


Friday, July 22, 2011

REMINDER: tomorrow is the day to submit requests for the Baby designers meet & greet!

This is your reminder that tomorrow at noon Eastern Time is your cue to send in your request for a group number to attend the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designer meet & greet at our store!  Baby designer Masumi Kano and Alice and the Pirates designer Mitsuba will be appearing.

Please read the earlier blog post for detailed instructions.  Please make sure that you are available between 6PM and 7:30PM on August 1 if you plan to attend - we will provide you with a group time during that window via email.  Note that we can only accept one name per person; you must request for yourself, or have a family member do it for you.  You cannot request a number for your friends.  This is to verify that those who submit requests are actually planning to attend.  Thank you for your understanding.


Now accepting reservations for Flying Love from Juliet from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!!

We are now accepting reservations for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Flying Love from Juliet series.  Some of the items in this series are already no longer available - order soon if you don't want to miss out!

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering.
All reservations must be made through email.

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax):

Flying Love from Juliet
Expected release in August

Please click each image for more information from Baby's web site.

Please note that the prices below are reserve prices for pre-ordering -
the price may be different if you wait to buy from our store stock.

Flying Love From Juliet Doll Jumper Skirt - $329

Flying Love From Juliet Dress Jumper Skirt - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Flying Love From Juliet Skirt - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Dear Juliet Dress Blouse - $199

Flying Love From Juliet Ribbon Head Bow - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Flying Love From Juliet Bonnet - $139

Juliet Rose Wrist Cuffs - $55

Flying Love From Juliet Socks - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Flying Love From Juliet Choker - $74

Flying Love From Juliet Pierced Earrings - $39

Flying Love From Juliet Earrings - $39

Please feel free to ask us any questions about them that you might have prior to ordering.

We hope to receive your emails soon!


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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