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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter hours notice

Just a quick heads-up that until spring (when we'll give another notice), we're reverting to our now-annual winter schedule for our physical store.  Those hours are:

Tuesday - Saturday 1-8pm

We will be closed Sundays and Mondays.

Our web store will continue to be open Mondays (and Sundays, of course), and we will also continue to be available for customer service inquiries during that time.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Now accepting reservations for the "Trick Hat, Pricked Heart" series by Alice and the Pirates!

★We are now taking reservations for Alice and the Pirates'
"Trick Hat, Pricked Heart" series! ★

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering.
All reservations must be made through email.

~Expected release early March ~


Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Innocent World items, including book bags!

The last thing we have to tell you about today is probably the most exciting: to coincide with our announcement of our upcoming interview with Innocent World designer Yumi Fujiwara, we just received new Innocent World items, including their new Rose Lace Book bags!

IW's Antique Book Bags are some of the most popular items we've had, and while that series is no longer in production, we did receive some of their new Rose Lace Book Bags! These have a similar design but a different print than the earlier Antique Book Bags.

Of course we also received new skirts and dresses, some of which you can see in the photo at the top!  (Sorry about the cell phone pic quality!) That is the Bertille Rose jumper skirt in navy/short - we also have this in long, as well as in Bordeaux in both short and long, and we've got the matching socks too. If you like the navy dress but aren't sure what kind of headgear to match with it, we now have the Miranda headdress in navy as well.

We also restocked the Heart Scallop Umbrellas, which will hopefully be around long enough this time for us to get them back up on our web site - we last restocked them just before Christmas and they sold out quickly.  And we can't forget to mention the brand new Napoleon Skirt (link goes to IW's web site), which is so beautiful we just had to get it!

It may take us a couple of days to post everything to our site (for IW, we need to take our own pictures), but here is the list in the meantime - and it's all available in our store right now.

* Rose Lace Book Bag in ivory, chocolat or black - $159
* Napoleon Skirt in navy or black - $285
* Bertille Rose Jumper Skirt in navy or bordeaux and long or short - $319
* Bertille Rose Overknee Socks in navy or bordeaux - $35
* Miranda Headdress in navy - $65
* Heart Scallop Umbrella in pink or black - $75

Don't forget to send us those questions for the Q&A with Yumi Fujiwara!


Finally! KERA 162, 163 and GLB 42 on the site!

We know from the emails we've received that some of you have been waiting, and we're a bit late with a couple of these... but we still have a few KERA #162 (February 2012) and GLB #42 (winter 2011) in stock, and they're now up for ordering on our web site!  In addition, we've just posted KERA #163 (March 2012), featuring Shoko Nakagawa on the cover!  Get 'em while you can!


New Pullip stock, including Milky Rail Train!

We have several things to tell you about today and tomorrow - the first is new items from Pullip! We've restocked several of the dolls that had sold out previously, and we've received the brand new Alice and the Pirates x Mitsukazu Mihara Milky Rail Train series collaboration dolls! We previously sold this series for wearing - now it's available in doll form! These are now available for ordering online, and for in store purchase.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Announcing our next interview: Innocent World's Yumi Fujiwara!

We're excited to announce the next in our ongoing series of interviews with icons of the Japanese fashion scene.  This time, we're bringing you a Q&A with one of the most famous designers of Lolita clothing in Japan: Innocent World's Yumi Fujiwara! Fujiwara-san is not only Innocent World's designer, but also the company president and founder. This has allowed Innocent World a consistency in design quality that few other brands of any kind can match. You may have seen Fujiwara-san (pictured at left) in the Gothic & Lolita Bible, where she regularly appears to promote her brand.

As always, we are opening up this Q&A to you! Send us your questions either by comment or by email - we will pick the best ones to include with our own. Of course, we will be asking her all of the obvious questions even if nobody sends them in, but this is your chance to really get some secrets of Lolita design and the industry in Japan!

Please send us your questions by Saturday, January 28!


Friday, January 20, 2012

The sale rack returns!

Those of you who have been with us since we first opened our store may remember that at one time we had a full rack dedicated to used and sale items. Well, we haven't sold used items in a while but the sale rack has made a triumphant return!

Whenever you visit our store - at least for the next little while - you can browse the last rack in the store for sale items. (We've moved the stuff that used to be there to other racks - we might move it back eventually.)

A few sale items are still in their old place, including most sale dresses from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. They are clearly marked, however.

Oh, incidentally, if you didn't notice before, we've added all of these items to the sale collection page on our web site - many of them are priced to move quickly! Up to $100 off dresses, for just one example! We are clearing out inventory to make way for spring merchandise.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Victorian maiden Jewel Ribbon Series up for reserve!

Victorian maiden fans, we now have the Jewel Ribbon coordinate series up for reserve on our site!

Jewel Ribbon series
Reserve period ends 1/24 10PM ET
Release date April - May

Items include:
Jewel Ribbon Elegant Dress (pictured above)

In addition, don't miss the special note we've added above the products on the reserve collection page - keep in mind that we can get almost any item on VM's web site, including reserves no longer on our site and most in-stock items! We're now removing reserve items completely from our site shortly after our reserve period ends (to avoid confusion with our in-stock products), but that does not mean that you cannot still order them. All you need to do is email us if you don't see an item on our site and would like to order it - VM is one of the easiest brands for us to order from.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New and restocked items from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates!

A smorgasbord of new items in various different series to tell you about today!

First, those of you who missed out on the Lock the PANDORA's memories series from Alice and the Pirates the first time around, we've restocked what we could! That includes salopette skirts and jumper skirt I's - after this, there will be no more!

We've also restocked the Usakumya pochettes that sold out so quickly for us the first time, and we've got a new color: black! Baby doesn't often produce Usakumya bags (in any size) in black, so grab one while you can! We also have them in off-white.

And we received two of Baby's and A&P's latest series, Love Ring Present Box and Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box - as seen in this cute header image from Baby's web site:

We don't have too many main items from either series (a lot sold on reserve!) so if you want them, it's best not to wait.

For our in-store customers, we have a little treat - we received one of these sweet mate Kumya little bear headbows in pink!  You can make bear ears for yourself like Usakumya!

We previously had a couple of these in brown and they sold the first day.  Pink supposedly sold out the first night it went on sale with Baby too, but they produced a few more and they sent us one.  As it is only one and there is too much demand, we have to limit it to in-store only.  Hey, there have to be some perks for actually stopping by our store! This is $69.

But, good news!  All of the other items are already available on our web site. The full listing, with links:

* Usakumya pochette (black or off-white)
* Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Clara jumper skirt (navy only)
* Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box ribbon headbow (navy only)
* Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box overknee socks (navy, ivory, red or black)
* Love Ring Present Box Patty jumper skirt (off-white or pink)
* Love Ring Present Box overknee socks (red, off-white or pink)
* Love Ring Present Box headbow (black, off-white or pink)
* (Love Ring Present Box Bag in pink also previously available)
* Lock the PANDORA's memories jumper skirt I (black)
* Lock the PANDORA's memories salopette skirt (black or gray)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy (late) New Year! Looking ahead to 2012 and back on 2011

Please excuse our tardiness, but we wanted to take a minute to say happy new year to everyone out there, and to recap some of the stuff that happened in 2011, especially for anyone who might have just recently found us. Last year was a big, amazing and occasionally trying year for us, and we hope 2012 will be even bigger!  Take a look at some of the highlights:

* January was a pretty quiet month both because of the brutal weather last winter and also because we were preparing for our big early February announcement: the addition of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates to our store!

* In March, we paused for a little bit after the events in Japan. Thankfully, everybody we know there was okay. We asked everyone we knew in Japan if there was anything we could do, and all of our brands said the same thing: "buy more clothes from us". That was how we could help them keep their businesses going.  So we decided to keep promoting clothes from Japan, even though it seemed strange to do it at that time. We also ended up donating more than $1,000 to various charities to help. A few of our brands wrote messages of thanks to overseas customers.

* In April we returned to a bit of normalcy - Tara appeared in Time Out New York magazine, specifically promoting her favorite brand SEX POT ReVeNGe!

* In May, we began our new series of exclusive interviews with icons of the Japanese street fashion industry, English translated for your pleasure.

* In June, the store owners took a trip to Japan, bringing back lots of goodies for you guys in the process! In Japan we met with AKIRA and Misako (among many others) and filmed video of them introducing SEX POT ReVeNGe and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, respectively. We also brought back signed Disacode CD's from Akira and signed Kawaii Revolution books from Misako! (By the way, we found one more Disacode CD during an inventory - grab it while you can!)

* Also in June, Tara and Megan attended the International Lolita Day festivities and announced our upcoming tea party with a special guest appearance by Misako Aoki via Skype!

* In August, Baby/AATP designers Masumi Kano and Mitsuba visited our store for a free signing event! We hosted many Lolitas that day! Kano-san and Mitsuba-san are lovely people and we also got to spend some time with them around the city.

* Also in August, we hosted the aforementioned tea party and took a short video of it with Misako.

* And lastly in August (big month!), we announced that colorful Harajuku punk brand SUPER LOVERS would be stocked in our store!

* In September, we had the first of two Japanese TV networks in our store in the final few months of the year, as NHK filmed an episode of "Tokyo Kawaii-TV" with our customers! (They didn't want it publicized, but NTV also filmed a news segment in our store, and a few lucky customers happened to be in the right place at the right time.)

* In December, we lost one member of our team as Megan moved on. But we were excited to introduce a new shop assistant, Kitsy! Watch for Kitsy to star in videos and start writing blog posts soon.

* Also in December, we added another new fun product category to our store: Pullip dolls! Many of our brands do collaborations with them, and they're very cute!

A lot happened last year and we're looking forward to more big things in 2012 too! We're always thinking and planning and usually can't talk about anything until the last minute, so keep checking our site for all the latest news! Kitsy and Tara are both in Japan right now, so hopefully they'll have some cool stuff to share when they get back this weekend.  The owners are going again this March - gonna be fun to see what comes out of that trip!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

New SEX POT ReVeNGe including coats, skirts, cutsews, bags and accessories!

For some of you, the wait is over! Today we finally received a new shipment of SEX POT merchandise, mostly from the SPRING collection:

There were many different items in this shipment, including a restock of the popular Black Sex Pot chains, plus new skirts, heavy winter coats (because you know it's not going to be 60 degrees in New York all winter long!), cutsews, and more!  Check out this cool watch:

SPR's been selling watches from Guilty Crown and other brands for a little while now, but this is the first collaboration watch with their logo on the face. (And it is actually on the face, not the crystal.) The bracelet is metal with a studded design. Japanese quartz movement. These are unisex watches, designed to be worn by either girls or guys. We have them in S, M or L length bracelets, but these are just pre-sized - they also come with 2 extra links so they can easily be sized up or down by a jeweler.

Here's the full listing of items:

* STUDS BONDAGE Frill Skirt (black/white or black/purple)
* DARKNESS Slash Cutsew (black or white)
* SKULL Asymmetry Cutsew (black or white)
* DANGER SKULL PUNK Cutsew (black/white or black/pink)
* BLACK STUDS PUNK Coat (black)
* BLACK UNION JACK wristwatch (black/silver)
* BLACK SEX POT CHAIN (white or purple lettering)
* SKULL UNION STUDS Shoulder Bag (black/red or black/silver)

These items are all now on our web site at the links above! Or you can stop by and look at it all in person.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo gallery update!

Now that the holidays are over, we're catching up with some little projects that we haven't had time for in a while - like updating our online photo gallery and store photo wall!

(Cell phone pic!  Apologies for the quality.)

Check out the store photo gallery on our web site - the updates today were in the store album.  If you're new to our web site (and we've had many new customers and Facebook likes recently), check out the other albums in the gallery too!  We've really got a lot of stuff in there by now.

Next time you come to our store dressed up in your favorite Japanese fashion, don't be embarrassed to ask how you can be in our gallery!  We hope to fill up this entire wall someday.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Victorian maiden reserve items! Three new series!

Happy New Year!

For those of you wondering when we'd be updating our Victorian maiden reserve collection, we just heard from VM this past Friday and we can now accept reservations for their three most recent series!  This includes the Adelaide series, the Ox series and the Victorian Lady/mermaid series. If you thought you missed out on these items, have no fear - our reserve period on all three runs until January 8th! If you have never reserved from us before, please check our Victorian maiden reservation page for full information on reserving these items.

Prices below are early reservation price first, regular or special order price in parentheses. After January 8th, the prices will revert to regular prices.

Reserve period ends January 8th
Expected release late March - late April

* Adelaide Tablier - $235 ($255)
* Adelaide Frill Skirt - $269 ($295)
* Noble Lace Intuck Blouse - $215 ($229)
* Adelaide Frill Dress - $359 ($395)

Reserve period ends January 8th
Expected release mid March - mid April

* Lace up Ox Dress - $315 ($335)
* Rose Lace Ox Dress - $325 ($345)

Reserve period ends January 8th
Expected release early March - early April

* Victorian Lady Jacket - $339 ($375)
* Elegant Mermaid Skirt - $195 ($215)


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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