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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy (late) New Year! Looking ahead to 2012 and back on 2011

Please excuse our tardiness, but we wanted to take a minute to say happy new year to everyone out there, and to recap some of the stuff that happened in 2011, especially for anyone who might have just recently found us. Last year was a big, amazing and occasionally trying year for us, and we hope 2012 will be even bigger!  Take a look at some of the highlights:

* January was a pretty quiet month both because of the brutal weather last winter and also because we were preparing for our big early February announcement: the addition of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates to our store!

* In March, we paused for a little bit after the events in Japan. Thankfully, everybody we know there was okay. We asked everyone we knew in Japan if there was anything we could do, and all of our brands said the same thing: "buy more clothes from us". That was how we could help them keep their businesses going.  So we decided to keep promoting clothes from Japan, even though it seemed strange to do it at that time. We also ended up donating more than $1,000 to various charities to help. A few of our brands wrote messages of thanks to overseas customers.

* In April we returned to a bit of normalcy - Tara appeared in Time Out New York magazine, specifically promoting her favorite brand SEX POT ReVeNGe!

* In May, we began our new series of exclusive interviews with icons of the Japanese street fashion industry, English translated for your pleasure.

* In June, the store owners took a trip to Japan, bringing back lots of goodies for you guys in the process! In Japan we met with AKIRA and Misako (among many others) and filmed video of them introducing SEX POT ReVeNGe and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, respectively. We also brought back signed Disacode CD's from Akira and signed Kawaii Revolution books from Misako! (By the way, we found one more Disacode CD during an inventory - grab it while you can!)

* Also in June, Tara and Megan attended the International Lolita Day festivities and announced our upcoming tea party with a special guest appearance by Misako Aoki via Skype!

* In August, Baby/AATP designers Masumi Kano and Mitsuba visited our store for a free signing event! We hosted many Lolitas that day! Kano-san and Mitsuba-san are lovely people and we also got to spend some time with them around the city.

* Also in August, we hosted the aforementioned tea party and took a short video of it with Misako.

* And lastly in August (big month!), we announced that colorful Harajuku punk brand SUPER LOVERS would be stocked in our store!

* In September, we had the first of two Japanese TV networks in our store in the final few months of the year, as NHK filmed an episode of "Tokyo Kawaii-TV" with our customers! (They didn't want it publicized, but NTV also filmed a news segment in our store, and a few lucky customers happened to be in the right place at the right time.)

* In December, we lost one member of our team as Megan moved on. But we were excited to introduce a new shop assistant, Kitsy! Watch for Kitsy to star in videos and start writing blog posts soon.

* Also in December, we added another new fun product category to our store: Pullip dolls! Many of our brands do collaborations with them, and they're very cute!

A lot happened last year and we're looking forward to more big things in 2012 too! We're always thinking and planning and usually can't talk about anything until the last minute, so keep checking our site for all the latest news! Kitsy and Tara are both in Japan right now, so hopefully they'll have some cool stuff to share when they get back this weekend.  The owners are going again this March - gonna be fun to see what comes out of that trip!


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