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Thursday, August 9, 2012

New clothing alert! FOUR separate shipments have arrived!

If you were worried it was going to be anything but business as usual during our move, does the fact that we received four new shipments since Saturday boost your confidence?

In actual fact, these might be the last shipments we receive before our current physical store closes on the 25th (to be clear, we're open on the day of the 25th - we'll bid goodbye to this location at closing that evening). So visit us soon if you want to see all of our new stuff!  It's possible we might get more before we close, but most likely the next shipment we receive will be going to our warehouse for online ordering only... until Comic Con, and our physical store's reopening sometime in the fall.

One by one:


We received our Galactic Journey to the Stars and Sweet Jewelry Princess series orders Saturday and Monday. Both series sold well on reserve and we only have a few things left from Galactic Journey. More is available from Sweet Jewelry Princess, though we expect it to go pretty fast. Watch our New Arrivals page to see when we post these items for ordering - we expect that to happen by tomorrow.

Incidentally, we'll have a video stock update on Galactic Journey to the Stars hopefully also by tomorrow! (We're a little late in posting it - we shot it last Saturday. Very busy shipping out orders since then!)


We've restocked the popular Rose Lace Book Bags and Pochettes as well as Heart Scallop Umbrellas (both available online now), and we've also stocked a few new dresses in the Glitter Seraphim and Bambi series, along with the accessories to match! (Socks and headwear.)


We received a HUGE box from VM on Tuesday, and while most of it went to reserve orders, we did get a few items for our store, including the British Marine dress (a VM dress with full back shirring!) and Noble Frill Pagoda Umbrella in black and Bordeaux! VM makes some truly amazing parasols (usually with prices to match) and while these are a bit simpler than some they do, they're still just in a completely different class than most parasols, while being more reasonably priced than their most ornate designs (under $200).

Incidentally, anyone who orders or purchases a VM item from us right now will receive this Summer greeting card from Victorian maiden!


Last but not least, we received a lot of new Atelier-Pierrot items!

That's a veritable Gothic rainbow of colors, and a full rack - we can't stuff any more on it. We ran out of metal hangers! We hope the wall is strong enough to hold all that!

Of course, we stocked new Bustle Corset dresses and skirts - some of our staple items. We also stocked their new Eden dresses in various colors - these are a style that we know will be extremely popular, as they combine the same basic design as the Bustle Corset dress with a single-color illustration print (gold on green, silver on blue, blue on black). We'll be sure to show the print in more detail when we take photos for the product pages! (But we'll be posting these items for ordering using A-P's lower-res photos temporarily.)

We also received these amazing hair accessories:

Only those two, because they weren't available yet at the time we ordered and so we didn't know about them! Atelier-Pierrot sent them to us on their own because they knew our customers would want them. These will be fairly inexpensive (under $40) and we only mention them because they're beautiful. If they have more available the next time we order, we will definitely get them - but that's not likely.

Watch for our latest stock update video tomorrow (unfortunately most of these items weren't in yet when we shot it, but we'll post it anyway!), and watch for all of these products to be posted to our site Friday and Saturday. It's all available in store right now!


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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