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Friday, November 15, 2013

Aldious Live Report – Kashiwa Thumb Up 11/04/2013

We don't write a lot of live reports, but Aldious stands at the crossroads of music and fashion, and sometimes we like to just bring you guys something fun. It's a rare day that we happen to be in Japan at the same time a certain KERA model we know is playing live with her new band, so we couldn't pass up the chance to go to the show. We were given full access to bring you some great photos and video!

Read on to the end for a special introduction from the band themselves!

There's a boom in all-female bands in Japan right now, and Aldious is the most powerful and popular of Japan's female metal bands. Their three studio albums have all hit the top 10 of the Oricon daily charts. Re:NO joined the group a little more than a year ago, and she's already written and performed some of their most well known songs. The band's first album with Re:NO, District Zero, also reached their highest chart position so far - #7 on the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking chart (and #4 on the daily chart).

This October, Aldious released their double A-side single Dominator/I Don't Like Me (each with its own promotional video), and the November 4 show at Thumb Up in Kashiwa was the second date on their supporting tour. Check out a sample of the Dominator video if you've never seen them before:

11/04/2013 Kashiwa Thumb Up
Set List
1. Re:peatedly
2. Luft
3. Scrash
4. Wish Song
5. Defended Desire
6. Scabby Heart
7. Mermaid
8. 菊花 (Kikuka)(Instrumental Ver.)
9. Instrumental 2
10. Dominator
11. Suicide
12. Eternal Delusion
13. Red Strings
14. Raise Your Fist
15.夜桜 (Yozakura)

16. I Don’t Like Me
17. Deep
18. White Crow

The set list was about evenly mixed between new and old - Aldious have even re-released a few of their older songs with Re:NO singing. Re:NO's brought a new look and sound to the band, but they're not afraid to play the songs that won them their longtime fans.

One of the great things about Japan is that even top-charting bands still play "live houses" - small club venues. Thumb Up is a live house, which makes it easy to get close to the band, and makes for a pretty crazy crowd!

Of course, the band announced that the venue was sold out. They told us the crowds are getting bigger on every tour!

Yoshi's one of the band's founders and its main songwriter. All the musicians in the band are virtuosos, though - the instrumental songs they played were as fun to watch as Re:NO's vocals.

But Re:NO really knows how to rile up a crowd. Aldious isn't her first band - like a few of the other KERA models, she's actually been in music for years, and she owns the stage.

Their music videos look serious, but on stage the entire band is actually smiling almost all the time. They really seemed to be having fun playing this show.

Of course, no Japanese concert is complete without MC segments, and Aldious spent theirs talking about the tour, Yoshi's new skirt, and filming their last two music videos. Since the latest single is a double A-side, they filmed both videos at the same time and it took more than 24 straight hours before they could go home.

Re:NO did a full wardrobe change for the encore, into the white dress that she's wearing in the I Don't Like Me music video.

Re:NO wrote this song herself.

The crowd went insane at the end of White Crow, the last song in the show.

After the show was successfully completed, we met up with the band in the dressing room where they filmed this special message introducing themselves to their new fans overseas (which hopefully means you!):

Check out the band's official homepage.

The flowers we sent to the band! This is a custom in Japan, and you'll see it for most bigger bands.

Re:NO also wrote about these flowers on her own blog.


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