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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NOVALAR's items now online, plus free gifts!

The wait is over! We have now finished adding all of author Novala Takemoto's NOVALAR's First Collection items up on our website!

NOVALAR'S is the first clothing line designed by famed "Kamikaze Girls" author Novala Takemoto. This collection is based on designs from popular Japanese idol anime and music groups. It includes pieces like stylized tracksuits, pleated skirts, graphic t-shirts, and even a "school" swimsuit design!

Also while supplies last, every order or in-store purchase of a NOVALAR's item will include a free special pin badge and an autographed card by Novala Takemoto himself!


Monday, January 26, 2015


Just a quick note to let you all know that our physical store will be closed today, Monday 1/26, due to the oncoming blizzard. We do apologize to anyone planning to visit us today, but your safety as well as ours is our first priority. We've been following the weather reports and hoping they were wrong, but they've increasingly been narrowing things down to the "big" snow starting around sundown (4-5pm), with lighter snow throughout the day.

Keep in mind we are always closed Tuesdays, so we'll be reopening on Wednesday 1/28.

Those of you with packages waiting to be picked up from our location, we apologize for the delay. Keep in mind that the USPS itself will likely stop working early today and tomorrow as well, as they usually do in our area during a major storm. Please bear with us.

We will be answering emails during the closure, and of course our web store is still open for ordering! We'll pack any new orders on Wednesday.

Stay safe, everyone!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekly coordinates!

Hey guys, Kitsy and Tara here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post. This week we picked some coordinates from PUTUMAYO and Atelier-Pierrot! You can find these items in our store and online.

Using some items from our latest PUTUMAYO shipment we chose this Gothic style Lolita coordinate! The Story Frame Onepiece is made of a wool blend fabric, and has a very faint sparkle throughout. Ribbon ties at the side of the waist add extra body and flair. A black Blouse with Jabot underneath completes the dark look, with ribbon tie and frilly jabot neckpiece. For accessories we added a Three-Dimensional Crown Necklace and Crown Embroidery Fur Pochette!

Another outfit from PUTUMAYO, this was made with a more casual punk Lolita look in mind! The Sticky Layered Top combined with the Trump Tulle Skirt gives a playful punk feel with the skirt giving a cute feminine touch to the outfit's silhouette. For winter we've layered the Fur Cat Ear Parka which gives a comfy warm addition to the coordinate and has cute cat ears. The traditional PUTUMAYO Pearl Belt was also added to accessorize the outfit!

Pearl Belt - $40

From Atelier-Pierrot, this first coordinate was put together keeping the colder winter months in mind! The Serenade Jacket has a sleek cut and a fitted silhouette, which gives a tailored shape while adding an extra layer. The fluffy shape of the 3 Tiered Mini Corset Skirt and the bold color really stands out in this outfit. A Marueri Pin Tuck Blouse completes the look.

The second Atelier Pierrot look is one of our favorite pieces from our new shipment! The elegant Long Corset Bustle One-piece makes its return in a deep wine colorway. The back has three sections that can be pulled and tied up to form a decorative bustle, or leave down for a flowing train! We layered the Shirred Off-shoulder Cotton Blouse with this dress because the soft fabric and princess sleeves added to the regal Gothic look of the outfit. The wide collar's layered frills lay softly over the straps and top of the bodice blending into the frills of the dresses collar.

The last coordinate is a simple monochromatic gothic look from Atelier Pierrot. We wanted to show off the beautiful Kaizerin Kleid Schnee Dress which is a full length gown that can be tied up all around into a layered bustle design. Chiffon layered underskirt is built in to add length and design when pulling up the skirt. The neckline is scooped with small lace details and ribbons lacing up the front bodice.

Thanks for reading!

☆ Kitsy & TARA


Monday, January 19, 2015

Novala Takemoto event report!

This past Saturday we held an in-store event with special guest, author and now clothing designer Novala Takemoto! His Lolita novel "Kamikaze Girls" (Shimotsuma Story) brought Lolita fashion to the attention of so many in the west, and many fans came out to meet Takemoto-san.

Guests came dressed in a variety of styles, from Lolita to Gothic and Punk fashions. Some guests even came dressed in "old school" Lolita style, reminiscent of the novel's main character Momoko!

Takemoto-san released his brand new NOVALAR'S line of clothing at our store, as well as having an autograph session and photo opportunity.

Here a customer poses in Cropped Jersey Pants from his collection! The new line is inspired by popular idol anime and music in Japan. Watch for it on our site very soon!

We hope everyone enjoyed the event on Saturday and we thank you for coming! For everyone who attended, we'll be sending your individual photos to you directly as well.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Victorian maiden's 2015 Rococo Bouquet release up for reserve!

Victorian maiden's 2015 release of their popular Rococo Bouquet print is now up for reservation! This year's release features a new Rococo Black colorway and a cotton satin fabric.

Please view the reservation policy here before ordering.

At this time, all reservations must be made through email at order@tokyorebel.com.

Reservation period ends January 23rd 10PM ET.

Please click each image for more information from Victorian maiden's web site.

Items newly up for reserve (prices do not include tax or shipping, as applicable):

Please note that if a price is listed in strike-through, that is the regular price that will apply once the reserve period ends. The second price is the promotional reserve period price.

Rococo Bouquet Dress with Corsage - $249  $229
Available in:
Rococo Black
Rococo Mint
Rococo Greige
Rococo Peach
Rococo Pink
Rococo Blue


Monday, January 12, 2015

New Atelier-Pierrot items have arrived!

Gothic Lolita fans, we have good news for you! A new selection of dresses, blouses and more are now available at our store, with the latest designs from Atelier-Pierrot for their popular bustle corset dresses, princess sleeve-based blouses and tops, accessories and other items!

Pictured above is the Long Bustle Corset One-piece dress in wine red ($249) - it's also available in blue or black!

Check out all the new and restocked items at our New Arrivals page!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Elle Québec feature on Lolita fashion at our store!

A little while ago, famed fashion magazine Elle Québec visited our store for a feature on Lolita fashion to run on their web site. It was finally posted this week, and their video turned out gorgeous! It stars Stephanie, who was at our very first opening day in 2009, talking about the fashion and what inspires her. Parts were shot at our store, with the rest shot elsewhere.

For the French speakers among you, there's an accompanying article that goes into more detail, and features quotes from both Stephanie and our very own staff member Kitsy. You can use Google Translate if you can't read French. We're very happy to see such a respectful feature on such a major North American fashion site!

Thanks to Yves from Elle Québec for making it happen!

Visit Elle Québec


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Novala Takemoto in-store event details!

We can now announce details of our in-store event with "Kamikaze Girls" author and now clothing designer Novala Takemoto!

WHAT: In-store signing/meet & greet with Novala Takemoto

WHEN: Saturday January 17 from 3-5PM

WHERE: At our store, 158 Allen St, New York NY 10002.

SPECIAL!! Customers who purchase clothing from Takemoto-san's new NOVALAR'S line of clothing at our store will receive a special pin badge and a personal photo with Novala Takemoto!

We will have postcards for the autograph signing, however if you have an item that Takemoto was involved in creating (such as the "Kamikaze Girls" novel), you are free to bring it instead.

We hope to see you there on the 17th!

Note that we will be closed from 2-3 to prepare. If you'd like to shop prior to the event, please try to arrive by 1pm - we will clear the store at 2pm.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet Novala Takemoto, author of "Kamikaze Girls"!

We are excited to welcome Novala Takemoto, author of the essential Lolita novel "Kamikaze Girls" (Shimotsuma Story), which spawned a film of the same name and brought Lolita fashion to the attention of so many in the west. He'll be personally bringing his new clothing line NOVALAR'S to our store!

Takemoto will be making an in-store appearance later this month. Details will follow soon. Until then, you can get a sneak peak at his collection below, where he draws inspiration from a mix of Lolita, animation, and a sporty "yanki" style.

Please check back for more information shortly! 


Upcoming Order Schedule

The following is our approximate schedule for future orders we plan to place with our brands, subject to change at any time. If you are interested in special ordering an item, you can use this as a guide for when to order. We recommend ordering 1-2 weeks in advance. Please email us to start a special order.

  • PUTUMAYO - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Innocent World - ordered, awaiting shipment
  • Listen Flavor - early March
  • Lumiebre - early-mid March
  • Yosuke USA - just arrived!
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN - schedule varies, contact us

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