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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weekly Coordinates!

Hey guys, Kitsy here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post. This week I picked coordinates from Ghost of Harlem, Victorian maiden, Atelier-Pierrot, and PUTUMAYO! You can find these items in our store and online.

For my first coordinate, I chose items from our newest brand, Ghost of Harlem! Rokku gyaru (rock gal) is my favorite style, which mixes elements of rock and punk with a feminine flair! Here I paired the Logo T-shirt with Arm Warmers with the Lace & Smooth Layered Skirt. The busy graphic print and studded neckline give a classic rocker vibe. The arm warmers are covered in spiderweb overlay and can be removed, perfect for upcoming warmer months. The Lace & Smooth Layered Skirt is layered with classic black lace and can easily be worn with many outfits.

From Atelier-Pierrot, I picked this all-white Lolita coordinate! To differentiate the white pieces I choose items of various fabrics to use. This Mini Corset Skirt has a subtle sheen of white stripes on it's fabric and stand out against the cotton shirt fabric of the Recitativo Blouse! I layered the Princess Bolero which is a soft chiffon to contrast fabrics as well! The Cameo Necklace is a simple and elegant necklace that I chose to complete the look as it pops next to all the white but it's not too distracting.

Mini Corset Skirt - $199 $149

Using items from our latest Victorian maiden shipment, I made this gothic-styled Lolita coordinate! Victorian maiden is known for classic styles and neutral tones, but I wanted to show the versatility of these pieces. First I wanted to spotlight the beautiful Velveteen Victoria Dress. The bodice stands out with a bold peacock blue color and is made of a rich velveteen fabric, which contrasts with the skirt's layers of black chiffon. The lace peter pan collar and puff sleeves of the Royal Frill Blouse help give the outfit a princess-like silhouette. The details of the Elegant Lacy Pagoda Parasol and Fairy Rose Clip with Pearl Chain complete the regal look!

The Velveteen Victoria Dress also comes with airy puff sleeves that can be worn separately, like pictured below;

From PUTUMAYO, I picked this look for a cute and casual Lolita style! The pleated skirt, necktie and striped accents give this onepiece the look of a seifuku. The pocket watch and toy graphic print combined with the Alice Rabbit Necklace give it a playful Alice in Wonderland twist. What makes it one of my favorite pieces is the hood with rabbit ears! I accessorized with the Gothic Handle Bag and classic Pearl Belt for an extra punk touch.

Pearl Belt - $40

This second look from PUTUMAYO is one of my favorite items from the Spring/Summer collection, the Panda 3-way Bottom! It can be worn as either a jumper, a skirt, or pumpkin pants. Here I'd like to spotlight the jumper style, which has devilish paws for straps! PUTUMAYO's panda mascot lurks on the print, along with images of little skull creatures. I matched it with a Blouse with Jabot. I accessorized with a classic Pocket Watch Necklace to complete the look.

Panda 3-way Bottom - $118
Blouse with Jabot - $129
Pocket Watch Necklace - $30

Thanks for reading~!

☆ Kitsy


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