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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet designer Shunsuke Hasegawa and model Haruka Kurebayashi next Thursday!

PUTUMAYO chief designer Shunsuke Hasegawa

KERA and PUTUMAYO model Haruka Kurebayashi

158 ALLEN ST, NEW YORK, NY 10002

Come meet PUTUMAYO chief designer Shunsuke Hasegawa and model Haruka Kurebayashi at our store! They will be taking photos and signing autographs for Waku Waku +NYC event-goers - and there may be some surprises! Please also check the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright NYC blog for info on their own event, happening just afterwards!

* This is primarily an event for Waku Waku +NYC ticket holders, and we will be checking tickets at the door. Time permitting, we may be able to arrange a group photo only for non ticket holders at the end of the event. You will need to wait outside of our store.

Want tickets? We've got you covered! Click the image below and use promo code WAKUREBEL15 at checkout for a special Tokyo Rebel discounted rate! Get a day pass for $40 ($5 off) or a two day pass for $55 ($10 off)! You'll be able to attend the Q&A panels, the PUTUMAYO fashion show, and much more!


A little while ago we asked you to send in your questions to Haruka Kurebayashi! To help get you excited for next weekend's events, here are her answers below! (We'll also be posting these to our web site Q&A section shortly.)

Q: How did you become a KERA model?


A: 高校生の時に参加した地方のKERAスナップです。その1年後に上京して、全く同じ編集さんに原宿で声をかけられKERAのモデルをすることになりました。

I attended a KERA shoot in my local area while I was in high school.  Then, I moved to Tokyo and one day, the same KERA staff found me on the street in Harajuku.and asked me to be a model.

Q: What is your favorite brand?


A: いっぱいあって答えきれません^^

強いて言えば、派手なファッションならLISTEN FLAVORや6%DOKIDOKI、ロリータならPUTUMAYOが好きです。

There are so many of them I cannot even answer^^

From flashy brands I would say LISTEN FLAVOR and 6% DOKIDOKI, and from Lolita brands I like PUTUMAYO.

Q: How old were you when you started using vivid colors in your fashion?


A: 中学生くらいから大好きでずっと着てます。

I have been wearing it since I was in junior high school.  I really love it.

Q: How do you think your style changes in the future?


A: いつまでも原色!いつまでも柄×柄!

Vivid color forever! Designed pattern forever!

Q: Do you wear any Lolita style?


A: たまに着ます。ロリータの友達がいるので自分でも10着ほど持っていて、彼女と一緒にお出かけする時はロリータを着たりもします。

I wear Lolita dress sometimes.  I have about ten Lolita outfits and also I have a friend who likes Lolita fashion so I wear it when I go out with her.

Q: If you want to slowly migrate to an alternative fashion, how do you do it?


A: 好きな色や柄を少しづつ取り入れていくことをお勧めします。ワンポイントからでもスタートできますよ◎

I would suggest adding your favorite color and/or favorite pattern a little by little at first. You can even start from a small embroidered design in one spot.

Q: What do you think about when choosing an outfit?


A: その日に自分が何を一番着たいかです。たとえば新しいスカート、お気に入りのブラウス、その日のとっておきを中心にコーディネートを組みます。

I think what I want to wear on that day.  I would make a coordinates based on something special, such as a brand new skirt or my favorite blouse, for example.

Q: What is your favorite Japanese fashion style other than the style you wear?


A: パンクスタイルが大好きです。自分にはないセンスだから!

I love punk style! That sense is something I don’t have!

Q: How do you color your hair? What kind of treatment are you using for it?

髪はどうやって染めてますか? 使っているトリートメントも教えて下さい。

A: VIVA☆CUTE CANDYというサロンで染めてもらっています。使っているトリートメントはハピネスのアロマトリートメント。アリミノのスプレータイプのシリコンスプレーも使っています。

I color my hair at the salon named “VIVA☆CUTE CANDY”. I ‘ve been using aroma treatment of HAPPINESS and a silicon spray of ARIMINO.

Q: Who is your favorite model in KERA?


A: みんな素敵で尊敬しているモデルさんばかりですが個人的にはパンクスタイルが好きなのでKaoruちゃんが好きです。

Everyone is cool and I have great respect to all but since I love punk style I would say I like Kaoruchan.

Q: What is your dream in the future? What do you do for it?

将来の夢を教えて下さい。 そしてそれに向かって何をしてるかも教えて下さい。

A: 今とっても楽しいので、今の仕事が続けられれば 絶対にこれになりたい!というものはありません。。 ただ、昔から興味を持ったらすぐにやってみたい性格なので暇さえあれば資格を取っています。最近は秘書検定をとりました。派手な秘書が必要な方はいませんか?笑

Since I am enjoying current life so much, if I can continue my current work I cannot think of anything that makes me say “definitely I want to be this in the future!“

However, for a long time I have I always liked to get certificates if I get interested in something, so I will keep having more certificates whenever I have free time.  Recently I passed an exam to be a private secretary.  Is there someone who wants to hire a showily decorated private secretary?

Q: You speak English very well. How did you study it?

英語上手ですね。 どうやって勉強しましたか?

A: 小さい頃の夢がキャビンアテンダントだったので、中学生の時にオーストラリアへ短期留学、高校卒業後にはヨーロッパを旅しました。


My dream when I was a child was becoming a flight attendant, so, I had a short study abroad in Australia when I was in junior high, and I also traveled in Europe after graduating from high school.   My English is still broken since I haven’t had any chance to speak English ever since. I want to study English more because I want to go foreign countries more!  I will work hard to talk more with many people overseas.

Q: Have you come to NYC? Is there anything you are looking forward to seeing here? What kind of American food do you want to eat?

ニューヨークには来たことありますか? ニューヨークで見てみたいものはありますか? どんなアメリカンフードが食べたいですか?

A: NYは行くのは初めてです!小さい頃大好きだった映画「セントラルパークの妖精」の舞台の街なので、ぜひセントラルパークに行ってみたいです。


This is my first time to come to New York City! I would love to visit Central Park since it was in the movie, “A Troll in Central Park”.

I am imagining very colorful sweets as American food!  If you have any recommendations, please let me know ♡

Q: Please give a message to for the customers of Tokyo Rebel and WAKUWAKU NYC.



A: いつも応援してくれている皆さま、どうもありがとうございます!




Thank you very much for supporting me always!

I am so happy to meet Americans who like Harajuku Fashion for the first time.

Please wear your best favorite outfit and KAWAII make up on the day of the event^^

I am looking forward to seeing you everyone so much!


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