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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekly Coordinates!

Hey there, Tia and Petrina here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post! This week's coordinates feature items from Victorian maidenPUTUMAYOListen Flavorand SEX POT ReVeNGe. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First up is Gothic Lolita coordinate using items from Victorian maiden! The Ribbon Mirushu Dress paired with the Double Collar Frill Sleeve Blouse create a simple and clean silhouette. The double layers of lace from the blouse adds a fancier element to the dress which compliment the double layer of ruffled trim at the bottom of the dress.  The pair of elegant front waist bows are also removable for when you want a more minimalist look!

Double Collar Frill Sleeve Blouse - $156
Ribbon Mirushu Dress - $266

Next up we created a casual magic school themed outfit with items from PUTUMAYO.  The emblem on the bow tie of the Celestial Light Cut Blouse matches perfectly with the motif on the Emblem 3-way bag to create a school uniform-like style. We paired it with the sip up MP3 Rabbit Parka to make this dressed up look, comfy and casual! Finished with the Gear Hourglass necklace, for a steam-punk era vibe.

 MP3 Rabbit Parka - $118
Celestial Light Cut Blouse - $108
Gear Hourglass necklace - $24
Emblem 3-way bag - $118

For our next outfit we used items from Listen Flavor! We went with a more creepy cute style and focused on the bold stripes of the Melting Apple Cardigan which goes perfectly with the black version of the Melty Trump Pleated Skirt.  The simple graphic of the Cat Face Cutsew brings everything together to create look that's so fun it will make you smile.

 Melting Apple Cardigan - $80
Cat Face Cutsew - $44
Melty Trump Pleated Skirt - $60

Our next look features items from SEX POT ReVeNGe! We went with an alluring summer-time gothic princess vibe using the LACING UP STUDS camisole and SHEER OVERLAY 2WAY long skirt. We styled the shorter cobweb skirt underneath the mesh long skirt for a more attractive edge style.  Paired with the Skull Safety Pin Necklace and Ring Connect Chain Belt to up the punk attitude.  Grab your Riot Punx Shoulder Bag - it will fit all your essentials without weighing you down - and you're ready to rendezvous!

LACING UP STUDS camisole - $44
SHEER OVERLAY 2WAY long skirt - $138
Riot Punx Shoulder Bag - $74

Ring Connect Chain Belt - $64
Harness Skull Necklace - $42

Skull Safety Pin Necklace - $27

Our final look is a unisex style using items from SEX POT ReVeNGe! The SKULL CHERRY BIG Cutsew has an eye catching allover pattern with contrasting blue and black- and a loose dolman style shape that is anything but ordinary. The 
STUDS MILITARY skinny pants are both stylish and easy to coordinate in any look. We added the Skull Safety Pin Necklace and Ring Connect Chain Belt for a classic SEX POT punk attitude. The on-the-go Ancient Big Tote Bag completes the look!

SKULL CHERRY BIG Cutsew - $69.00 $84.00
STUDS MILITARY skinny pants - $129
Skull Safety Pin Necklace - $27
Ring Connect Chain Belt - $64
Ancient Big Tote Bag - $30

Come visit us and shop in-store, or check all these items out online~!
 Tia & Petrina


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