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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Harajuku My Way #8: Misako Aoki Lolita Fashion introductory course!

Harajuku My Way is a series of exclusive blog posts from real-world street fashion icons in Japan.
This is the real Harajuku lifestyle!
#8 is written by model and Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki.

Lolita Fashion introductory course.
Lolita beginners must see!  Don't waver, let’s dive into the Lolita world! 

I am Misako Aoki. I am a Lolita model and also a registered nurse in Japan!
There are many people who don’t have the courage to wear Lolita fashion because it makes you stand out in town.  That’s the worry not only for Japanese people but also for all people all over the world!
I think people who wear Lolita fashion always carry this worry.
I wonder if some people stop wearing Lolita fashion because of other persons’ eye…
I live in a country area so I am quite conspicuous in my neighborhood!
But fashion should be fun!
I believe Lolita fashion is wonderful because it makes you stand out!
First, you may feel uncomfortable because of other persons’ eyes but gradually you become accustomed to it naturally as long as you keep wearing it.
If you feel regret because of not wearing Lolita fashion, please try it on, and taste the feeling of becoming a princess!  Your world will expand beautifully.

When I was a beginner of Lolita fashion, I didn’t have much money since I was a high school student, so I started changing my hairstyle and using hair accessories to make a look like Lolita fashion style!

I made my bangs, which is the symbol of Lolita fashion.  I just cut my hair with scissors by myself!
If the length is between eye and eyebrow it makes more of a dolly look since your eyebrow would be hidden, and it also causes the effect of the eyes looking larger.

After my hairstyle was made I bought a katyusha!
I decorated it with some flowers that I bought at stores like 100 yen shops, to remake!
Just wearing katyusha and bangs, it made me look more girly.

One of the most important things for Lolita fashion is a pannier (petticoat)!
Full puffy cute silhouette skirt makes more of a Lolita fashion atmosphere!

So, when I didn’t have money while I was in high school, I was enjoying Lolita-like fashion by having bangs, katyusha, and pannier!

There are some brands that sell casual Lolita styles, so for those people who are interested in Lolita fashion, I would recommend to start from casual Lolita fashion “KAJULOLI” or soft-core classical Lolita style “KURALOLI”.

A challenge is important to everything!

You only live once, so please enjoy your fashion and add variety to your life!

Misako Aoki

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